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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 41 - Gregorson of Ardtornish

return to 23 - Descendants of Gregor dubh in Glengyle
John Graham [1]
.m. 29/1/1680 Katherine Graham
Easter Corerklet
James Graham [2]
b.1698 d.1759
m.Marjorie Campbell ~1729
(Captain) Alexander Gregorson [3]
b.1730 d.1789
Angus Gregorson [4]
b.1735 d.1813
m. ~1775 - Elizabeth Campbell (1755-1819)
Ardtornish, Morvern, Mull
John (the sheriff) [5]
b.1776 d.1846
m. 22/2/1820 Margaret MacLean (1798-1880)
Ardtornish, Morvern, Mull
b.1824 d.1918
m Colin McNab of Degnish (or Campbell)
b.1832 d.1872
m. Annie Burn Murdoch McCandlish 19/11/1863 Edinburgh
Angus MacLaine
b.5/7/1868 d.11/11/1897
Midlothian in 1891
Anne Felicite Marjory
b.1894 d.?
m. 1931 in India
John Duncan
b.17/7/1871 d.
Annie Leslie
b.30/11/1872 d.
b.1776 d.1829
b.1778 d.1836

[1] March 10, 1698, John Graham of Corerklet was enfeoffed in the two mark land of Pollochroe on a contract of mortgage betwixt him on one part and Archibald Graham of Kilmanan with consent of Hew Graham his eldest son on the other. Robert Campbell in Glengyle, known as Rob Roy, Dougal Graham in Cromer, Rob's brother-in-law, son of Ewne McGregor late in Wester Frenich, afterwards in Comer, and a brother of John McGregor of Brachern also John Graham of Callichra, were wit¬nesses. The lineal descendant and representative of John Graham of Corerklet is Gregorson of Ardtornish whose ancestor sold his lands in Perthshire and whose family was intermediately styled of Aucharn.

[2] - James, in Corrchen 1712, Corriearklet 1722, m Marjorie d Alexander Campbell IV[?] of Airds. Served heir general to his father 25May1721

[3] Lieutenant Alexander Gregorson, of Ardtornish (1730-1789) - s/o James Macgregor & Elizabeth Campbell of Airds - a gentleman volunteer gazetted an ensign on June 10, 1758 after the death of Lieutenant John Cuthbert created a vacancy. Col Fraser recommended him for the promotion before the regiment sailed for Halifax and Louisbourg in a letter, 23 April 1758, to Lord Loudoun citing Gregorson as "very strongly recommended by Colonel Campbell & to whose friends I am so much indebted that I should take his being provided for as a very great favor." Gregorson, AKA Macgregor, was listed among the officers who sailed for Louisbourg in 1758; fought at Plains of Abraham on September 13, 1759; slightly wounded at at battle of Sillery on April 28, 1760, where he was taken prisoner and almost killed by Indians; promoted to lieutenant on April 29, 1760. The absent officers list shows Lieutt. Grigerson gone to England 23rd Octbr. 1760 by General Amherst’s leave. He exchanged to half-pay on disbandment of the regiment in 1763. He returned to active service in on January 23, 1788 as a 58 year old lieutenant in the Landguard Fort Invalid Company, and was discharged dead the following year. [] [4]

[4] Gregorson, Angus 1735-1811. tacksman of Ardtornish
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[5] John Gregorson of Ardtornish b1776, m Mary d Murdoch McLaine XVIII of Lochbuie by Jane dau John Campbell of Airds. Purchased Ardtornish 1819 sold it 1844, left Morven. Trustee to Glenaladale.