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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 29 - Patrick Roy in Glengyle

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Padraig ruadh / Patrick roy
b.~1548 executed 1613
Donnchadh [1]
b.~1570 exec.1604

Padraig [8]

Eoin dubh lean ? [9]

Donnchadh [10]

Eoin dubh [2]
b.~1571 d.1612 at Tomzarloch
Padraig oig [3]
Raibart [5]

Griogair [12]

Domhnall [6]

Griogair gear [4]
b.~1573 to
Domnall [11]
b.~1594 executed 1614

Donald dubh [7]

[1] "Duncan macphatrick VcCoulchere,", #81-1590; #15-1592; #31-1601
2 march 1604 - Justiciary sentenced to hang

[2] "John his brother,( of Duncan macphatrick VcCoulchere,)", #82-1590; #15-1592; #32-1601 list
#36-1611a Johne Don(?) McPhatrikk Nedadin(?) McCoulchaire McGregour servitour to the foirsaid Gregour McPhatrik VcCoulchaire [KILLED 1612]
#4-1613c - Johne Dow McGregour his brother Argyill cau(tioner) - listed here despite being killed ? in 1612
#45-1613d - John dow McPhadrik Nedayden McCoulcheir VcGregour - "fourth rank" despite being killed in 1612 1 march 1612 - killed at Tomzarloch by Earl of Perth's men, including Glenalmond MacGregors taking alias Drummond.

[3] "Patrick, (brother of Duncan macphatrick VcCoulchere,)", #83-1590;
#29-1611a Patrik Oig McGregour VcCoulchare his brother in Strathire
#59-1613b Patrik Oig Mccoulchaire brother to Gregor Ger
#3-1613c - Patrik McGregour sometyme in Innerlochay Argyill Cautioner
#40-1613d - Patrik oig McCoulchier McGregour in Strathyre - "fourth rank"

[4] "and Gregor his brothers,( of Duncan macphatrick VcCoulchere,)", #84-1590;
#28-1611a Gregour McPhatrikVcCoulchaire in Balfuidder
#57-1613b Gregour Ger McFatrik VcCoulcheir at Glenfrune
#1-1613c GregourMcFatrik VcCoullchaire without caution;
#12-1613d second rank

[5] #30-1611a Robart McCoulchare sonne to the said Patrik
#60-1613b ---- McGregour his sone (probably Robert son of Patrik Oig Mccoulchaire brother to Gregor Ger)
#29-1613d Robert McPhadrik Oig VcCoulkeir - "third rank"

[6] #31-1611a Donald McCoulchare McGregour his brother to the said Robart

[7] #39-1611a Donald Don McPhatrik VcCoulchaire his brother (brother of Patrik McConeichy VcFatrik VcCoulchaire in Innerlochlay )
#43=1613d Donald dow McCoulcheir McGregour

[8] #40-1611a Patrik McConeichy VcFatrik VcCoulchaire in Innerlochlay
#9-1613c - possibly Patrik Cam McCoulchaire no cautioner
#14-1613d Patrick McCondochie VcCoulcheir McGregour in Innerlochey - "second rank"

[9] #41-1611a Johne Don (?) McGregour his brother in Balfuidder (brother of Patrik McConeichy VcFatrik VcCoulchaire in Innerlochlay)
#57-1613d John Dow McCondochie VcPhadrik McCoulcheir

[10] #42-1611a Duncane Mcgregour his brother in Balfuidder also all there personis under my Lord of Tullybarne
#58-1613d Duncane McCondochie VcPhadrik his brother

[11] #58-1613b ---- McGregour his sone (probaly Donald - son of #57-1613b Gregour Ger McFatrik VcCoulcheir at Glenfrune)

[12] #30-1613d Grigor McPhadrik Oig VcCoulkeir - "third rank"

1. Duncan Mcpatrick VcCoulchere mentioned in proscription roll Feb. 1589-90. James Commendator of Inchaffray was called upon August 1590 to be surety for him amongst others. On Nov. 15, 1592, Sir John Murray of Tullibardine got the escheit of Duncan Mcpadrik Maccoulcheir MacGregor in Innernantie for not removing from the said land. Duncan was one of the pledges proposed in 1601, and was one of Glenstray's pledges to the Council, January 1604. He was cxecuted for intercommoning with the Laird of McGregor March 2, 1604.
2. John dhu Lean Mcpatrick VcCoullchere, he was on the roll of 1589-90 and was complained of by name to the Council with some others by Colquhoun of Luss, Nov. 22, 1602. In 1611 he was pursued by a military party under the Government and a private soldier sustained wounds in the pursuit. In March 1612 in a skirmish at Tomzarloch amongst the killed is John Patrick Nadidin MacGregor VcCulchere, probably the same.
3. Patrick Mcphadrick VcCoulchere in roll Feb. 1590.
4 Gregor ger Mcphadrick VcCoulchere denounced in same roll. James Drummond, Commendator of Inchaffray, the following August became surety for him. In 1613 a letter from the King mentions Gregor is to be delivered with Robert Abrach to the charge of the Earl of Perth and the Master of Madderty. The two sureties were summoned to exhibit their charges Feb. 1614, but it was stated that "Gregor Gair was in Ireland. He appears to have had a son “Dowle Oig McGregor Ger" apprehended by "Scogy McIntyre” who in March 1614 received a reward for the service, and Dowle Oig was thirefter execute to the deid."