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  • My very brief history of Scotland with a bias towards the Gaelic Highlands

    A video on tartans and Highland dress

    The early history of Clan Gregor

    Cailean Liath (1550-1583) and Donnchadh dubh (1583-1631),

    Bogus Baronage and the origin of Clan Gregor

    The Genealogy of the Clan Gregor from 1300 on

    The Chiefs of Clan Gregor

    The Book of the Dean of Lismore

    Dean Macgregor's Chronicle

    Images of the Chronicle of Fortingall at the National Library of Scotland

    The Dean of Lismore and family

    Exterminate Clan Gregor by order of the King

    Order for the Extirpation of Clan Chattan in 1583

    The Glenorchy Campbell feud with Clan Gregor

    The MacGregor feud from Campbell of Glenorchy Letters

    Cumha Griogal Cridhe - Marion Campbell's lament for Gregor Roy

    The Political Context of the Battle of Glen Fruin in 1603

    The Battle of Glen Fruin - Cath Ghlinn Freoin

    The Geography of the Battle of Glen Fruin

    Kinship, Landholding & Crime - Clan Gregor 1583-1611

    Clann Ghriogair air Fogradh - Clan Gregor in Exile

    John dow MacGregor in Balquhidder

    The legitimation of Alasdair Gald 1579

    Summons of the McCorcodell brothers for Glenfruin and later depredations 1613

    Duncan Ladasach

    The Testament of Duncan Laideus from the Black Book of Taymouth

    Historical Notices of the Clan Gregor by Donald Gregory

    The Laird of Makgregour's Declaratioun

    The Wicked Clan Gregor by Joseph Anderson

    Robert Abrach and Tomzarloch

    Clanship and Feudalism

    The Castle of Finlarig

    The Children of the Mist

    Coire a' Cheathaich, le Donnchadh bàn Mac an t-saoir - Corrie of the mist,

    Cumha Choire a' Cheathaich, le Donnchadh bàn Mac an t-saoir - Lament for Corrie of the mist,

    ̉ran do' n Briogais, le Donnchadh bàn Mac an t-saoir - Song of the breeches

    The Jacobite Cause - 1644 to 1746

    Clan Gregor in Montrose's Campaigns 1644-46

    Was there a Clan Gregor regiment at the Battle of Worcester in 1651?

    Clan Gregor with Glencairn and the Restoration 1651-1661

    Clan Gregor 1689 rising and Killiecrankie

    Loose and broken men (1698) by R B Cunningham-Graham

    The Loch Lomond Expedition of 1715

    The Wodrow Correspondence related to Clan Gregor in 1715

    The Clan Gregor in the Jacobite rising of 1715

    The Capture and Escape of Rob Roy in 1717

    Rob Roy and the Clan Gregor in the Jacobite rising of 1719

    Sam Heughan lifts the puterach

    Rob Roy is buried at Balquhidder

    Rob Roy's last duel

    Dan MacGregor Dare

    The Clans of Balquhidder

    The Clan Gregor in the last Jacobite rising of 1745-46

    MacGregors in Muster Roll, Prisoners of 45 and Montrose estate in 1746

    The 1746 Act against Highland Dress

    The Devastation of the Highlands after Culloden

    The Montrose Estate in the '45 Rising

    Jacobite Rising in Sutherland 1746

    The Appin murder - were MacGregors involved?

    The MacGregors of Roro

    The MacGregors of Balhaldies

    The MacGregors of Rannoch : Dunan / Ardlarich

    Balquhidder by James MacGregor (1876)

    The Bighouse papers concerning James Mor

    General Sir Gregor MacGregor of Venezuela

    The Restoration of the MacGregor name by Act of Parliament in 1774

    Glen Gyle House - built by Rob Roy MacGregor

    History of The Clan Gregor, by Amelia Murray MacGregor Vol I

    History of The Clan Gregor, by Amelia Murray MacGregor Vol II

    The Red & White Book of Menzies

    The Black Book of Taymouth PDF download

    The Clan Alpine Fencibles by David Stewart of Garth

    Lairds and Lands of Loch Tayside

    Sir John MacGregor Murray's tour of Highlands and Hebrides in 1800

    MacGregor alias MacAra of Glenalmond and Strathearn

    The History of the Highland Clearances, by Alexander MacKenzie

    The 19th century Clearance of Rannoch and Breadalbane

    The censuses of Highland Counties 1831-1911

    Rob Roy, a novel, by Sir Walter Scott

    Kidnapped by RLS, a 2012 podcast discussion in Balquhidder

    James McGregor, The Moses of the Scotch-Irish in America

    A History of Clan Gregor from its early beginnings to 1746

    MacGregor - a novel

    The most decorated allied soldier of WW1 - A MacGregor

    MacGregor Shipbuilder - Cannons, clocks and ocean liners