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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 69 - Descendants of Gregor son of Ranald in Kirkton of Balquhidder

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Raibart Ruadh / Rob Roy
b.~1671 died 1734
m. Mary MacGregor of Comer on 1/1/1693
Inversnaid / Balquhidder
died 1786

innkeeper at Balquhidder
m. 1733. Jean (Janet) M'Gregor, dtr of Gregor glun dubh in Glengyle
Gregor [1]
d.1799 Greenock
m. Mary Hamilton
Dougald [12]
b ~1775. ??
m.Charlotte Shaw
Gregor [13]
b 26/8/1809.
John [2] - questionable but in Ward tree
b 28/11/1776. d c1853.
m(1) Margaret Adam b 18 /11/1776 d.26/1/1838
See Note 9: I believe there are three John MacGregors born in 1776, one in Strathblane, Stirlingshire; a second in Kilmarnock and a third one in Edinburgh - whose descendant migrated to Canada.
John [4]
to Michigan USA
Thomas [5]
b. 26/3/1809
Adam [3]
b 5 June 1814 Strathblane. d 4 June 1895
m(2) 1854-5 Bethia Aird b 27/2/1822, d 19/6/1858
?? Kilmarnock - probably wrong ??
Charles [8]
16 July 1856. d 26 March 1919.
m 31 Dec 1881 Janet Lennox [7]
Adam, b Edinburgh 21/3/1883. [9]
d Ottawa, Ontario, 12/9/1943
m Calgary, Alberta, 1/2/1908 Helen Kay b Edinburgh 14/3/1882
Rob Roy, b Ottawa 16/9/1914.
m 17/4/1937 Jemima Simpson Thompson, b 2 /10/1916
Ottowa, Ontario
Rob Roy, b 19 Aug 1941.
Robert [6]
d c1879

Agnes [11]
b 29/6/1782.
m.William Laird
Gregor [10]
b 8/2/1784
m.Mary Cook
Gregor [14]
b 16/2/1814
m.Julia Playfair

[1] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331 page 74 of 370. April 19 1741. Rannald M'Gregor in Kirktoun & Janet M'Gregor his wife had a child baptised, John?. The OPR is badly smudged. It has been recorded by various editors as John, but from the Ward tree he is probably Gregor, alias James Graham. b 1741. d 1799 at Greenock. Went to sea. Became a ship's captain in the West Indian trade. m Miss Mary Hamilton, `said to be a grand-daur of the Duke of Hamilton, but this supposition is not proved' - Dick tree.

[2] The descent shown is taken from the Ward tree.
This birth IS in the online Pedigree Resource File, but not the parish record - hence it is dubious: John born to Gregor, alias James Graham and Mary Hamilton
The Mormon pedigree resource file has : John, 1776, Gregor, 1778, Agnes and Dougald 1780.
Scotland's People has Agnes (29/6/1782) and Gregor (8/2/1784) to this couple but not John or Dougald.
There is a Dougald is born to Dougald MacGregor and Mary Campbell on 26/12/1773 - not to Gregor and Mary Hamilton.
The only birth of a John on Scotlands People in Greenock, 1776 is recorded to Peter and Margaret McGrigor
There are a total of 11 John MacGregors in the OPR born in 1776. Taking only those who have moved least distance relative to later locations:
In Edinburgh, William and Katherine Downie had John baptised on 25/12/1776 - his descendant probably migrated to Canada,
In East Kilbride, Duncan MacGregor had John baptised on 19/5/1776 - this was likely the John, whose son Adam was in Kilmarnock.
Finally, John MacGregor and Jean Wright in Drymen had John baptised on 18/8/1776 - this is the most likely John who married Margaret Adam in Strathblane and had the four children listed below.
I suspect this family Drymen/|Strathblane is the most likely descendant of Ranald in Balquhidder, but is NOT the ancestor of the Canadian emigrants of 1907

[3] The birth of Adam is recorded in the OPR for Strathblane on 10/6/1814 to John McGrigor and Margaret Adam
The marriage of John MacGregor with any Margaret and their supposed children Malcolm, Alexander and Peter in the Ward tree is not in the OPR.

[4] The birth of John is recorded in the OPR for Strathblane on 11/1/1807 to John McGrigor and Margaret Adam

[5] The birth of Thomas is recorded in the OPR for Strathblane on 26/3/1809 to John McGrigor and Margaret Adam

[6] The birth of Robert is recorded in the OPR for Strathblane on 17/10/1824 to John McGrigor and Margaret Adam

[7] Scotlands People does have a Charles McGregor married to Janet Lennox in Kilmarnock in 1882.
Adam MacGregor is recorded born in Kilmarnock in 1884

[8] Scotlands People does have a Charles McGregor born in Kilmarnock in 1856

[9] There is an Adam MacGregor recorded as born in Newington Edinburgh in 1883, However, an Adam MacGregor is also recorded as being born in Kilmarnock in 1884. I am dubious about this. The Scotland's people statutory records summary list does not show the parents, only the child's name, year and the parish. The actual certificate has to be purchased. The Edinburgh born Adam presumably is the same as the one which married in Edinburgh in 1908 and subsequently migrated to Ottowa - According to, the Adam MacGregor who migrated to Canada in 1907 was born in 1883. Thus, the family traced up to this point was in Kilmarnock and is probably not the same as the Edinburgh family.
Scotlands People has Adam McGregor marrying Bethia Aird in Kilmarnock in 1855 and then Margaret Jack in 1859. John Ward has Adam's second wife, Bethia Aird, dying in 1858.
Is it the same Adam? Born in Strathblane and married in Kilmarnock? Familysearch records a John MacGregor in the census for 1851 and 1861, born in Ayrshire in 1776 - not Strathblane.
Alternatively, the 1851 census has two more John MacGregors born in 1776, one born in Stirlingshire and resident in Polmont Stirling, while the other, born in Scotland, is in Ontario, Canada.
So one John emigrated to Canada with his family while the other stayed in Stirlingshire. As Strathblane is in Stirlingshire, I am inclined to think the family of John in Strathblane stayed put; Charles and Janet Lennox in Kilmarnock are a different family and Charles had been born there, not in Strathblane; while a third family based in Newington, Edinburgh, emigrated to Canada in 1907

[10] The birth of Gregor is recorded in the OPR for Greenock on 8/2/1784 to Gregor McGrigor and Mary Hamilton

[11] The birth of Agnes is recorded in the OPR for Greenock on 29/6/1782 to Gregor McGrigor and Mary Hamilton

[12] No birth of Dougald is recorded in the OPR/Scotland's People for Greenock or anywhere else in Scotland to Gregor MacGregor & Mary Hamilton
However, the birth of Dougald in Greenock is recorded on 26/11/1773 to Dougald McGregor and Mary Campbell

[13] The birth of Gregor is recorded in the OPR for Greenock on 10/3/1814 to Gregor McGrigor and Mary Cook. John Ward says they married on 27/2/1811. Mary was dtr of Prof John Cook of St Andrews.

[14] The birth of Gregor is recorded in the OPR for Greenock on 26/8/1809 to Dougald McGrigor and Charlotte Shaw. John Ward says they married in 1807. Mary was dtr of Donald Shaw. Their son Gregor, an accountant, Garnethill, Glasgow died unmarried in 1870