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Named MacGregors in the 45

By Peter Lawrie, ©2017

The Prisoners

The Scottish History Society publication “Prisoners of the ’45”, while it includes errors regarding the MacGregors (such as the capture of Glengyle at Dunrobin as previously mentioned) is an invaluable source. I have changed the entry for Glengyle to read “Cromartie’s”. Obviously, only those involved in the Rising who came to the notice of the authorities are included, therefore the presence of only 19 MacGregors could be viewed as a success in their avoiding the consequences of involvement. However, as many would have used an alias such as Murray, Graham, Campbell or Drummond it is difficult to estimate actual numbers. “Prisoners of the ’45” lists only two as “Glencarnaig’s”and all the rest are “Glengyle’s” although if they were from Balquhidder, some of them may have followed Glencarnaig. It is noteworthy how varied the origins of some of Glengyle’s men are.
Ens.Mungo Campbell Glengyle’s Perth 23/3/47 Discharged Crieff
James Cook Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46  
Capt John Drummond Glengyle's Taken 10/8/46 Transported Balquhidder (nephew of Balhaldie)
Donald Ferguson Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46  
John Ferguson snr Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46 Dunblane
John Ferguson jnr Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46 Dunblane
Peter King Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Died 22/5/46  
John Livingston Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46  
Donald M'Grigor Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46 Dunblane
Grigor M'Grigor Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Freed 1747 Argyll
Piper James M'Gregor Glengyle's Carlisle Transported  
John M'Grigor Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46  
Capt Malcolm M'Gregor Glengyle's Leny 19/7/46 Discharged Cornour
Malcolm M'Grigor Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Escaped 2/46  
Pat. M'Gregor Murray Glengyle's Perth 5/46 Acquitted Perthshire
John M'Callum Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Discharged Inverness
John M'Ighaill Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Discharged Torosay
Robert MacKay Glengyle's Inverness Discharged Sutherland
Duncan M'Lachlan Glengyle's Dumbarton 3/46 Escaped Dumbarton
John M'Lellan Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Freed 47 Inverness
Duncan M'Neil Glengyle's Dumbarton 3/46 Escaped 2/46 Lochaber
Ronald M'Nicol Glengyle's Ardno 15/11/45 Freed 47 Glen Orchy
Duncan M'Gregor Murray Glengyle's 8/46 Acquitted Perthshire
Patk. M'Gregor Murray Glengyle's Aberdeen 8/46 Transported Perthshire
John Stewart Glengyle's Perth 7/46 Discharged Balquhidder
Lt-Col Robert M'Gregor Murray Glencarnaig's Inverarry 1747 Released 1749 Glencarnaig, Balquhidder
Major Evan M'Gregor Murray Glencarnaig's Inverarry 1747 Released 1749 Glencarnaig, Balquhidder
John M'Gregor Glencarnaig's Edinburgh infirmary died Balquhidder
Mary M'Gregor Keppoch's Carlisle discharged Balquhidder
John M'Gregor Perth's Carlisle 12/45 transported Perthshire
John M'Gregor Perth's Bridge of Allan 10/45 transported Perthshire
John M'Gregor Perth's Perth Executed York Perthshire
Duncan M'Gregor Lord John Murray's Perth 29/6/46 Acquitted Breadalbane
Ensign Duncan M'Gregor Farquharson's Culloden Transported Tarland
Gregor M'Gregor - Inverness Escaped Glen Moriston
John M'Gregor Barrasdale's Caithness Discharged Caithness
Mark M'Gregor Baggot's Hussars Perth 2/46 Transported Balgowan
John M'Gregor Cromarties' Dunrobin 15/4/46 - Caithness
William M'Gregor Cromarties' Dunrobin 15/4/46 died Caithness

(there were two Wm M’Griggers on the “Hawk” sloop belonging to Cromartie’s)

The Muster Roll

“The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s Army”, AUP 1984 only lists the MacGregor officers. I have reproduced that list here with some slight corrections and also the names of other MacGregors who appear with other formations. Obviously some of these names may occur in the list of Prisoners above.

