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The Montrose Estate in the '45 Rising

By Peter Lawrie, ©2017


SRO Ref GD 220/6/1661/1 - Depositions in July 1746 from tenants in Buchanan

11 July Duncan Graham in Auchrie declares that sometime in October last when Glengyle went to Doun, he saw Glengyle at the Bridgend of Aberfoile with about 50 or so men that were going along with him to the Castle of Doun, amongst whom was Alex Graham in Caillness. This was upon a Sunday. And upon the Wednesday or Thursday thereafter he saw him at his own house in Inchrie. And asking him how it came that he staid so short a time at Doun and how his Colonel was He answered that he did not know for that he had left him the night before without taking leave. And further declares that having asked him if he was going back again, He answered that he would never go back but by force.
(signed Du Grahame)

Eo: die Alexander Graham in Auchrie Declares that he was present with the above Duncan Graham his father on the Sunday when Glengyle was at the Bridgend of Aberfoill. And likewise at Inchrie upon the Wednesday or Thursday thereafter, When the said Alex Graham came back from Doun and heard what pass'd betwixt him and his father which he declares was conform to what his said father has declared.
(signed Alexr Grahame)

Eo: die Alexander McNicle in Wester Frenich Declares that the day when Glengyle was carrying the sogers, who had been taken upon the boats, to Perth, James Graham in Ashlan came to the Declarants house in Wester Ffrenich early in the morning and told him that having been along with the party that was conducting the said sogers he had diverted from them that night at Achray; Does not remember that he had any arms with him. And told him that he had been press'd against his will and that he raither gave all that he had as be oblig'd to go again with them. Declares further that James McKeoch in Clachbuie came to the declarant's house about twenty four hours after the other who told him that he had likewise been upon the same party. And had deserted them at Achray. That he had no arms. And that he told him that he had been press'd against his will and would never go with them again unless they bound him. Declares further that he knows nothing particular as to any other persons beside the two beforementioned. Yet it was generally talk'd and believed that such of those persons as were any ways concerned with Glengyle were press'd against their will to his service. And that as he lives in the neighbourhood of that country, He knows that none of them went with him to the North Country.
(signed Alexr Mcnicle)

Eo: die Andrew Mcfarlan in Sallachy Declares that about the beginning of September about night falling, observing a man in the wood whom he suspected of some bad design, he went and apprehended him. And being a person unknown to him he brought him into his house and examin'd him. Who inform'd him that having beeb press'd to go along with the sogers who had been made prisoners on the other side of Lochlomond he had deserted them at Achray a little before day and was hyding himself in the wood for fear of being taken again. Thereupon the declarant hid him in his own house till towards the morning that he went homewards, telling him at the same time that if he got safe home he would defy them to get hold of him again for a month. And that he told him, and was afterwards inform'd that his name was John McDonald in Ashlan. The decalarant further says that as he lives not far from Craigroystan it was the general opinion of him and all his neighbours that such of the township of Craigroystan as had been any ways accessory in the late rebellion had been forc'd to it by Threats in sofar as they durst not keep their own houses but for the most part were oblig'd to conceal and hide themselves.
(signed Andrew M'farlen)

Eo: die John Mcmurrich in Ruskenoch Declares that he was present when Glengyle threaten'd Duncan Blair in Ruskoish to go along with him over the Loch but that he declar'd he had rather be shot as go and so staid at home. That he was not present when he was (Duncan Blair) taken to go to Doun. But that he knows that not only the said Duncan Blair but all the rest of his neighbours in Craigroistan were forced by threats to do as they did. And at several times were taken from their own houses by partys for that purpose. And that he himself was obliged for a long time to conceal himself in the hills and leave his own work at home undone. And at last was obliged to pay money to get liberty to stay at home in peace.
Declares as to John McNeill, Robert Mcfarlan and John Mcmurrich in Knockoild. That he does not remember that he was present at any time to see the force that was put upon them. But they being in the toun next to himself he was informed and believes it for a truth that they were threatned to have the doors of their house built up with stones, then burnt, and their cattle carry'd off, which were the threats commonly us'd against all the rest as well as them if they did not rise. And that he was witness that as oft as they were carry'd away they all desert'd and came back.
As to John and Duncan Mcmurrich in Easter Ruchoish and Hew Mcgrigor in Wester Ruchoish. Declares that he saw partys who were sent to raise the men but that he was not present to hear what threats were us'd. But in general he was perswaded that they were compell'd to go, they and their neighbours having told him so.
(signed John Mcmurich)

