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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 25 - Malcolm in Inverlochlarig

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Malcolm oig
b.~1541 executed 1604 [1]

Griogair [2]
alias John Murray [5] b.~1570
Dougal [6]
b.~1600 alive 1678

Malcolm Murray [16]
b.~1625 listed 1649, alive 1689
Craigruidh, Balquhidder

Donald Murray [9]
b.~1660 alive 1719
Craigruidh, Balquhidder
b.~1690 d.1745 at Prestonpans

doctor at Drummond Castle
mill wright
John Murray

in "Gray Horse" [13]
army pensioner in Roxburgh

Griogair dubh [10]
b.~1628 died 1708
m. sister of Donald glas (she was born circa 1630)
Inverarnan, Glen Falloch

Possible missing generation [22] b.~1660
Malcolm [11] [14] b.~1685
m.(1) 2 Mar 1712 Isobel daur of James Aikman. m.(2) 28/5/1721 Mr (Sarah) McGrigor
Marchfield, Balquhidder

Griogair boidheach [18]
b.~1712 died. 1779

Daniel Ship's captain HEICS
m.Anne Sempill

General in service of Republic of Venezuala
b.24/12/1786 died 4/12/1845 Caracas
Cacique of Poyais
See page on the Cacique
m.John MacGregor
of Glengyle
d.1755 India.
4 daughters: [20]
Janet 17/10/1722
Margaret 10/2/1724
Sarah (Mr) 26/2/1726
Margaret 5/3/1737
John [21]
Captain in French service

Griogar ?
alias John Campbell [17]
78 - Could this be
Iain oag beag?

Margaret [12]
m. Coll
son of Rob Roy
31 - descendants of Rob Roy
Padraig [3]
listed 1638

Maol Coluim [4]
b.~1600 [19]
Iain dubh lean [7]
alive 1649
Raibart ? [8]

[1] 1604. March 2 Four persons executed. 1. Malcolm McCoull Clerich (Chere), in Innerlochlarig, No. 29.

[2] #34-1611a Gregour McCoulchaire McGregour his brother
#63-1613b Gregour McGregour his brother (brother to #62-1613b Patrik McIlchallum (or McOlchallum) Oig McGregour at Glenfrune )
#7-1613c - Gregour McGregour VcOlchallum his brother with the Erll of Mar and because the Erll of Mar is ane consalour his Lordship aucht nocht to be ane cautioner
#12-1613d second rank

[3] #33-1611a Patrik McGregour VcCoulchaire in Innerlochay in Balfuidder under my Lord of Tullybarne
#62-1613b Patrik McIlchallum (or McOlchallum) Oig McGregour at Glenfrune
#6-1613c - Patrik McOlchallum oig McCoulchaire in Balfuidder Argyill cautioner
#25-1613d "third rank"
Atholl & Tullibardine chromicles vol i appendix xxix Easter Innerlochlarig 7 merkland Patrick MacGregor

[4] #35-1611a Callum McCoulchaire McGregour his brother sonis to umqull Malcolm Oig McCoulchaire
#64-1613b Callum McGregour his brother (brother to #62-1613b Patrik McIlchallum (or McOlchallum) Oig McGregour at Glenfrune )
#8-1613c - Callum McGregour VcOlchallum McCoulchaire his brother no cautioner

[5] Gregor mentioned in Record of Great Seal April 2d, 1614, when "John Murray formerly called Gregor McGregor McCallum VcCulchere in Bray of Balquhidder" obtained the Royal pardon for the Burning and slaughter of Aberuchill:

[6] Dougall McCallum vcDougallkeir also styled Dougal McGregor in Kyleter who with "Donald McGregor now on Brae of Balquhidder" was cited to attend the Commissioners of Council at Inverlochy Oct. 1678. "to give Band in terms of Law."
He had two sons. 1. Malcolm of whom nothing special has been recorded. 2. Gregor dhu MacDhugail celebrated as brave and generous and as a social friend."