Colonel Gregor McGregor (Graham) of Glengyle
Lt-Col John McGregor (Drummond) of Balnacuick Transported
Lt-Col Robert McGregor (Murray) of Glencarnaig Surrendered - Released
Maj. Evan McGregor (Murray) (bro. Glencarnaig Taken - Pardoned
Capt. Duncan McGregor (Murray) (bro. Glencarnaig) Taken - Acquitted
Maj.. James Mor McGregor (Drummond) Escaped
Capt. Malcolm McGregor of Cornour Taken - Discharged
Capt. Malcolm McGregor (Drummond) of Craigruidhe Died Prestonpans
Capt. Robt Og McGregor (Campbell?) Escaped
Capt. Ranald McGregor (Campbell?) of Kirktoun
Std Bearer Duncan Mcpharrie Pardoned
Ensign Mungo Campbell, Crieff Taken - Discharged
Officer Coll McGregor (son of Rob Roy - (died 1735!) ????
Officer Duncan McGregor (son of Rob Roy - not correct?)
Piper James McGregor, Crieff Taken - Transported

MacGregor names in the musters of other Regiments

Atholl Brigade:
Capt. Gregor (Murray) of Coinneachan Taken Feb 46
Capt. Robert (Murray) of Ardlarich
Lieut. Malcolm McGregor of Liaran
Officer Duncan McGregor of Roro
Officer John McGregor of Learagan

Strathallan’s Horse - Haldane of Lanerick’s Troop
James Mcgregor - servant to John, Balhaldie

Duke of Perth’s - (includes some of Glengyle’s above)
Major. James Mor McGregor (see above) Escaped
Capt. Malcolm McGregor of Craigruidhe (see above) Killed Prestonpans
Capt. Ronald McGregor of Kirkton (see above)
Donald McGrigor
John McGregor, Dundurn, Perthshire (see above) T. Carlisle Transported
John McGregor, Perthshire (see above) Executed York 8/11/46
John McGregor, Perthshire (see above) Transported

Jn McGrigger (in “Hawk” sloop list)
Wm McGregor (22), Caithness Taken - died

Donald McGregor, Town Officer, Coupar

Donald McGregor, Dalchuirn Surrendered 5/5/46
Gregor McGregor, (one of 7 men of Glen Moriston) Taken, escaped 1747
John McGregor, Caithness Taken, discharged

Keppoch’s (Volunteers - all joined Glengyle later)
Duncan McGregor (Murray), West Drumlich
John McGregor (Murray), Monachyl
Patrick McGregor (Murray), East Drumlich Taken, acquitted

John McGregor of Inverenzie Killed Culloden
Duncan McGregor, Tarland (bro. Inverenzie) Taken, transported

List of McGregors on Montrose Estate in 1745

(The text below is reproduced exactly from the documents in the Montrose papers held at the Scottish Record Office in SRO Ref 220/6/1662/12).
“List of the families of the name Mcgregor who lived in the Duke of Montrose’s Highland estate, at the time of the breaking out of the Rebellion.
1), such as never were accessory to the rebellion;
2), such as by constraint were accessory to some act of rebellion and have since submitted to the Kings mercy;
3), such as join’d and marched out of the country with the army of the rebells or were present in any battle, but have since submitted;
4), such as joined and marched as aforesaid and have not submitted.”

1 These who were never accessory to the rebellion
John Graham, younger of Glengyle
Robert Graham, his brother
Alex Mcgregor a cottar in Ruskenoch
John Mcgregor a cottar in Ruskenoch
Gregor Mcgreor a cottar in Clachbuy
Pat Mcgregor a subtenant in Innerald
Robt Mcgregor cottar in Corriearclet
Malcolm Mcgregor herd in Ashlan
Duncan Mcgregor subtenant in Wester Portnellan
Gregor Mcgregor a cottar in Comer

