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... As the author of historic novels and a maritime piracy column, I value my resources. Peter Lawrie is one such resource. His knowledge of Scotland's history and culture is invaluable and he graciously responds to any query. His love of his country and its history, and respect for his forebears is evident in our current writing project--a novel about his ancestors, the MacGregors of Glen Gyle during the Rising of 1745--and in his participation in historical re-enactments. I know no one else whose thoroughness and attention to detail I can more highly recommend. Cindy Vallar, Texas, USA
  ... We really enjoyed our time in Scotland and appreciated the additional historical insight you provided. We are already planning a return trip as soon as feasible. Jim, USA
... I am amazed at your vast knowledge of both the history and geography of Scotland, together with such a wide knowledge of other subjects pertaining to the area. Thank you for that. Frank, Canada
... You are a tour-guide par excellence and it was a pleasure to have so much of the ground we covered brought alive by your commentary and the authenticity of your costume added another dimension. Christine, Canada.
... We had a wonderful time and you surely made a great difference for us. Hope we can do something like it again in the near future. Dodd, USA
... Just wanted to say thanks again for your part in making the Gathering absolutely wonderful. It's been tough getting back to a regular schedule. We are still living on the breath-taking scenery and fresh air. Sandy, USA.