[7] #4-1613c - Johne Dow McGregour his brother Argyill cau(tioner)
#12-1613d second rank
#1649-128 John dow McCallum VcCoull in Innerlochlarich, in the Bray of Balquhidder, 129 John Dow Fleiger there, 130 Kallum his sonne there,
Amelia vol ii p 119

[8] #26-1613d - Rot. McGilchallum Oig VcCoulchier his brother (to Patrick) "third rank" - not otherwise recorded

[9] From Amelia - Vol ii appendix Q.-Page l74 Copy from an original paper written by "Duncan Macpharie" the narrator of the Clan Gregor's campaign in 1745-6. Memorandum for the head of the Family of Dugal Keir. "Donald Murray of Craigruie and Inverlochlaraigbeg was acknowledged by the whole Clan Maculekeir that this Donald was the head of yr family. He Died and his son succeeded, his name was Callum oge, Callum was Captain in Perth's Battalion in prestonpans and he was mortally wounded and Died his wife being a widow having Two sons James and Ludovick & Daughter. James died in Craignech near Drummond Castle, bred a Doctor, Ludovick was bred a Miln Wright and Died in Jamaica.-Now this branch is clean out. This Donald had a younger brother that Listed in the Gray horse, they cald him John Murray, he lived some time ago upon his pension in the South country in a vilage called Yedbrouch if he or his be in life they are the head of Clan Dugal Kear, I shall defy any man living to Dispute this for its truth."

[10] This Family (Gregor dhu MacDhugail) resided from time immemorial in coileitir the very Head of Glenfalloch, a mile south from Crianlarich and two miles west from Innerardoran, till about the beginning of the year 1700. Gregor dubh married a sister of Donald Glas in Glengyle and had a son Malcolm

[11] Malcolm MacGregor otherwise Murray of Marchfield received from John, Duke of Atholl, Feb. 7,1707, a feu charter of the four mark land of Manahilbeg, the three and thirty shilling land of Wester Innernentie and the half of Wester Drummilich all in the parish of Balquhidder and which were afterwards named generally Marchfield or Ledcriech."

[12] From Amelia, vol ii, page 337: Coll became the tacksman of thc Kirkton of Balquhidder. he died in 1735 few months after his Father. Coll married in Dec. 1721 Margaret eldest daughter of John Campbell, or MacGregor in Kerletter in Glenfalloch i.e. coileitir.
From Amelia vol ii, page 491 (Appendix O) marriage contract between Coll and Margaret:
Be it known to all men be these presents, me Coll Campbell Son to Robert Campbell late of Inversnaid Forasmuch as in the month of December last bypast there was a marriage betwixt me and Margaret Campbell eldest lawful daughter to John Campbell in Kerletter in Glenfalloch with consent of her said father solemnized and completed, at which time there being no Contract of Marriage past betwixt us, the said John Campbell now my father-in-law did by a verbal promise and paction betwixt him and me bind and oblige himself to content and pay to me the Soume of two thousand merks Scots money in name of Tocher good with his said daughter, And seeing the said John Campbell my said father-in-law hath really before the granting of these presents made good and thankful payment to me of the said soume of two thousand merks money foresaid wherewith I hold me well contented, satisfied and payed, renouncing all exceptions and objections on the contrar for now and ever Therefore will of me to have exonered and discharged, Lykeas I hereby exoner, quit clime, and simple Discharge the said John Campbell his heirs executors and of the said Soume of two thousand merks money forsaid of Tocher good promised by him to me with my said Spouse in manner foresaid and also of all bairnes part of Geir portion natural and others which may anyways accress, fall, pertain and belong to me or my said Spouse in, by and through the decease of my said father or be and throogh the decease of Katherine Campbell his Spouse my mother-in-law Excepting their own good will allernarly and I hereby oblige me my heirs and successors to warrand this my discharge at all hands against all deadly as law, and if need require to reiterate and renew these presents ay and while the said John Campbell and his successors find themselves sufficiently secured keeping allways the Substance above writen and for the more securitie I am content and consents the presents be insert and registrat in the Books of Council and Session or other competent therein to remain for preservation and thereto constitutes .. my procurators In witness whereof these presents consisting of this and the preceding written upon stampe paper by Angus Campbell writer in Inverary the 21st day of Feb. 1721 years before these witnesses Charles Stewart and John Campbell both writers in Inveraray. (Signed) Coll Campbell." "
It has been claimed (notably by Stephenson in "The Hunt for Rob Roy") that this was a marriage linking Rob Roy's family in Balquhidder with his rival Iain oag beag in Glencarnaig.
The date of 21st day of Feb. 1721 is probably 1722 as under the Julian calendar the new year duid not start until April. Therefore Margaret and Coll married in December 1721. Assuming that Margaret was between 18 and 21 years old in December 1721, her birth probably lay between 1700 and 1703. I have assumed 1703 as a reasonable date. There was a gap in the OPR between 1699 and 1708.
The last child of John Campbell (or Murray or MacGregor) and Catherine Campbell was John who was recorded in December 1709.
Catherine Campbell died 14/5/1774 aged 92 so born ~1682. Therefore the earliest marriage year would be 1700 when she was 18 and more probably 1702.
Therefore I have made the assumption that John & Catherine Campbell married in 1702 and that their first child, Margaret, was born in 1703 which would make her 18 years old in December 1721 when she married Coll.
As the OPR gap continued until 1708, that places the birth of Evan somewhere between 1704 and 1708 and leaves open the possibility of other unknown children.

