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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 66 - Descendants of John MacGregor MRCS at Weaverham

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b.29/2/1776 d.30/11/1857
Bailiff to Lord Westminster at Eaton Hall
mar. to Ellen Morton - (b.1782 d.17/8/1819)
mar.13/1/1803 Lower Peover
John MRCS London 1844
b.13/5/1816 d.13/3/1891
mar. to Helen Miller - (b.13/2/1817 d.26/7/1893)
mar.3/2/1846 Farndon
Alexander Duncan
b.9/11/1846 d.4/1/1897
LRCP Edinburgh, MRCS London
m.Laura Ephtitia Ionia Marie Meane
1879 India
she died 29/12/1938 Margate
Paul Miller
b.13/12/1847 d.10/10/1925
farmer, Crowton Hall, Northwich
m.Eliz Bradford and Edith Whalley
descendants of Paul Miller MacGregor
Ivan Gregor
b.1850 d.24/5/1908
mercht,navy officer
m. Sarah Bradford 24/6/1879
Helen Ida
b.21/7/1852 d.7/5/1919
m. Samuel Andrews
b.1857 d.3/4.1858