Eo: die Dougall Campbell in Stukintibert. Declares that about Christmas last he was in the house of Duncan Mcfarlan in Knockoild, father to Robert Mcfarlan when a party came and us'd such severe threats of burning the house and carrying off the father's cattle if the said Robert did not go along with them. That the decalarant verily believed he would see the same put in execution. Notwithstanding of which the said Robert positively refused to go and at that time staid at home, his father being an old man was not fit for service and therefore was not desired to go. The declarant afterward was engaged in the Argyleshire militia and so had not occasion to be an eye-witness to any more in that country. But was told that the said Robert was afterwards apprehended and obliged to find Baill to appear again; And appearing was carryd to Doun from whence he deserted in about three days.
(Dougal X Campbells mark)

Eo: die Malcolm Mcfarlan in Fferkin Declares that about the beginning of November he was in the house of Duncan Mcmurrich in Easter Rouchoish when a party of Rebells came to the said Duncan's house and threatn'd to build up the door of his house with stones and carry away his Cattle unless he would go along with them - which he refus'd and did not go with them.
(Malcolm Mcfarlane)

Eo: die Alex Mcneill in Letterinsken Declares that as to Findlay McCallum in Stronalachar he saw him after he had deserted - going home without arms. But can say nothing further with his own knowledge.
Declares that Duncan McCallum in Clachbuy came to his house and staid with him a night after deserting from the rebells and then told him that he had been forced out.
(Declares he cannot write)

Eo: die John Mcfarlan in Inversnait Declares that as to Duncan Blair in Wester Rouchoish he was never present to hear any threats or force us'd against him but heard that all the country said so.
Declares that as to James Graham alias Gregor Mcgregor in Rouchoish he knows no more but by the General Report of the Countrey and his own belief That he and all the rest of the Countrey were under force and compulsion.
Declares that as to James Mckeoch in Clachbuy and James Graham in Ashlan he saw them after they deserted and that he saw a letter from James Moir McGregor adressed to Glengyle desireing him to use them very roughly for their said desertion.
(signed John Mcfarlan)

Eo: die Malcolm Mcfarlan in Knockoild Declares that in October last a party of the rebells came to Knockoild and threatn'd to burn the house of John McNeill John Mcmurrich and Duncan Mcfarlan, tenants there and drive away their cattle unless they went along with them. That the said John McNeill, John Mcmurrich and Robert Mcfarlan, son to the said Duncan Mcfarlan, were taken out of their own houses under cloud of night and carried prisoners to Inversnait and from thence to Doun from whence after staying two nights, they deserted and returned home.
(And he declares he cannot write)

Eo: die Malcolm Mcfarlan in Over Gartencaber Declares that about the beginŽning of Decem'r last he happened to be in Rowchoish when James Moir McGregor sent two men in arms from the garison to Rowchoish threatening to take from James Graham alias McGregor and John Mcmurrich tenants there, all that they had unless they went that night or early next morning to the Garrison of Inversnait. But that they refused.
(signed Malcom Mcfarln)

Eo: die Robert Graham in Stronachlachar Declares that Ffinlay Mccallum his subtenant there, was several times threaten;d by the rebells to have the door of his house built up with stones and his cattle carried off unless he would join them and that he was at length obliged to go with them over the loch when the sogers were surprized. But returned to his own house that same night when they came back to Inversnait. That he was afterwards carried to Doun but did not stay above two or three nights when he again came home. And was never further concerned in the Rebellion to the Declarant's knowledge.
And as to Donald Mcrimmon, Miller in Stronachlachar Declares he was forced against his will to go to Doun with the Rebells. But deserted the second night he was there and returned to his own house. That he was never further concerned in the Rebellion to his knowledge.
(signed Ro: Grahame)

Eo: die Duncan Graham in Wester Portnellan Declares that Malcolm McCallum, John Mackeich & Donald Murray, tenants in Easter Portnellan and John Graham, cotter there were threatn'd by James Moir McGregor to have the doors of their houses built up, then burnt, themselves ty'd and their cattle carried off unless they joint him with the rebells. That when they were carrying the sogers from Inversnait to Perth, the above named tenants and their said cotter went out of the way and hid themselves least they had been taken up. But were got and carry'd along that same day. and keep'd with the rebells till four days before the Battle of Preston when they all deserted and came home.
(signed Duncan Grahem)

Eo: die John McCallum in Wester Portnellan Declares that the haill tenants in Easter Portnellan above named, their cotter and his son were all threaten'd to rise as mentioned in the above declaration and deserted before Preston.