[13] The "Gray Horse" referred to here are probably better known as the Scots Grays.
The regiment's history began in 1678, when three independent troops of Scots Dragoons were raised. In 1681, these troops were regimented to form The Royal Regiment of Scots Dragoons, numbered the 4th Dragoons in 1694. They were already mounted on grey horses by this stage and were already being referred to as the Grey Dragoons. In 1707, they were renamed The Royal North British Dragoons (North Britain then being the envisaged common name for Scotland), but were already being referred to as the Scots Greys.
John Murray is listed in the muster roll of General Dalyell's company of Dragoons in 1683. There were 12 officers and 50 dragoons listed. Source "The History of the 2nd dragoons - "Royal Scots Greys"." page 144-147 and 228. John Murray was recorded as "cornet" in 1688, but John Murray does not appear at all in the muster roll of 1704.
The Colonel of the regiment was Lord Charles Murray, 1st Earl of Dunmore who was the 2nd son of John Marquis of Atholl, born 1660. For John Murray to be a member of the regiment in 1683, he must have been born around 1660 He is described as a pensioner of the Gray horse considerably before 1745. He may well have been pensioned prior to 1704.

[14] Malcolm MacGregor or Murray of Marchfield or Ledcriech, a branch of Glengyle, left three sons.
1. John who was a Captain in the French service died s.p.
2. Duncan who married a daughter of Campbell of Glenfalloch and also died s.p.
3. Gregor known as Gregor McCallum McGregor VcDougall VcCallum, called personally from his good looks "Gregor Boyac" (boidheach, or beautiful), he was in the Black Watch and was presented to George II. He was afterwards Captain and Adjutant of the West Middlesex Militia, and was known as Captain Drummond. Encouraged by his acquaintance with some official people, he drew up a successful petition for the repeal of certain Acts of Parliament against the Clan, and for the Restoration of the right to bear the name of MacGregor.
According to John Ward, there was also a Dugald born 27/5/1716 and Daniel who died in India in 1755.
Also Sarah,(Mòr) born 26/2/1726 who continued to live at Coiletir and died in 1779
According to John Ward: -
Malcolm Murray of Marchfield in Balquhidder. d at Oban on his way to America.
m (1), 2 Mar 1712 Isobel daur of James Aikman, Commissary Clerk of Argyllshire. On 20th or 27th July 1711 he signed the Balhaldies Election. See Amelia II:261 and GD50/184/84/4 A40.
m(2) (Balquhidder after 28 May 1721) Sarah McGregor who was the mother of at least Janet, Margaret and Sarah (Balqdr OPR). Marchfield or Leidcreich was made up of Monachylebeg, Wester Invernenty, and half of Wester Drumlich. In the Balqdr register he was called Malcolm Murray in Drumelich. JM (A40) says he was dead before 16Mar1732 but the sequence Malcolm McG/Sarah bapt in Balqdr. runs from 1722 to 1741 (Ian Hodges May 1994). However there is a gap from 1733 to 1737 so the later bapts may be another Malcolm McG/Sarah, perhps from Muthil where Robert bapt 14Mar1731.
OPR Marriage: MURRAY, MALCOME; ISOBELL ACKMAN/; 02/03/1712; 361/10 252 Killin
OPR Marriage: MURRAY, MALCOM; MHOR /MCGRIGOR FR40 (FR40); 28/05/1721; 331/10 31 Balquhidder
OPR Baptism: MURRAY, JOHN; MALCOM MURRAY/; M; 29/03/1708; 331/10 12 Balquhidder
OPR Baptism: MCGRIGORE, JAMES; MALCOM MCGRIGORE/ISOBELL AIKEN; M; 30/07/1717; 361/10 71 Killin
OPR Baptism: MCGRIGOR, JANET; MALCOM MCGRIGOR/SARAH MCGRIGOR; F; 17/11/1722; 331/10 36 Balquhidder
OPR Baptism: MCGRIGOR, MARGARET; MALCOM MCGRIGOR/SARAH MCGRIGOR; F; 10/02/1724; 331/10 39 Balquhidder
OPR Baptism: MCGRIGOR, SARAH; MALCOM MCGRIGOR/SARAH MCGRIGOR; F; 26/02/1726; 331/10 42 Balquhidder
OPR Baptism: MCGRIGOR, JOHN; MALCOLM MCGRIGOR/MHOR; M; 08/02/1728; 331/10 46 Balquhidder
OPR Baptism: MCGRIGOR, MARGARET; MALCOLM MCGRIGOR/MHOR; F; 05/03/1737; 331/10 65 Balquhidder
OPR Baptism: MCGRIGOR, DUNCAN; MALCOLM MCGRIGOR/MHOR; M; 04/11/1739; 331/10 72 Balquhidder
I am inclined to think that John, "the Captain in French service" was in fact the 1728 birth and not the 1708 birth before the marriage to Isobel Aikman.

