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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 12 - Descendants of Gregor McAnecham

Back to 2 - The immediate descendants of Gregor, the founder of the Clan
Griogair / Gregor
(~1280 to ~1350)
Eoin Cam / The 'One Eyed' John MacGregor of Glenurquhay [1]
(~1315, died 1390)
Griogair / Gregor McAnecham in Glenurquhay [2]
~1351, died 1415
Eoin / John
Eoin / John

Alasdair [17]
Donnchadh [3]
~1463 d.1518
Eoin dubh [8]
~1490 d.1562
Niall [5]
~1491 d.1524

Griogair [15]

Maol coluim / Malcolm
Padraig [9]
~1445 possible 1488 list

~1450 possible 1488 list

Padraig [4]
~1430 d.9/7/1518
Gregor [6]
~1460 d.6/3/1547
Donnchadh ladasach [7]
~1485 exec.16/6/1552
Griogair [10]
~1520 exec.16/6/1552
Donnchadh abrach [14]
~1550 d.1604 at Bentoig

Descendants of Duncan Abrach
Alasdair sgorach


Maol Coluim [20]
~1572 exec.1612

Padraig adholadh [12] [13]
~1552 exec.1604 [16]

Descendants of Padraig adholadh


~1521 exec.16/6/1552

Donnchadh oig

Eoin [19]

Padraig dubh [11]
~1522 d.1574
Eoin [18]


[1] Obit: 1390. April 19. Death of John MacGregor of Glenurquhay.

[2] Obit: 1415. Death of Gregor McAnecham in Glenurquhay

[3] Obit: 1518. July 19. Death of Duncan MacGregor Captain of the Castle of Glenurquhay; he was buried at Dysart.

[4] Obit: 1518. July 9. Death of Patrick MacGregor at Auchinchallane; he was buried in Dysart.

[5] Obit: 1524 Nov. 9. Death of Neill son of Duncan MacGregor in Glenurquhay, at the Castle of Glenurquhay

[6] Obit: 1547. March 6. Death of Gregor Patrickson MacGregor in Glenurquhay at Aychinchechallan, and buried in Dysart.

[7] Obit: 1552 June 26. Murder and decapitation of Duncan MacGregor and his sons Gregor and Malcolm Roy by Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and Duncan Roy Campbell of Glenlyon and Alexander Menzies of Rannoch
Duncan ladasach could possibly have been a son of Padraig in Mamlorn. Auchinchallane is at the head of Glenlyon, on the northern edge of Mamlorn so this is consistent.

[8] Obit: 1562 Feb. 2. Death of John Dow McCondoquhy VcGregor at the Castle of Glenurquhay

[9] Patrick malcolmson was the forester of Mamlon and is paid in the Exchequer rolls in 1462 and 1463

[10] 1573. August 24. . . . Be it kend till all men and sundrie to quhom it efferis we Archibald Erle of Argyle Lord Campbell and Lorne justice and chancellor of Scotland &a. &a. to haif resavit our louittis (lovites) Duncan Abbroche McGregour, Patrik McGregour, Allaster Skorinche ( ) McGregour, Molcollum McGregour, Patrik Awilochi (Aulach) McGregour and Dougal McGregour the saidis Duncanis bredrene, thair airis and offspring in our maintenance. ........... The names of thair airis and offspring conteinit in this band and off thameselffis that is presentlie in lyff, Duncan Abbrach McGregour, Robert McGregour his sone, Duncan and . . . . also his sonis; Allaster Skerrich Mcgregour, Dugall and . . . . . his sones, Patrick Aulich McGregour, Duncan . . . . also his sones Johne McGregour in Morinche, sone to Patrik Dow and Patrik McGregour brother to the said Johne.” - Luss Collection.

[11] 1573. August 24. .See note 10 above for .... Patrik McGregour, . . . also his sones Johne McGregour in Morinche, sone to Patrik Dow and Patrik McGregour brother to the said Johne.; - Luss Collection.

[12] Gregor, eldest son of Duncan Ladosach, left two sons : 1. Duncan, who succeeded him, and who, after his fathers death, was sent to Lochaber, whence he was called Duncan Lochaber or Abarach. 2. Patrick, brought up in Athole, and thence known as Parig Adholach or Aulich, “of whom the Drummonds, alias MacGregors, of the Bows, and many other tribes.” Patrick Adholadh was executed in Edinburgh with Glenstray, February 1604. He left five sons, frequently mentioned in the Register of Privy Council, i.e :- Duncan, who took name of Livingstoun, - his son Donald died at the skirmish of Leny. Allester, who took name of Livingstoun. Patrick beg, who took name of Livingstoun and was slain in skirmish at Leny, 1626. Donald, who took name of Balfour . John, who took name of Balfour. Also “Callum Baine” another son - was slain in skirmish at Leny, 1626

[13] "Patrick aldoch MacGregouris for thameselfs and all discendit and to discend of umquhile Duncan Latois, (Ladosach) thair predecessour.", - No 23 in 1601;

[14] "Duncan abroch MacGregouris for thameselfs and all discendit and to discend of umquhile Duncan Latois, (Ladosach) thair predecessour. ", - No 22 in 1601; No 14 in 1602;

[15] "Gregor MacAne in Brakley in Glenuraquhay ", - No 9 in 1592;

[16] 1604. January 20 Five persons executed - 2. Patrick Aldoch MacGregour of Corriechrambie, younger brother of Duncan Abroch and grandson of Duncan Laddosach.