Eo: die William Mcfarlan in Glashart Declares that Duncan Graham in Easter Corriearclet having been in arms with the rebells against his will as he was informed. The said Duncan deserted from them and stay'd a night in the declarants house as he was returning home.
(mark of William Mcfarlan)

16 July Donald McQueen in Kinlewood, the duties officer whose business it is to collect the cess. Declares that being at Inversnait for that purpose when the rebells had just returned from the other side of the Loch att surprizing the sogers who were working upon the roads. he saw Duncan Blair in Wester Ruchoish at the gate of the barrack, and heard James moir Mcgregor threatening him, if he would not stay in the barrack, which the said Duncan refused to do; and that the said James at last consented to let him go home; if he would leave his sword as a pledge that he would return again, which he refus'd to do.
(signed Donald McQueen)

SRO REF GD220/6/1661/3 - Att Buchanan this twenty sixth day of June One thousand Seven hundred and forty six years.

Wester Rowchoish Duncan Blair in Wester Rowchoish Declares that when the rebells first took possession of the castle of Doun. He was forced against his will to go along with them where he staid two or three days at most and then got leave to come home, and never returned again. Nor was ever desired. That he got no money, nor arms but went all the while with a staff in his hand; and this is all the part that he had in the late rebellion.
Donald McQueen can testify how the declarant was threatened at the garrison of Inversnait when he went there to get himself excused from joining. John McMurrich in Ruskenoch and John Mcfarlan in Inversnait can witness for him.

Rowchoish James Graham, alias Gregor McGregor, tenant in Rowchoish Declares that at the time when Glengyle went over the Loch to apprehend the sogers - who were upon the roads. he having occasion to carry all the spare men along with him and came down to Craigroystan and forced him and several others of the inhabitants there to go to the Barracks to supply the place of the men he had taken from thence, where the declarant remained for one night only and came away when Glengyle left it next day.
Declares that about Hallowmas last there was a party sent to him and the neighbourhood threatening to burn their houses and he was then obliged to go alongst with them to Doun and there was with the rest of them who keep'd garrison in the Castle for about fourteen days when he came away without leave leaving behind him a sword which was all the arms that was given him.
Declares that besides those instances he was never further concerned. And that at no time ever any guns or other arms were given him. And that he has no arms of his own at present, But that he had a gun of his own which the rebells took from him and he knows not where it is.
The declarant appeals to Duncan McMurrich in Stuknarey and John Mcfarlan in Inversnait for the truth of what he declares, as likewise Malcolm Mcfarlan in Knockoild and Duncan Mcfarlan in Knockoild.

Cailness Alexander Graham tenant in Cailliness Declares that on the morning of the day on which Glengyle went over the Loch and surprized the sogers on the roads. He was sent for by Glengyle as he judged to speak to him concerning some of their own private affairs. And meeting him at Letteray he was forced along with him to the port of Inversnait where he and several others were put on board two several boats and carry'd down the Loch and landed a little below Inveruglas.
Declares that he and several of the men had no arms with them at all; only had their staffes in their hand. That they went from the shoar to Cantires (Note: Kintyre = Cowal peninsula) where the sogers submitted without any opposition. That they made no stay on the other side of the Loch but came away immediately next morning. So that the declarant was out on that expedition only about 16 or 18 hours, having returned to his own house immediately after their landing on this side of the Loch.
Declares afterwards there were several messages and threatenings sent for him and his neighbours to join Glengyle and put themselves under his command. That having had occasion about that time to come down the Countrey about his private affairs he came to Buchanan and informed Gorthy of the distress and apprehensions he and his neighbours were under from those threats. That Gorthy advised him (as well as some others whom he had then occasion to speak with) to take no notice of those threats but to keep at home and by no means to engage with Glengyle and that accordingly he did stay at home till about Hallowmas when a party was sent for him under night and carry'd him from his own house straight to the Castle of Doun where he remained three days and the fourth night he made his escape and came straight home and was never any further concerned except the two above particulars.
Declares that he never had money, hyre or arms delivered to him. And that even while in the Castle of Doun where there was provisions laid in for the Garison there, he refused to be subsisted by those provisions but rather choos'd to buy provisions for himself, as several others did.
The declarant appealls to Duncan and Alexander Graham in Inchrie for further proof of his being compelled & carry'd prisoner to Doun having told them so as he was carry'd thither, and all his neighbours can testify that he and they were several nights that they did not go to bed for fear of being taken away.