This could be the baptism of Mr (incorrectly Mhr) the second wife of Malcolm in May 1721
OPR Baptism: MURRAY, MHOR; DAVID MURRAY; U; 25/1/1700; 331/10 7 Balquhidder

[15] The existence of this John or James is not documented. Interpretation of DNA evidence suggests a possible link of the Murray family in Ayr to the Inverlochlarig MacGregors who used Murray as an alias. I made the connection to Eoin dow lean because he was known to be alive in 1649 and therefore almost certainly had a family. John/James could be his son or grandson.

[16] #1649-132 Kallum oge McCoull in Craigruy,
Amelia vol ii p 119

[17] The following has been copied entirely from Bob Lundin document which quotes Sheila McGregor's Quaich
AS FOR THE CHIEFSHIP, she says some pedigree claims are difficult to understand and conflict with those of others, particularly the Glengyles. This is to be regretted, as at the time, c 1800, an accurate and impartial record could have been made. This would now be of inestimable value. The previous identity of John of Glencarnaig, Iain Og, is obscure. John MacGregor WS looked for his antecedents and summarised all information in his 'monumental Index volumes in the SRO which are of the utmost value'. The most likely candidate for Iain Og is 'John Campbell' of Keilator (Caerletter?) in Glenfalloch, who gave up Kerletter about the same time as Ian Og took over Invercarnaig. She thinks a deliberate attempt was made to camouflage or destroy all links between Invercarnaig and Glenfalloch. These include the matter of Coll's wife or wives. We are reasonably certain that Rob Roy's son Coll had only one wife and she was Iain Og's daughter Margaret (known as MacGregor, Murray or Campbell) whom he probably married c 1720. She was also known as Margaret Campbell of Glenfalloch and she was the sister of Robert of Glencarnaig, who was her executor when Coll died in 1735. She and Coll were living at Invercarnaig when their daughter Kate was born in 1725. It now remains to find out who John Campbell of Glenfalloch was.