2 These who by constraint were accessory to some acts of the rebellion and have since submitted
Gregor Mcgregor tenant in Ruchoish
Alexr Mcgregor tenant in Caillness
James Mcgregor subtenant in Ashlane
Dougal Mcgregor tenant in Letteray
Duncan Mcgregor cottar in Corriearclet
John Mcgregor cottar in Easter Portnellan
Alexr Mcgregor cottar in Cloichvraik

3 These who joined and march’d out of the country with the rebell army and have since submitted
Hugh Mcgregor subtenant in Rouchoish
Malcolm Mcgregor in Corriearclet
Donald Mcgregor subtenant in Easter Portnellan

4 These who joined the rebell army and have not submitted
Robert Mcgregor subtenant in Corriearclet
John Mcgregor in Corriearclet
James Graham elder of Glengyle
James Drummond subtenant in Corriearclet

5 We dont remember of above five more of that name (McGregor) in all the rest of the Duke of Montrose’s estate.

SRO Ref 220/6/1662/12 - MacGregors in ’45 on Montrose Estate
Wester Mains 1 John McGregor   no ways concerned
  2 James   no ways concerned
Arochliny 3 Gregor young man living with his mother - had a house & yard from tenant but no land, no ways concerned
Ruskenoch 4 Alex cottar, about 72 years, old, no ways concerned
East Rouchoish 5 Gregor tacksman, never joined rebells submitted
East Rouchoish 6 Alex no fixed residence, joined Rebell army
West Rouchoish 7 Hew cottar, joined rebell army submitted
West Rouchoish 8 John cottar, old no ways concerned
Cailness 9 Alex tacksman, never joined army submitted
Ashlane 10 James subtenant, never joined army submitted
Clachbuy 11 Gregor wright & cottar, old not concerned
Letteray 12 Dougall Tacksman, had a cert. from minister. not concerned in rebellion but afterwards delivered up what arms he had
Innerald 13 Patrick subtenant, old not concerned
Corriearclet 14 Duncan subtenant, old has submitted
Corriearclet 15 Robert subtenant, joined rebell army
Corriearclet 16 Robert cottar and shoemaker no ways concerned
Corriearclet 17 John lived with mother, joined rebel army
Corriearclet 18 Malcolm bro of 17 joined army, has submitted
Stronachlachar 19 James (Glengyle) tacksman joined rebell army
Stronachlachar 20 Robert son of Glengyle no ways concerned
Oselane 21 Malcolm a herd no ways concerned
West Portnellan 22 Duncan subtenant no ways concerned
East Portnellan 23 Donald subtenant joined rebell army, has submitted
East Portnellan 24 John cottar, old never joined army, submitted
Comer 25 Gregor cottar, old no ways concerned
Clachvraik 26 Alex cottar never joined army, has submitted
Corriearclet 27 James mor joined rebell army
Lednish 28 Duncan cottar, old no ways concerned
E Gartnabradnich 29 Malcolm cottar, old no ways concerned

List of houses burnt in 1746
Easter Portnellan Coll Campbell  
  Donald Murray house, barn, sheephouse
  Malcolm Mccallum house, barn, sheephouse
  John mckeoch house & barn
  John Graaham house & barn
Wester Correrclet Donald Mccallum house, barn, sheephouse
  Findlay Mccallum house & barn
  John Mccallum jr house & barn
  John Mccallum sr house
  Katharin Mcintyre house
  Patk Mccallum house, barn, sheephouse
  James M'Gregor house & barn
Easter Correrclet Duncan Mcgregor house & barn
  Duncan Graham house & sheephouse
  John Ferguson house & barn
  Katharin Mcfarlan house, barn, sheephouse
  Arch Mcintyre house, barn, sheephouse
  Robt Graham(blind) house
Stronura Malcolm Mcfarlan house
  Duncan Mccallum house & barn
Letteray Dougall Keir in his right house barn & sheephouse
  John Mcneill house
  Hew Mccallum house
Stronachlachar J Graham Glengyle
  Robert Graham the miln
  Donald Mccrimmon house & barn
  Patk Mccallum house
  Dond Mcintyre(old) house
  Malcolm Mccallum(weav) house