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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 6 - MacCondochy MhicAlasdair of Ardlarich

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Donnchadh [1] [2]
Gillespic dubh / Archibald [3] [7]
b.~1550 to alive 1629
Eoin dubh [11]
b.~1590 alive 1655
Gillespic ruadh [4]
b.~1630 d.1702
b.~1632 d.1678
Seamus [12]
alive 1626
Sliochd Domhnuil Mhic Patrick
Alasdair [5]
b.~1552 alive 1612

Eoin dubh [6]
b.~1554 decreet 1595
Uisdean [8]
b.~1590 alive 1671

b.~1592 alive 1619

Alan dubh
b.~1594 alive 1624

Domhnall [9]

Domhnall dubh [10]
b.~1600 alive 1671


[1] MACGREGOR OF ARDLARICH. This Family in Rannoch claimed to be closely connected with the House of Glenstray, which is probable, although no direct evidence to that effect can be adduced. "One MS. account states that 'In the year 1500 the 32 merkland of the Slios Mhin on north side of Loch Rannoch was divided into three divisions,
The western division consisting of Dunan, Kinchlacher &c comprehending the 11 merkland west of the river Ericht, was held by Alexander mor a younger son of Roro [see Alasdair mor in Dunan ] and notwithstanding the Charter possessed by Sir Robert Menzies Sep.1, 1502, to the 32 merkland, Alexander More and his descendants maintained their right of occupancy until April 22, 1675, when Patrick MacGregor in Dunan took a wadset from Sir Alexander Menzies of the 2 merkland of Kinclacher under reversion of 500 merks scots.
Amelia has on page 215 "The middle division, consisting of the 12 merkland comprehending Ardlaraich, Kilchonan &c was possessed by Gregor MacGregor who died in the island of Loch Rannoch July 31, 1526, he was the son of John McEwne vich Allester MacGregor brother of Glenstray. The last of this family was Captain Robert MacGregor who commanded the MacGregor company raised in Rannoch for Prince Charles' army 1745. - But if the family were McCondochy mhicGriogair, that suggests they descended from a brother of John, named Gregor who had a son Duncan as above.

[2] Duncane McAllester wich Allester 1595." His name appears in an action by Robertson of Strowan warning him and other McAllesters alias McGregors to flit from his lands in the Barony of Fernan on Loch Tay side.
His name gives presumption that the following four brothers may have been his sons
1. Archibald dhu McCondachie Vic Allaster mentioned in Bail Bond given by Glenstray to Argyle, 22nd April 1601. He is evidently identical with the "Gillespa Ruadh," first known head of the House of Ardlarich. He is mentioned June 28, 1602 and again in July 1612 as "Archibald dhu McCondachie vic Allaster in Ardlarich," when he adopted the surname of Menzies. He was living 24th October 1629.- Leny Papers.
2. Allaster Mccondoquhie McAllaster is mentioned in the Roll of 1586, but except his patronymic of "Son of Duncan" there is no other link.
3. John dhu McCondochy VcAllaster "occupear of the 6 merk land of Ardlariche in Rannoch." Decreet of Court of Session 24 May 1595. He had a son Hugh who married Janet, daughter of John McGregor of Easter Innervar in Rannoch. He was enfeoffed with his cousin Angus MacDonald in the 3 merkland of Lerne, Rannoch, and had a son Hugh who was enfeoffed with his parents 17th May 1671 in Easter Innervar, and had in 1693 from Sir Alexander Menzies a Precept of Clare Constat of Lerne.
4. Donald Dhu McCondochy VcAllaster in Rannoch.

[3] Gillespie dubh MacGregor of Ardlarich left two sons.
There is mention of an elder son, Gregor Gillespie Vic Connachie as well as of
1. John dhu McGillespie in Ardlarich who was alive in 1655.
2. Donald, of whom hereafter, being the founder of another Family called "Sliochd Domhnuil Mhic Patrick."

[4] I. Gilespa Ruadh, who succeeded him. and Evan
Ewan of whom hereafter

[5] "Allaster MacCondoquhie MacAllaster (Ardlarich)", No 7 in 1586 list; missing thereafter

[6] "16 Johne Dow McCondoquhey MacGregor (brother of Allaster McCondoquhey)", #16-1586; No #35-1590; #8-1592; #10-1601;
1604. February 18 Eleven persons executed. #11. John Dow McCondochie VcEwin,

[7] #37-1590 "and Archibald dhu his brothers" (brother of #35-1590 John dhu macconachy VcAllaster in Rannoch) #14-1611a Archibald McConeichy VcAllester McGregour in Rannoche
#48-1613b Archibald McCone(i)chy Vcallester at Glenfrune
#7-1613d "first rank"

[8] #15-1611a ... McAnedowe VcConeichy Vc Allester and #16-1611a ... McGregour bruther sunne to the said #14-1611a - Archibald McConeichy VcAllester McGregour in Rannoche [Three sons of Eoin dubh listed, all apparently recorded after 1611 - not sure which of them are listed here. 15 16

[9] #47-1613b Donald McAndow(ie) VcConechy VcAllester

[10] #17-1586 Donald Dow - probable brother of #16-1586 Johne Dow McCondoquhey MacGregor (brother of Allaster McCondoquhey)", #16-1586; #36-1590; #8-1592;

[11] 1649 list: Amelia Vol ii, p116-120 and 467-470:
26 John dow McGillespick VcConnochie VcGregor in Rannoch,
27 Donald McGregor his brother there,
26 and 27. John Dhu McGillespie in Ardlaraich, alive 1655, page 217, and Donald, his brother, page 218.

[12] Amelia Vol ii, p21 - Skirmish at Leny
1626 June 17. Horning (Graham &c versus Roy MacGregour and vtheris) Buchanans upon Duncane Roy McGregor brother sone to vmqle Patrik Aldoch McGregour, .... James McGregour, sone to Gillespie (Archibald) VcAllaster in Rannach,

14 Archibald McConeichy VcAllester McGregour in Rannoche 15 ... McAnedowe VcConeichy Vc Allester 16 ... McGregour bruther sunne to the said Archibald McConeichy VcAllester
John who was also married and left issue two sons and three daughters.

Ewan as above, married Janet daughter of the Laird of Duiletter in Strathbran by whom he had two sons. Her Father was called Ian dubh ruadh, but of what tribe or family has not been ascertained.
1. John who succeeded him
2. Duncan who went to reside in Strathspey but left no issue it is believed.
Gilespa Ruadh eldest son of John II of Ardlarich married first Annabella Stewart daughter to Dougal-dialan-Mac-Tighearna na-h-Appin by whom he had two daughters. He married secondly a daughter of John MacGregor of Drumlich in Balquhidder by whom he had two sons.
1. Duncan who succeeded him
2. John
3. Alexander who eventually succeeded to Ardlarich
Robert MacDoncha Mhic Ghilespa of Ardlarich. He joined the interests of Prince Charles in the Rising of 1745, while still very young and was a Captain in the Battalion raised by Captain Menzies of Shian in which also Callum MacGregor of Liaran was Lieutenant, Robert was a very tall handsome young man of great promise.