It is significant that the present Chiefship of Clan Gregor rests not on pedigrees but on the election within the Clan held in the second half of 1822, which supported Sir Evan MacGregor Murray's claim. His father, Sir John, was never Chief, with no acceptable claim on grounds of pedigree. So the Chiefship is not based on descent from Duncan Ladosach; the claim that the latter represented the senior branch of Clan Gregor is itself quite contentious. In 1718 Invercarnaig in Balquhidder was in tack to the MacIntyres, who had for centuries been followers of the Glengyle family. Ian Og and his sons after him occupied the property for little more than twenty years. In 1745 Glencarnaig was burned as a reprisal, and the family were unable to rebuild because of the lack of suitable timber locally for the roofs, and they were reduced to considerable poverty. Why was Invercarnaig given this attention? Sir John's father lived for a while in Lochearnhead, and then moved to Doune, where he ran a public house. Sir John and his brother were recognised at school as bright boys and offered careers in the HEIC, and the rest is history. The Editor says her main reference is James Stewart's 'Settlements of Western Perthshire' 1991, but she quotes from a draft history:

"Not only because the present representative of Clan Gregor descends from this family but because the obscure and erroneous nature of the pedigrees peddled for them in the second part of the 18th century poses a challenge for modern researchers, a great deal of interest focusses on the origins of the family now known as MacGregors of Glencarnaig, after Invercarnaig in Balquhidder, which they had in tack for the rather brief period from c 1719 to 1760. In 1760, on their bankruptcy, the property was bought from the trustees by the Earl of Moray."

CHIEFSHIP MY NOTE: See Dr John C Ward's June 1996 Tree for Glencarnock at his page 3. There he says Ian Og McGregor of Glencarnoch, father of Robert of Glencarnoch, was alias Campbell, alias Murray, and married Catherine, daughter of Hugh Campbell of Lix. He was 'out' in the '15 and died 1744. He adds "IN KERLETTER Red Notebook 1988 p48. Buried 1744 in field near Loch Doine (CGS Newsletter 39, p10)". See also his Glengyle Tree pages 28 and 29. He there shows the great grandfather of Gregor 'Boach' as Dougal McOlchallum McCoule Chear, as being "IN KERLETTER = COILEITIR, Glenfalloch." This Dougal's son (grandfather of Gregor 'Boach') is given as Gregor dubh MacDhugail ALIAS JOHN CAMPBELL OF INVERARDORAN, 1707 m a sister of Donald Glas of Glengyle. According to one account in Amelia II 261, he bought Marchfield with hidden treasure. Gregor dubh's son was Malcolm Murray of Marchfield in Balquhidder, the father of Gregor 'Boach'. Donald Glas of Glengyle, of course, married Margaret Campbell of Glenlyon. Their son Rob Roy used the alias Campbell at times, and Rob's sons used the name Drummond. In view of these notes, Ward seems to believe the grandfather of Gregor 'Boach' was John Campbell or Ian Og McGregor of Kerletter, Invercarnaig and Glencarnaig in Glenfalloch.

A recent development has been the discovery by my correspondent Diana Orr of the will of CAPTAIN DANIEL MACGREGOR of Inverarderan, son of Gregor 'Boach'. This is now quoted in this Chapter. The will was made in London 9 Feb 1788 and proved there 15 May 1795, suggesting Daniel died 1794/5. It names COLONEL JOHN MURRAY, Commissary General in East India Co in Bengal (= JOHN MURRAY OF LANRICK), as a trustee and executor, in company with others, including John's younger brother, LT COL ALEXANDER MURRAY, late Commander in Chief at Fort Marlborough. These brothers were born respectively on 10 Apr 1745 and 25 Aug 1746. I think this suggests their probable close relationship with the Inverarderans, and adds strength to John Ward's proposition. However, Captain Daniel had served with the Murray brothers in India, and this may have influenced their selection, as well as the prominent co trustees of the will: Mrs Ann(e) MacGregor (nee Austin) the widow, Daniel's mother in law Hon Mrs Anne Austin (daughter of Brigadier Lord Sempill), and Gen Robertson of Lawers (married to another daughter of Hon Mrs Austin). Daniel was also a close relative of General Robert Clive, 'Clive of India'. Clive was the first cousin of Mrs Anne Austin, and her brother married Clive's sister. There is much about Clive in Chapters 4 and 15.

