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Miscellaneous Articles on Scottish history by Peter Lawrie BSc, BA, MPhil, MBCS, CITP, FSAScot, CFA

  • Articles on the history of Clan Gregor
  • Miscellaneous articles on aspects of Scottish History
  • Articles on Kildonan and Loth, Sutherland, mainly 19th century

  • The Irish Scots of Dalriada - or were they?

    Watson's Celtic Placenames of Scotland

    Scottish Castles - Fortifications or Mansions?

    Highland Clothes - did an Englishman invent the kilt?

    A summer walk wearing a plaid from Balquhidder to Glenlyon

    War & the Formation of the Scottish State

    The Castle of Finlarig

    Campbell Boat Building Accounts 1600-1700

    Print Culture in early 19th Century Dundee

    Improvements in Dundee urban fabric after 1871

    Perthshire Ghost stories

    The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer by Alexander MacKenzie

    Highland Superstition - an appendix to the Brahan Seer by Alexander MacKenzie

    The History of the Highland Clearances, by Alexander MacKenzie

    King Arthur at Barry Hill, Alyth

    Scotland's place in Europe by Alec Salmond

    MacGregor - a novel

    Morag MacKay MacLeod

    The Lawrie name and my own descent