Knockoild John McNeill Robert Mcfarlan and John Mvmurrich all in Knockoild Declare, all three, that they were taken prisoners in their own houses under cloud of night and carry'd in a boat to Inversnait and from thence to the Castle of Doun, about three or four days before Hallowday last where the above Robert Mcfarlan staid two nights and the other two persons three nights, and then made their escape and came home. And were no further concern'd at any time.
They all declare that they went to Doun without any arms but when there had arms delivered them, which arms when they made their escape they left there. Declare that they received no money nor hyre, for their service. That one day the serjeand maintain'd them, and for the next they bought victuall for themselves. And it was told them that next day they were to receive pay But the night before, finding an opportunity they made their escape and so never got any pay.
They appeal to John Mcmurrich in Ruskennoch and Duncan Mcfarlan in Knockoild for the truth of what they declare. And Robert Mcfarland condescends on one Dougal Campbell in Stuckintibert, who was in the house when the party apprehended him which Dougal was since one of the Argyleshire militia. And they say that Pat. Mcfarlan at Miln of Arrochy, Duncan Hunter in Sallachy saw the declarants in hiding for fear of being apprehended by the rebells.

Rowchoish. John and Duncan Mcmurrichs in Easter Rowchoish and Hew McGregor in Wester Rowchoish Declares that a party under the command of Glengyle came and seized the boat of Rowchoish and carry'd the declarants along with him prisoners to the other side of the Loch without letting them know upon what account he did so. That the said Duncan was left at the loch side to take care of the Boat which belong'd to himself, When Glengyle went to the Cantire, And after the men were surprized he was ordered by Glengyle to carry some things which belong'd to the sogers such as meall and spirits which he did,
And return'd in the same boat to Inversnait, and was no sooner there than he returned to his own house. Where he staid till he was brought by another party of Glengyle's men about two days thereafter to assist in carrying the sogers to an Jile in Loch Katrine, which done he returned again to his own house. That having occasion to be up the Loch with his boat sometime thereafter he was compelled by Glengyle to carry him and a party of his men to the Tarbat. And was obliged when there to go with them to Castle Lachlan, (Note: head of Glendaruel in Cowal, seat of Campbell of Auchinbreck - a Jacobite sympathiser who Glengyle hoped to persuade to come out) and made his escape from him there before Glengyle returned. And was not with him when Glengyle was attacked. (Note: attack by General John Campbell & Argyle militia at Ardno 15/11/45) . Since which time he was no ways concerned in the rebellion.
Declares he never received any money or hyre nor had any arms given him. That he had nothing but his own sword when he went to Castle Lachlan, happening to have it with him when he was taken, which sword being all the arms he has, is now deliverd up to Mr Robert Mcfarlan, minister in Buchanan. Conform to his declaration in the Declarants custody. Andrew Mcfarlan in Tarbat and George Mcfarlan in Ardvorlich were present at Tarbat and saw the declarant threaten'd and compelled by Glengyle to go along with him as above said.
The first and third declare that when they were brought to the other side of the Loch, they were marched to the Cantires and were ordered to guard the door while Glengyle was within with the Sogers. That one of the sogers guns was given to the said Hugh, which he brought to Inversnait and left it there and went home to his own house that same night. John Mcmurrich having returned to his house as the boat touched at Rowchoish on the way to Inversnait.
That a little before Hallowday a party came to the houses of the said Hew and John, and threatn'd to burn them unless they went instantly with them. That they were carried first to Inversnait (where Hew had a gun given him) and from there to the Castle of Doun where they remained three nights amd then found menas to escape. That they received no pay nor arms except the said gun which was left in the Castle of Doun. But had victualls given them by a sergeant while they staid there.
They appeall to John McMurrich in Ruskenoch, Duncan Mcfarlan in Knockoild, That not only the declarants but the whole tenants in Craigroystan had the above threatenings given them.

