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Summons of the McCorcodell brothers for Glenfruin and later depredations 1613

By Peter Lawrie, ©2017


directed to John Campbell messenger upon the complaint of his lovites James, Johnne, Margaret and Jonet Cunninghames lawful bairnes of umquhile Mr James Cunninghame persone and minister at Cardrois, Johnne Fallasdaill, Margaret and Elizabeth Smollettis as sisters to umquhile Tobias Smollett with the remaining kin and friends of the said umquhile persons.
George Lowdoun Sheriff Clerk of Argyll for himself and as informer to our Advocate in the matter underwritten and our trusty and wellbeloved Counsellor Sir William Oliphant of Newburgh knight our Advocate for our interest;

Upoun Lauchlane McCorcodell notter [2]   in [blank] and Johnne McCorcodell his brother in [blank] who accompanied with umquhile Allaster McGregor of Glenstra, umquhile Johnne Dow McGregour his brother and others their kin and freinds and of their counsell and having concluded the destruction and ‘overthraw' of 'Alexander Colquhoun of Luse his kyn and freindis and alys and of the haill surname of the Buchannanis and to herrie thair lands and haifing convenit to thameselffis the Clanchamrone the Clananverich and dyvers utheris thevis broken men and sorneris to the number of 400 persons ';
they for accomplishment of their former wicked resolution being ' all bodin in feir of weir with bowis darlochis murriones, mailzie coittis, pow aixes tua handit suoirdis hagbutis and pistolettis' etc prohibited to be worne etc. upon the 7 Feb. 1603 ' come fordwardis in arrayit battell to the landis of Glenfrewine pertening to the Laird of Luse quhair the said Laird of Luse accumpaneit with the said umquhile Mr James Cunninghame, umquhile David and Robert Fallasdaillis, umquhile Tobias Smollett, umquhile James Moriesoun, Williame Nilie alias McMoreis, umquhile Walter Elder with certain utheris thair and the said Laird of Luse freindis war convenit be vertew of our commissioun ' to resist the foresaid persons' cruel enterprises and there without regard of our commission they set upon the said Laird of Luse his kin and friends and cruelly invaded them for their ' slauchteris ' and shamefully cruelly and barbarously ' murdereist' and slew umquhile Peter Napier of Kilmahew, John Buchannane of Backlyvie the saids Tobias Smollet, bailzie of Dumbarton for the time, David Fallasdaill burgess there, Thomas and James Fallasdaillis his two sons, the said umquhile Mr James Cunninghame minister, Robert Fallasdaill, the said umquhile James Moriesoune, Williame Nilie alias McMoreis, Walter Elder, Adam and Johnne Colquhounes sons to the Laird of Campistrodden Johnne Colquhoun of Dalmure and divers others to the number of' sevin scoir persones or thairby, the maist pairt of thame being first tane captives be the saidis McGrigouris befoir thay pat handis in thame, and thereftir maist barbaruslie and crewallie be tirring of their claithes and strypeing thame mother naket with durkis murdreist and slew thame but pitie, and at the samyn tyme be way of maisterfull thift and stouth reiff stawreft and away tuik sax hundreth ky and oxin 800 sheep and goats 14 score horses and meiris with the haill plenishing goods and geir of the 80 pound land of Luse, and treasonably raised fire in the houses and barnyards thereof and burnt wasted and destroyed the same with the corns in them, and the said Johnne and Lauchlane McCorcodellis are ' airt and pairt ' of the said cruel horrible crimes,

and they still persevering in ' thair former wiket and unlauchfull tred of lyfe ' in the month of [blank] 16— came under silence and cloud of night to the lands of Barkandmoir pertaining to umquhile Duncane McCorcodell of Phantelands and ' thiftuouslie ' stole etc. ane broun meir, and from Gillespik McAllaster VcEwin they stole a kow and in December last 1612 they came by night to the chamber of George Lowdoun Sheriff Clerk of Argyll and broke up the said chalmer, entered it and broke up the haill kists and coffers therein and from a great kist therein stole £66 in gold and silver, 2 pair of linen sheets 9 eines of scots brown claith 6 eines of red claith together with his hail books writs and evidents goods and geir etc. and conveyed them away;

and further notwithstanding the King's proclamation against intercommuning and resetting the Clan Gregour, the said Lauchlane and Johnne hes not only contravened it by resetting within their houses monthly these 7 years bygone the haill surname of McGregour at all times and occasions by giving them meat drink bedding and furnishing them with money but also at divers trysts and conventions held by the McGregours has kept company with them and assisted them with their advise and counsel in divors their wicked and godless courses, ' as also hes soirnet and rwn forrowis with thame ' and oppressed our good subjects dwelling in the Shires of Argyll, Dunbarton, Stirling, Perth and the Stewartry of Menteith.

They are summon'ed to appear at Edinburgh 16 March 1613 to find security which failing to be put to the horn.

Signed ALEXR. HAY OF QUHITBURGH Clerk Registrar.
J. BANNATYNE (written by Johnne Bannatyne my servand M. Bannatyne).
Produced at Edinr. on 19 Feb. 1613 by John Young writer and Sheriff Clerk
In dorso : ' Horning against Lauchlane McCorkindell and his brother for being at Glenfruin.'

The following refers to the McCorcodells (or McCorquodale) from Amelia, chapter xxxi:

1612. Dec. 10. Argyll complained to the Council of Lauchlane McQuorquordale brother of Duncane McQuorquordale of Phantillare and John Dow McQuorquordale suspected guilty of the slaughter of Glenfrune &a and having their haunt in the bounds of Argyll. - Secret Council.

Dec. 12. At Edinburgh the 9. Duncan McCorcodell of Fantelands became plege and souertie for Lauchlane McCorcodale Notter his brother That he sall compeir the 16. day of Marche next to come and underly the law for ye allegit being in cumpanie wt umqle Allaster McGregor of Glenstrae and his complices at ye raid of Glenfrune. under the pane &a. - Record of Justiciary.

1612. Dec. 12. Lauchlane McQuorquordill brother to Duncane McQuorquordill of Phantellene and Johnne Dow McQuorquordill charged for resett and assistance to the ClanGregour.

Editor's Note. There is a record (I need to find it again) of these McCorcodell (or McQuorquodale) brothers finding security from the Earl of Argyll after Glenfruin, so that they were not hunted down and killed as were many of the Clan Gregor. The elder brother or cousin of these brothers did hold the lands of Phantillare (or Fantelands) from the Earl. His descendants include Barbara Cartland, the novelist and Mary, dowager Countess of Strathmore.

[1] From McPhail, Highland Papers, vol IV, 1934, P219 to P221 (Precis from original in Argyll Charter Chest.)

[2] 'notter' is probably 'Otter' (Gaelic: An Oitir) a settlement, on the Cowal peninsula in Argyll on the banks of Loch Fyne. 9 miles from Portavadie