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Articles on the history of Clan Gregor by Peter Lawrie BSc, BA, MPhil, MBCS, CITP, FSAScot, CFA

The early history of Clan Gregor

Dean Macgregor's Chronicle

The Genealogy of the Clan Gregor from 1300 on

Exterminate Clan Gregor by order of the King

The Glenorchy Campbell feud with Clan Gregor

The MacGregor feud from Campbell of Glenorchy Letters

The Political Context of the Battle of Glen Fruin in 1603

The Battle of Glen Fruin - Cath Ghlinn Freoin

The Geography of the Battle of Glen Fruin

Kinship, Landholding & Crime - Clan Gregor 1583-1611

John dow MacGregor in Balquhidder

The Clan Gregor by Donald Gregory - 1830

Historical Notices of Clan Gregor

The Laird of Makgregour's Declaratioun

The Wicked Clan Gregor by Joseph Anderson

The Clan Gregor in the last Jacobite rising of 1745-46

Jacobite Rising in Sutherland 1746

The Appin murder - were MacGregors involved?

General Sir Gregor MacGregor of Venezuela

Campbell Boat Building Accounts 1600-1700

Glen Gyle House - built by Rob Roy MacGregor

History of The Clan Gregor, by Amelia Murray MacGregor Vol I

History of The Clan Gregor, by Amelia Murray MacGregor Vol II

MacGregor - a novel

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