Ashlan James Graham and John McDonnald in Ashlan Declare that as Glengyle came down the Loch with his boats in order to apprehend the sogers on the roads, He sent a party down by land who forced the two declarants into a boat at Rowchoish, and carried them to the Cantines where they remain'd till the party with the prisoners return'd. And came home to their own houses that same night. That some days after as Glengyle was carrying the prisoners to Perth they were again apprehended and obliged to go as far as Achray with them where they deserted.
That about the middle of October they were carry'd prisoners to Doun where they remained two or three days and then made their escape.
That when Glengyle went to Argyleshire he forced them again to go alongst with him and return'd with him, were present when Glengyle was attacked and at that time made the best of their way home. And in all those different events they had no arms neither of their own nor given them. Never received pay nor had any further concern that what is mentioned above.
They severally appeal to Alexr McNeill in Wester Ffrenich and Andrew Mcfarlan in Sallachy for the truth of what they declare and which is notour to all their neighbours.

Rowkoish Andrew Blair in Rowchoish Declares that about the middle of October last he was servant with Donald Blair in Claichvraick his brother when Glengyle sent a party to apprehend his said brother who hapning to be much indisposed at the time they took the declarant in his stead and carry'd him prisoner to Doun where he staid five days but took neither money nor arms from them and then deserted.
That when Glengyle went to Argyleshire the Declarant was compelled to go with him but neither received arms or money and made his escape when Glengyle return'd. Staying with his brother till about Christmas when he was again taken prisoner and brought back to Doun and detained about twenty days. And having nothing to subsist himself was necessitated to take money from the rebells and do duty within the castle but finding an opportunity made his elopement in the night time, and keep'd out of their reach ever since. He appeals for the truth of this to the whole neighbourhood.

Glackbuy. Pat. Mcintyre in Glackbuy James Mckeoch and Duncan Mccallum there Declare that the same day on which Glengyle surprized the garrison at Inversnait he sent a party and apprehended the declarants and carried them to the barracks where the said Duncan Mccallum and Patrick Mcintyre were left till his return and they staid there till the sogers were brought to Lochcatrin. That James Mckeoch was carry'd over the Loch with him when the sogers on the roads were taken, but had no arms, and returned to his own house that same night.
That they were threatn'd to be hang'd and have their houses burnt unless they went with Glengyle to Argyleshire. And when they were compelled to go, Duncan Mccallum having run off by the way was fired at afterwards taken. That all the three were forced to go with them, without arms, and on their return Mckeoch returned home and never joined them more. And Mcintyre and Mccallum after being detained about eight days in the garrison did likewise.
That before they were ferried to Argyleshire as above, they were apprehended and brought to Doun where Duncan Mccallum staid two night, Mckeoch seven and Mcintyre the like nights they having deserted separatly, how soon they found the means to escape.
That they never received either money or arms from the rebells, only were maintained by them while they were detained in Inversnait and Doun.
They appeal to Alexr. McNeill in Wester Ffrenich, John Mcfarlan in Inversnait, Robt. Graham in Cloichvraik and all their loyall neighbours for the truth of what the declare.

Stronachlachar Findlay Mccallum in Stronaclachar Declares that he was several times importuned by Glengyle to join him on his taking up arms against the Government, but positively refused. Whereupon a party was sent for him and by which he was carry'd along with Glengyle when he surprized the sogers on the Roads. That he had no arms, neither in going or returning. And on coming back to Inversnait he deserted and went to his own house.
That a little before Hallowday he was again taken by another party and carry'd to Doun, but found means to make his escape the second night, and never after had the least accession to the Rebellion. That he never had money nor arms given hims. And having his whole cattle taken from him, was advised he could get them back upon delivering up his arms to the minister of the parish and submitting himself to the King's mercy. He bought a gun, having no arms of his own, and delivered it to Mr Robt. Mcfarlan, minister of Buchanan. conform to his declaration thereanent. He appeals for the truth of what he Declares to Alexr. McNeill in Wester Ffrenich, Alexr McNeill in Letterinshen and Robert Graham in Stronachlachar.