One apparent relationship between the Inverarderans and the Murray MacGregors has been discovered by Malcolm McGregor, the historian. He says the mysterious Captain Alpin MacGregor who died in Calcutta on 25 Aug 1781 was the illegitimate son born 9 Dec 1747 to Duncan McGregor, innkeeper, of Tarbet, and Ann Murray McGrigor in Lettair of Edinample Balquhidder Parish Register. Duncan was the brother of Gregor 'Boach', and is shown in Dr John Ward's Glengyle Tree as having married a daughter of Campbell of Glenfalloch. Edinample was about one mile SE of Lochearnhead, where John Murray of Lanrick's father Evan seems to have had his inn, and is near the mouth of the Ample Burn. Ann Murray McGrigor was likely a close relative of Evan. There is more about Captain Alpin MacGregor in Chapter12.

The chart with Malcolm McGregor's book 'The Clan Gregor' shows John McGregor or Murray (or Campbell) who died in 1744 was married to Catherine Campbell. They were the parents of Robert of Glencarnaig. The text says Catherine was the eldest daughter of Hugh Campbell of Lix. It incorrectly shows Robert of Glencarnaig's third marriage as to Mary Ann, daughter and heiress of William Drummond of Hawthornden. This should read Mary Barbara Drummond of Hawthornden. Chapters 8 and 12 refer.

Note by Peter Lawrie following the above. If Iain oag is indeed John Campbell in Coiletter the gaps in the Killin parish record account for his missing children.
The Killin parish record began in 1687 for marriages and 1689 for baptisms but there are gaps with no entries 1698 to 1709 and 1717 to 1727
Thus the marriage to Jonet Carmichael in 1690 and the baptisms of Janet (1693), Robert (1695) and Duncan (1696) can all be found.
The second marriage to Catharine Campbell in or about 1706 or 1707 cannot be found and Evan who was supposedly born around 1708 also lie in the gap years. The last child John is recorded in 1709.

[18] Gregor Boyac (Gaelic: boidheach, beautiful) 3rd son b 1715/6, alias Murray, Drummond. In 42nd Regt and West Kent Militia, Capt. 1777, m an English lady, m(2) who produced no issue but got all his estate. Gregor's patronymics were: Gregor McCallum VcGregor VcDougal VcCallum.
When the 42nd were ordered to England in 1743 he and two others were sent in advance so that King George II, who was on the point of leaving for the continent, might see some of the soldiers of the regt. One of the men died on the road at Aberfeldy. McGregor and the other were paraded before the King at St James. Gregor threw the King's guinea (which would have kept him for a year at home) to the porter on leaving the Palace. Both men afterwards rose to commissions. Finally sold out of the army and became Laird of Inverardine in Breadalbane (Stewart-Scottish Highlanders).
Buried at Strathfillan burying ground aged 63.

2 - Gregor known as Gregor M'Callum V^Gregor V^Dougall V^Callum, called personally from his good looks " Gregor Boyac " (boidheach, or beautiful), he was in the Black Watch and was presented to George II. He was afterwards Captain and Adjutant of the West Middlesex Militia, and was known as Captain Drummond. Encouraged by his acquaintance with some official people, he drew up a successful petition for the repeal of certain Acts of Parliament against the Clan, and for the Restoration of the right to bear the name of MacGregor, for which service he undoubtedly earned the gratitude of the Clan, although the Restoration must soon have been otherwise granted.

[19] From Amelia i, page 446
Dec. 6.(1621) James &a. Forsameikle as it is understand to the Lordis of secreit Counsaill that laitlie upon the 24. day of Sep. last
Callum McGregour McCoulecheir.
Duncane McGregour McCoulecheir son to the said Callum
Gillespick McCondoquhy VcAllaster
Patrik McGregour gar
and John Dow milt McCarliche VcEwin Vcean
wer ordourlie denunceit our rebellis and put to our horne be virtue of our other letters, raisit at the instance of Kathrene Niniane VcEan the relict, John and Andrew Mcphersonis as sones with the seven dochteris, and remanent kin and friendis of umqle William Mcpherstoun in Gaspartoun. Commission against them to the Sherrifs of Perth

[120] Elizabeth McDonald suggested that Malcolm married twice
(Malcom Murray alias McGregor) to a Mhor McGregor on 28.5.1721, he from Killin, she from Balquhidder. (Note Killin parish included Caoleitir (Kyletter) and Inverarnan at the top of Glen Falloch, west of Balquhidder)
And then the baptisms of Janet 17.11.1722, Margaret 10.2.1724, Sarah 26.2.1726 and John 8.2.1728. Sarah of 1726 was baptised at Drumlich,
The place for Janet and Margaret is not listed but the place for John is Wester Drumlich.