[17] 1604. January 20 Five persons executed - 5. Allaster MacGregor MKean (McAne), younger'son of Gregor MacGregor of Brackly. He was second cousin of Patrick Aoladh.

[18] #76-1613b Johne McFatrik Dow at Glenfrune
News that Robert Abroche McGregour, Patrick Abroche McGregour and John McPatrick Dwy McGregour, three of the most notorious limmers of the clan, held presently in the island of Muck, are to be brought for trial in Edinburgh; possibility of their rescue; Council directs Glenorchy to provide six or seven score men under a captain, to prevent such an attempt by Allan McEan Dwy of Lochquaber, and to assist in the safe convoy of the prisoners as far as burgh of Perth, where they may be out of danger.

[19] #77-1613b Johne McConechy (or McDoneichy) Oig (McGregour)

[20] 1612 May 8: Callum McAllaster scorach MacGregor - Justiciary tried and executed

John MakGregoure of Glenstra,
John Ewinsoun
Donald Ewinsoun,
Gilchrist Ewinsoun

Gregor Duncanesoun in Glenlyoune
Malcolm Duncansoun
Duncansons in Glenlyon

Duncan Charlissoun
Donald Charlissoun

John Nelesoun
Ewin Nelesoun
Gregor Nelesoun
Neillsons in Roro

Alexander Duncanebegissone
Gregor Duncanbegisson
Duncanbegsons in Roro

Gregor Patrikassoun
Alexander Patrikyssoun
Patrikassons in Glenlednock

John Donaldsoun - not sure!
Gillespie MakAlexander - not sure!

Gregor MakAnemoll

Malcolm Beg MakRobert
Malcolm Mor MakRobert
Dougal Ker
MacRobs & Dougal Ker

Finlay MakPatrik
Dougal MacPatrik
possibly in Mamlorn? - not sure

Duncan Revaich,
William Jhone the Lubissone,

Patrick succeeded (his Father, Duncan Aberach, who was killed at Bentoig April 1604). He was co-temporary with Malcolm

Brackley appears in the list of chief families of the Clan Gregor, sent to Sir John Murray of Tullibardine the end of the 16th century, where the first name under the "House and Gang of Gregour McAne” is that of" Gregour McAne in Brackley in Glenurquhy." He was Captain of the Castle of Glenurchay under Sir Colin Campbell, 1570. The next mention is 1629, July 26th, when "Johne Grahame alias McGregour of Brackly complained against Christian Comrie, Relict of …. McGregour in Glenogill, her son Patrick McGregour having slain Johne McGregour Dow McGregour son to Johne in Dullatur, Sister Sone to the Complainer." In 1635 Sept. 4th," Patrick Graham sumtyme McGregour, eldest son and nearest heir of umqle James Graham sumtyme of Bracklie" has a precept of "Clare Constat" of the two merk land of the same. This Patrick figures in several little borrowing transactions or "obligations." In 1674 Patrick McGregor of Brackly gives [page 305] an obligation and his name appears in a list of families summoned to Inver¬lochy to give a Bond to the Commissioners of Council 1679, while in Sept. of that year “McGregor of Brackland" is named in a Commission of Fire and Sword given to Campbell of Laweris against the Clan.
In 1682, Patrick McGregor of Bracklie gave a disposition of the lands to John his eldest son. In a Latin confirmation of this disposition, April 11th, 1683, it is stated that Patrick McGregor had inherited Bracklie from his father, James Graham or McGregor, of whom no other mention is made. In 1685 there occurs an adjudication against John McGregor of Braiklie and John his eldest son. As the following year John obtains Sasine of the estate, on the previous disposition, it is to be inferred that Patrick died about this time.
In 1686, 28th August, Resignation of the lands of Bracklie by John MacGregor of Bracklie and Patrick Graham his father, to John Earl of Breadalbane.
In 1687, March 26, there is an obligation by John MacGregor Fiar of Braiklie - and in 1690 in an act for sequestrating "Rebels' Rents" “McGrigor of Braikley" is amongst the names, which shows he must have been on the Loyalist side in the previous wars.
In 1714, when Balhaldies was elected chief he bound himself" if the Government were pleased to allow him a pension to destinate a third part of it to the following Heads of families " …Glengyle, Gregor McGregor of Bracklie, head of the Family of Bracklie, and to Roro….." Gregor McGregor, head of the family of Bracklie, signs the Bond of Election to Balhaldies," and some persons overlooking the fact that Bracklie was given to a younger son some generations previously, infer from this signature that the older family- i.e. the House of Duncan Ladosach - agreed to the Election. Bracklie however was a junior branch, and had not in reality any prominent position in the Clan.