Stronachlachar Donald Mackrimmon, miller in Stronachlachar Declares that a little before Hallowday last a party of the Rebells apprehended him at his own house and brought him prisoner to the Castle of Doun. That he found means to escape upon the second night after he came there. Never received either money or arms and had no other accession to the rebellion than the above. And yet his house and whole plenishing was burnt and all his cattle was carry'd away by the military.

East Portnellan John Mckeoch Malcolm Mccallum and Donald Murray all in Easter Portnellan Declare that the were forced by a party of Glengyle's men to join them, when the carry'd the sogers from Lochcatrine to Crieff and were detained there till the rebells come to that town two days thereafter.
That they were forc'd and compell'd by James mor Mcgregor to go along with the rebels till they came to Corstorphin where they deserted, there leaving the guns they had got by the way, and returned and lurked near their own houses lest they had been brought back again.
That a few days before Glengyle went to Argyleshire they were again taken by a party of his men and carry'd to Doun. And compelled to go with him in that expedition. And afterwards returned to Doun. And found means to desert the night immediately before the Battle of Falkirk when the likeways left their arms and returned home.
They appeal to Duncan Graham and John Mccallum in Wester Portnellan and all their neighbours for the truth of what they declare. They acknowledge they received subsistence from the Rebells.
NB The Declarants had their houses burnt and all their Cattle taken away by the miltary.

Clachbuy Gregor McGregor in Clachbuy Declares that he never had accession to the Rebellion except in the two following instances. The first was when Glengyle first took possession of the Castle of Doun when he stay'd about eight days. The next was about the middle of November but does not remember how long he staid. That the first time they met him accidentally upon the way, forced him along with them and made him carry a gun. The second time he was forced out of his own house and carry'd to Doun. That at both times he made his escape and came home. That while he was there provisions were given him but got no pay.
He appeals to Alexr. McNeill in Wester Ffrenich with whom he staid a night each time he deserted, and told him the distress he was in; Because he did not know where to go for fear of being apprehended in the counŽtry as he passed by reason of the service he has been in.
And the said Alex Mcneill being present at the time of emitting this declaration, He attests the verity thereof insofar as is appealed to him.

Stucknarey Duncan Mcmurrich in Stucknarey Declares that at the beginning when Glengyle went over the Loch to apprehend the sogers on the roads he was forced to go along with them and stay with them about four days and then deserted. And that afterwards he might stay peacably at home he compounded and paid five pounds Stg. and was never troubled after that.
He appeals to Andrew Mcfarlan for the truth of this who was present when he paid the five pounds. As likeways to Jo. Mcfarlan in Inversnait, and the said John Mcfarlan being present Declares the same to be true.

Inversnait Robert Mcfarlan in Inversnait Declares that he was compelled tp go with Glengyle to surprize the sogers on the roads. And afterwards to go with him to Argyleshire. But had never any other accession to the Rebellion save thes two particulars nor did he ever receive any arms or pay from them.
He appeals to William Mcqueen in Kittlewood and Robert Mckeoch in Caller for the truth of what he alledges. Who being both present declare that they were present at the garison when they heard Glengyle give very hard words to the said Robert because he refused to go with them. And both witnesses declare that they were afraid from the words that past of the said Robert's coming to some mischief.

Easter Corriearclet Duncan Graham subtenant in Easter Corriearclet Declares that he weas subtenant to Glengyle and was employed by him as a watchman for keeping the countrey and being in that connection with Glengyle it was not easy for him to resist his orders of whatever kind. And therefore the most he can do for proof of his unwillingness to go into the rebellion is to adduce evidence that he deserted. And in evidence of what is above, he appeals to William Mcfarlan in In Glashart and Alex Mcneill in Wester Ffrenich and Alex Graham in Brachorn and Thomas Graham officer in Menteith.

Stuckavick Neill Mcneill in Stuckavick Declares that he was forced by Glengyle to go with him to Doun where after a week's stay he deserted and returned home. That he got victuales while there but received no pay. That afterwards he was taken by Glengyle and carry'd with him to Argyleshire and on his return deserted again. And except those two instances he never had the least accession to the rebellion. And declares that many nights before he was forced out, he fled from place to place that he might not fall into Glengyle's hands and hid himself.
Appeals for the truth of what is above to John Graham in Dunvery John Drummond and John Graham both in Backborland of Drummond and all the neighbourhood.