[21] John Ward says John was born to Malcolm in 1708, but I think he is more likely Malcolm's last son, also John, baptised in 1728.
The letter dated 1754 in Amelia II 407+. "Chevalier John McGregor". Letters from him to Balhaldies
If born in 1728, he would be 26 years old, if 1708, then 46. I would be inclined to go with the 1728 date. In any case he has left no descendants, so no matter!
Letter docketed Marchfield and addressed.
A Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Forbes
vis a vis La Grande Allee Doula?, Rue de Harpe (?) Fauxbourg St Germain, tenes Monsieur W. Thomson. A. Paris.
London March 30. 1754.
"Dr F., -I acknowledged the favour of yours by a long letter but have not since had the pleasure of hearing from you I have been thinking of whom to apply to here for the you gave me in making use of your credit, but unless your so well acquainted with Mr Drummond the Banker at Charing Cross or Mr Berkeley the Quaker an eminent Linendraper in Cheapside who is your near Relation, so as to recommend me to either of them for Credit, I cannot of myself think of any other way in this place, neither would offer to make use of your name untill I have the pleasure of hearing from you: After his long attendance and expectations here some days ago James was offered his pardon with good encouragement, in certain conditions that he refused to accept of on which he was ordered to depart this realm forthwith, and accordingly has set out this day for Dover under the care of a messenger who is to see him landed at C End? where he is to deliver up the King's Licence empowered him to pass and repass hither, he said that he would go to Ypres where he would remain untill he could hear from his Chief.
Dr Sir,
"I have the honour to be with due regaird your most obliged and faithful friend."
No Signature.

[22] I have inserted a generation here to make Malcolm the grandson rather than the son of Griogar dubh. There is no record for this that I am aware of for this. Perhaps he was also named Malcolm and thus confused with a son. If the insertion is incorrect then Malcolm's birth estimated around 1665 suggests that he was 74 when his last child, Duncan in 1739 was baptised. Not impossible. However, having a birth for Malcolm around 1685 would make him 27 when he obtained the tack of Ledcreich and Invernentie from the Duke of Atholl in 1707 and 28 when he married Isobel Aikman in 1708. Malcolm's father (Also Malcolm??) would be assumed to be older than his brother Gregor, (alias John Campbell, alias John Murray after 1719) as Inverarnan continued with the eldest son of of Gregor dubh to Gregor the cacique who sold it in 1822.
There is a statement in Amelia that Malcolm died at Oban in 1734 when preparing to emigrate to North America. That is not corroborated.
There are two more children baptised to Malcolm and Mhor: Margaret in 1737 and Duncan 1739. The Margaret baptised in 1724 presumably died in infancy.

[23] Rich Shaw - - informs me that his 4th great grandfather was Duncan McGregor (1732-1790) of Inverarnan. According to my information, he was a son of Gregor MacGregor (Drummond).and brother of Daniel MacGregor (1753-1794).
Rich says that Duncan McGregor was a 24-year member of the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot (eight years as a Sergeant). A remarkable part of his story was recounted by Major-General David Stewart in his 1822 publication, Sketches of Characters, Manners and Present State of the Highlands of Scotland. [See also British Soldiers, American Revolution: Duncan McGregor, 42nd Regiment, gets carried away (] Duncan's son, Peter McGregor, served in the same regiment-- beginning at age 14 as a drummer and throughout the Napoleonic Wars, after which (1813) he awarded 500 acres in Upper Canada. I mention all of this if this might be of interest and/or whether you might have any further information or guidance for me to explore.

MCGRIGOR DUNCAN ISABEL FERGUSSON/ 18/11/1770 331/ 20 231 Balquhidder Buy credits MCGRIGOR DUNCAN MARGARET MCGRIGOR/FR579 (FR579) 27/08/1768 331/ 20 219 Balquhidder