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Polson families in Loth and Kildonan

By Peter Lawrie, ©1997
This document is the result of my confusion over a number of Donald Polsons in Kildonan parish in the early 19th century. One of them was my ancestor but which?

Eventually I recorded every Polson in the parish record (1797 onward for Kildonan parish, 1803 for Loth parish. Thanks to a most helpful archivist in Brora I was also able to go through the statutary registrations of births deaths and marriages for Kildonan and Loth from 1855 to around 1900. Recording every Polson in the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses produced a heap of paper which eventually resulted in the document below. I did this in the late 1980s on an old PC in a text format. There are many ways in which it could be recorded today, but I had stuck with the .txt document. For the purposes of this download, I did a quick conversion to .doc - excuse any pagination issues

I ended up with 24 families. These are perhaps arbitrary on my part after much head-scratching, and if anyone feels they can be arranged differently please do so. At the end are some further notes.

Many of the documents I created from the original source are also available on my website for download.

Please download the file polson.doc (quickly converted from a .txt file) - it should open in any version of Word or OpenOffice


Polson families in loth and kildonan