Claddock Malcolm Mcfarlan in Claddock Declares that he was forced by Glengyle to go with him to the other side of the Loch when the sogers were taken on the roads. And in a few days after as they were carrying them to Perth. He deserted at the west end of Lochcatrin and returned home till he was afterwards forced to go with Glengyle to Argyleshire. Which two instances was all the accession that he had to the rebellion. Except that he was keep'd about eight days against his will in the barracks at Inversnait.
He appeals to John Mcfarlan in Inversnait and the haill neighbourhood for the truth of what is above. And the said John Mcfarlan being present declares that the next day after the sogers were taken he heard the said Malcolm Mcfarlan positively refuse to be concerned in the rebellion.

West Corriearclet. Findlay Mccallum Declares that he was Glengyle's subtennat in the fourth part of Wester Corriearclet And that he was threatn'd to have his house burnt and all he had taken from him unless joined the rebells. That he was afterwards taken by a party when the sogers were carried to Crieff and keep'd with them for about twenty days till Glengyle took possession of the Castle of Doun. And then he found means to make his escape and come home where he staid till he was again taken by a party and carry'd into Argyleshire and upon their return deserted a second time and was never more concerned in the rebellion.
He appeals to Dougal Keir in Letteray and the haill neighbourhood for the truth of what is above. And the said Dougal Keir being present, Declares he heard Glengyle threaten the said Findlay as above.

Dow of Glengyle. Patk. Mccallum Declares that he was herd to John Graham younger of Glengyle in the Dow of Glengyle last summer. And having gone to Glenfalloch in search of one of his masters stotts was returning to Inversnait and not having heard that the barracks was taken by the rebells went there to buy some tobacco as he was in used to do. And immediately upon his entry he was made prisoner by them and detained that night, he deserted in the morning and returned to his service. But the lady Glengyle hearing he had been a night with the rebells turned him out of her service and so he became quite idle. And was afterwards taken up by Glengyle and keep'd by him for about twenty days against his will after which time he left them and was never further concerned except that he was brought to the Castle of Doun and deserted the third day.
He appeals to Dougal Keir in Letteray and all the neighbourhood for the truth of what is above. And the said Dougal Keir being present, acknowledges the same to be true.

Wester Corriearclet Donald Mccallum and John Mccallum Declare that they were subtenants to Glengyle in Wester Corriearclet. That they were forced by him to go over the Loch when the sogers were taken but deserted that night an their return to Inversnait. That they were afterwards taken by a party and carried to Crieff and staid with the rebells about twenty days when they deserted and came home. That they were again taken and brought to Doun and deserted the sixth day. Since which they have lived peacably at home and were no further concerned in the rebellion.
They appeal to all the neighbours for the truth of what is above.

Letteray John Mccree cottar in Letteray Declares he was forced and compelled by Glengyle to go with him over the loch when the sogers were taken but deserted when they came to Inversnait. That he was afterwards taken and brought to Doun where he staid ten days and then made his escape. But was afterwards taken and carry'd to Argyleshire, on his return he was made prisoner in Inversnait, fed on bread and water, and had guns tied to his feet because he would not go to Doun. And at last at the sollicitation of one Mcintyre, a surgeon, who attended James mor Mcgregor there, he was dismissed. And was never further concerned. Nor was he at any of the battles.
He appeals to Dougal Keir in Letteray and all the neighbourhood for the truth of what is above. And the said Dougal Keir being present, declares it to be true.

Ardvorlich George Mcfarlan in Ardvorlich Declares that he was at Tarbat when Glengyle went with a party to Castle Lachlan, and at that time Duncan Mcmurrich in Easter Rowchoish was with Glengyle, but being forced out as the declarant then heard and believed. He the said Duncan fell behind the party designing to make his escape, but being discovered he was threatn'd and compelled by Glengyle to go along with them in that expedition. And further declares that as he lives in the neighbourhood and had occasion to be in heads of Menteith and Buchanan at the time of the late rebellion, he was credibly informed and believes it to be true that such of the Duke of Montrose's tenants there as were in arms were forced out by Glengyle very much contrary to their own inclinations.

List of McGregors on Montrose Estate in 1745

List of the families of the name Mcgregor who lived in the Duke of Montrose's Highland estate, at the time of the breaking out of the Rebellion. Distinguishing,
1), such as never were accessory to the rebellion;
2), such as by conŽstraint were accessory to some act of rebellion and have since submitted to the Kings mercy;
3), such as join'd and marched out of the country with the army of the rebells or were present in any battle, but have since submitted;
4), such as joined and marched as aforesaid and have not submitted.

