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A History of Clan Gregor from its early beginnings to 1746

By Peter Lawrie, ©2019

This book covers aspects of the history of the Clan Gregor in the Highlands of Scotland from its origin to the Last Jacobite Rising of 1745. The Clan Gregor is unique in Scotland in having been proscribed from 1603 until 1774, (except for 1661 to 1689). For the whole of this period it was illegal in Scotland to be called Gregor or MacGregor. The proscription came about after a 50 year war with and entirely caused by the Clan Campbell. Following the Battle of Glen Fruin in February 1603, King James VI issued orders that the “detestable race of Clangregour be extirpat and utterlie ruttit out”.

An account of the chiefs follows the early history of the Clan, Due to its circumstances, the clan frequently came to the attention of the state, so that much of the book is about conflict, especially the one-sided Battle of Glen Fruin. Strangely, as the proscription was imposed by a Stewart King, the Clan supported the Stewart dynasty during the Wars of Covenant and in every Jacobite Rising, 1689, 1715, 1719 and 1745-46.

Despite the intentions of King James, there are very many MacGregors living on every continent today.

Since 1995, the author has been Vice-chairman of the Clan Gregor Society and editor of the Society Newsletter. For the avoidance of doubt, the views expressed in the book are those of the author and not of the Clan Gregor Society.

The following chapters are the result of many years of study. Most have been published online at I have been encouraged to take a few of the chapters most relevant to the Clan Gregor and edit them into a book under my own name, rather than that of the Clan Gregor Society.

Kinship, Landholding and Crime has been taken from the dissertation which I submitted for the degree of MPhil at Dundee University in 1998.

The book has now been published as an ebook 981915 through Smashwords ISBN: 9780463554494

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