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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 25 - Malcolm in Inverlochlarig

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Malcolm oig
b.~1544 executed 1604 [1]

Griogair [2]
alias John Murray [5] b.~1570

Dougal [6]
b.~1600 alive 1678
Malcolm Murray
b.~1630 alive 1689
--------------------------------Craigruie, Balquhidder--------------------------
Donald Murray [9]
b.~1670 alive 1719
--------------------------------Craigruie, Balquhidder--------------------------
b.~1710 d.1745 at Prestonpans
doctor at Drummond Castle
mill wright
alias John Murray
Griogair dubh [10]
b.~1630 died 1708
m. sister of Donald glas
Malcolm [11]
b.~1670 died. 1734
Griogair boidheach
b.~1716 died. 1779
Daniel Ship's captain HEICS

General in service of Republic of Venezuala
b.24/12/1785 died 4/12/1845 Caracas
Cacique of Poyais
See page on the Cacique
Margaret [12]
m. Coll
son of Rob Roy
Padraig [3]

Maol Coluim [4]

Eoin dubh lean [7]

Raibart ? [8]

[1] 1604. March 2 Four persons executed. 1. Malcolm McCoull Clerich (Chere), in Innerlochlarig, No. 29.

[2] #34-1611a Gregour McCoulchaire McGregour his brother
#63-1613b Gregour McGregour his brother (brother to #62-1613b Patrik McIlchallum (or McOlchallum) Oig McGregour at Glenfrune )
#7-1613c - Gregour McGregour VcOlchallum his brother with the Erll of Mar and because the Erll of Mar is ane consalour his Lordship aucht nocht to be ane cautioner
#12-1613d second rank

[3] #33-1611a Patrik McGregour VcCoulchaire in Innerlochay in Balfuidder under my Lord of Tullybarne
#62-1613b Patrik McIlchallum (or McOlchallum) Oig McGregour at Glenfrune
#6-1613c - Patrik McOlchallum oig McCoulchaire in Balfuidder Argyill cautioner
#25-1613d "third rank"

[4] #35-1611a Callum McCoulchaire McGregour his brother sonis to umqull Malcolm Oig McCoulchaire
#64-1613b Callum McGregour his brother (brother to #62-1613b Patrik McIlchallum (or McOlchallum) Oig McGregour at Glenfrune )
#8-1613c - Callum McGregour VcOlchallum McCoulchaire his brother no cautioner

[5] Gregor mentioned in Record of Great Seal April 2d, 1614, when "John Murray formerly called Gregor McGregor McCallum VcCulchere in Bray of Balquhidder" obtained the Royal pardon for the Burning and slaughter of Aberuchill:

[6] Dougall McCallum vcDougallkeir also styled Dougal McGregor in Kyleter who with "Donald McGregor now on Brae of Balquhidder" was cited to attend the Commissioners of Council at Inverlochy Oct. 1678. "to give Band in terms of Law."
He had two sons. 1. Malcolm of whom nothing special has been recorded. 2. Gregor dhu MacDhugail celebrated as brave and generous and as a social friend."

[7] #4-1613c - Johne Dow McGregour his brother Argyill cau(tioner)
#12-1613d second rank

[8] #26-1613d - Rot. McGilchallum Oig VcCoulchier his brother (to Patrick) "third rank" - not otherwise recorded

[9] From Amelia - Vol ii appendix Q.-Page l74 Copy from an original paper written by "Duncan Macpharie" the narrator of the Clan Gregor's campaign in 1745-6. Memorandum for the head of the Family of Dugal Keir. "Donald Murray of Craigruie and Inverlochlaraigbeg was acknowledged by the whole Clan Maculekeir that this Donald was the head of yr family. He Died and his son succeeded, his name was Callum oge, Callum was Captain in Perth's Batalion in prestonpans and he was mortaly wounded and Died his wife being a widow having Two sons James and Ludovick & Daughter. James died in Craig¬nech near Drummond Castle, bred a Doctor, Ludovick was bred a Miln Wright and Died in Jamaica.-Now this branch is clean out. This Donald had a younger brother that Listed in the Gray horse, they cald him John Murray, he lived some time ago upon his pension in the South country in a vilage called Yedbrouch if he or his be in life they are the head of Clan Dugal Kear, I shall defy any man living to Dispute this for its truth."

[10] This Family (Gregor dhu MacDhugail) resided from time immemorial in Caol-letir the very Head of Glenfalloch, a mile south from Crianlarich and two miles west from Innerardoran, till about the beginning of the year 1700. Gregor dubh married a sister of Donald Glas in Glengyle and had a son Malcolm

[11] Malcolm MacGregor otherwise Murray of Marchfield received from John, Duke of Atholl, Feb. 7,1707, a feu charter of the four mark land of Manahilbeg, the three and thirty shilling land of Wester Innernentie and the half of Wester Drummilich all in the parish of Balquhidder and which were afterwards named generally Marchfield or Ledcriech." Malcolm left several sons who will be mentioned later.

[12] The source for Margaret, dtr of John in Kyletter (Caolleitir) marrying Coll, son of Rob Roy is a genealogy printed in WH Murray's "Rob Roy"
From Amelia vol ii, page 491 (Appendix O) marriage contract between Coll and Margaret
"Be it known to all men be these presents, me Coll Campbell Son to Robert Campbell late of Inversnaid Forasmuch as in the month of December last bypast (ie 1720) there was a marriage betwixt me and Margaret Campbell eldest lawful daughter to John Campbell in Kerletter in Glenfalloch"
It has been claimed (notably by Stephenson in "The Hunt for Rob Roy") that this was a marriage linking Rob Roy's family in Balquhidder with his rival Iain oag beag in Glencarnaig. If it was then it blows a large hole in Iain oag's grandson John Murray's claim to descend from Patrick Abrach, Ladasach and the MacGregors of Brackley!