1 These who were never accessory to the rebellion
John Graham, younger of Glengyle
Robert Graham, his brother
Alex Mcgregor a cottar in Ruskenoch
John Mcgregor a cottar in Ruskenoch
Gregor Mcgreor a cottar in Clachbuy
Pat Mcgregor a subtenant in Innerald
Robt Mcgregor cottar in Corriearclet
Malcolm Mcgregor herd in Ashlan
Duncan Mcgregor subtenant in Wester Portnellan
Gregor Mcgregor a cottar in Comer

2 These who by constraint were accessory to some acts of the rebellion and have since submitted
Gregor Mcgregor tenant in Ruchoish
Alexr Mcgregor tenant in Caillness
James Mcgregor subtenant in Ashlane
Dougal Mcgregor tenant in Letteray
Duncan Mcgregor cottar in Corriearclet
John Mcgregor cottar in Easter Portnellan
Alexr Mcgregor cottar in Cloichvraik

3 These who joined and march'd out of the country with the rebell army and have since submitted
Hugh Mcgregor subtenant in Rouchoish
Malcolm Mcgregor in Corriearclet
Donald Mcgregor subtenant in Easter Portnellan

4 These who joined the rebell army and have not submitted
Robert Mcgregor subtenant in Corriearclet
John Mcgregor in Corriearclet
James Graham elder of Glengyle
James Drummond subtenant in Corriearclet

We dont remember of above five more of that name in all the rest of the Duke of Montrose's estate.

SRO Ref 220/6/1662/12 - MacGregors in '45 on Montrose Estate
Wester Mains
1 John McGregor no ways concerned
2 James no ways concerned
3 Gregor young man living with his mother who had a house & yard from tenant but no land, no ways concerned
4 Alex cottar, about 2 years, old, not concerned
East Rouchoish
5 Gregor tacksman, never joined rebells, submitted
6 Alex no fixed residence, joined Rebell army
West Rouchoish
7 Hew cottar, joined rebell army, submitted
8 John cottar, old, no ways concerned
9 Alex tacksman, never joined army, but submitted
10 James subtenant, never joined army, but submitted
11 Gregor wright & cottar, old & not concerned
12 Dougall Tacksman, had a cert. from minister, not concerned in rebellion but afterwards delivered up what arms he had
13 Patrick subtenant, old, no ways concerned
14 Duncan subtenant, old, but has submitted
15 Robert subtenant, joined rebell army
16 Robert cottar and shoemaker, no ways concerned
17 John lived with mother, joined army
18 Malcolm bro of 17, joined army, has submitted
19 James(Glengyl tacksman, joined rebell army
20 Robert no ways concerned
21 Malcolm a herd, no ways concerned
West Portnellan
22 Duncan subtenant, no ways concerned
East Portnellan
23 Donald subtenant, joined rebell army, has submitted
24 John cottar, old, never joined army, submitted
25 Gregor cottar, old, no ways concerned
26 Alex cottar, never joined army, has submitted
27 James mor joined rebell army
28 Duncan cottar, no ways concerned
E Gartnabradnich
29 Malcolm noways concerned

List of houses burnt in 1746
Easter Portnellan
Coll Campbell Donald Murray house,barn,sheephouse
Malcolm Mccallum " "
John mckeoch house & barn
John Graham " "

Wester Correrclet
Donald Mccallum house, barn, sheephouse
Findlay Mccallum house & barn
John Mccallum jr " "
John Mccallum sr house
Katharin Mcintyre " "
Patk Mccallum house, barn, sheephouse
James Mcgregor house & barn

Easter Correrclet
" " Duncan Mcgregor house & barn
Duncan Graham house & sheephouse
John Ferguson house & barn
Katharin Mcfarlan house barn & sheephouse
Arch Mcintyre " "
Robt Graham(blind) house

Malcolm Mcfarlan Duncan Mccallum house & barn
Dougall Keir in his right house barn & sheephouse
John Mcneill house
Hew Mccallum house

J Graham Glengyle
Robert Graham the miln
Donald Mccrimmon house & barn
Patk Mccallum house
Dond Mcintyre(old) house
Malc Mccallum(weav) house