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Campbell of Glenorchy Letters 92-101 - 2nd August 1569 to 10th June 1570

Date: n.d. [after 2 August 1569] [1]
REF: GD112/39/5/22 (SHS ed. No. 92)
Place: Glen Lednock (Perthshire)
From: Patrick (Duncansone) MacGregor and his kin [2]
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address: To ane honorabill woman Ladye of Glenowrquhaye

Maistres efter maist humyll and hartlie commendatioun of service.

Prayis zow to think on of zour first speiking yat quhair ze bald ws labour in yis caise quhill we wald bring yir ill men to sum speiking now we tane sa grit travell wn ws quhill we have brot hym to yis pass.

And yairfoir we pray zour Ladyschip ze labour in now and to gait ye four mark land fra ye Laird or ellis yai will nocht agrie four ye oiss [3] sayis yat yai have nathing of ye Laird bot zown four merk land. And gif yai gett nocht zown four merk land yai will nocht agrie. [4]

Yairfoir we pray zour Ladyschip to labour on ye Laird quhill he gif zown four merk land and gif he gefit nocht to yame all our labour is in wane and yai will brak owt and but ill betuix ws and ye Laird.

Yairfoir we pray zow ze for to do ye best for zour houss and zour bairnis and ffor ye prowyde of ws and zour houss and zour bairnis.

This zour Ladyschip will do as our trest is in zow.

Nocht ellis bot ye eternall God have zow in his keiping.

Be zour freindis and servandis Patrik Duncansone and ye leif of ye keind of Glenladenect.

[1] There was a bond made at Perth on 2 August 1569 between Atholl, Grey Colin and Patrick MacGregor alias Duncan Donaldson in Glenlednock and his kin which involved a promise ‘to sute and persew be way of deid to the deth at the utermost of thair poweris the wickit mene of thair surname’, GD112/2/117/1/34. The previous day, Gregor MacGregor of Glenstrae had been captured, MacGregor, thesis, 370-1.
[2] Patrick and his kin had given their bond of manrent to Grey Colin, 9 March 1560, GD112/24/1/2, fos. 16-17; BBT, 202. For this sept of the MacGregors, see MacGregor, thesis, 96-8.
[3] Host, meaning the whole of the Glenlednock kin.
[4] Probably the lands of Invergeldie (Innerzellie) in Glen Lednock north of Comrie.

Date: 30 May 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/5 (SHS ed. No. 94)
Place: Dunoon (Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address: To owre aunt the Lady Glenvrquhay

Aunt eftir our hertlie commendatiounis.

The tyme of ye departing of Coleine Leiche fra ws wes sa haistelie yat we had na tyme to writt to zow. [1]

Bot we beleif he hes schawin zow sum part of our mynd as we ordanit him.

And in safar as we fand in our passage throw ye cuntre ye place of Glenvrquhay [2] haldin as ane fortres nocht preparit as we wald have belevit to our honour passand with strangearis quhome we wald have thocht ye place of Glenvrquhay honestilie preparit for ws mair kyndlie nor MacGregors.

And sa lang as the samin standis in maner as we fand it we will beir it in mynd.

Bot we wald wiss at God yat we had na thing in memorie of our freindis bot yair welth quha ar myndit to our honour and nocht agains ws.

Ze sall reid zour husbandis writing and ze may persaife sum part be the samin. [3]

Farder at yis present we will nocht writt bot committis zow to God.

Off Denune ye pennult day of Maii 1570. Zour gowd frynd, Archibald Ergyll

[PS] We regard nocht samekill meit nor drink as ye zettis haldin fast of our freindis hous aganis ws.

[1] Colin MacLachlan of Craigenterve who was involved in the antenuptial contract made between Margaret, Grey Colin’s daughter, and Alan MacDougall of Raray, 31 May 1570, GD112/2/116/5.
[2] Kilchurn Castle at the top of Loch Awe. For this incident see Introduction.
[3] The letter to Grey Colin is lost.

Date: 30 May 1570
REF: GD112 /39/7/6 (SHS ed. No. 95)
Place: Dunkeld
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To my rycht traist cousing ye Lard of Glenwrquhay

Rycht traist cousing.

Hawing resavit zour lettir yis day be ye quhilk ze writt yat nocht withstanding ye assurance betuix ye Erll of Argill and me quhairinto ze ar comprehendit [1] ye Clangregor daylie dois arme within zour boundis and now of ye lait at zour passing wp troucht to Glenurquhay yai spolizait servandis of MacGregoris wiffis [2] gangand wp to zou.

Nochtwithstanding ye fair wordis and promisse s yat ye Erll of Argill hes writtin to me oftymis I can nocht lippin giff he wald do as he hes promist yai wald do sic thingis as yai do within zour boundis.

Alwais yair sall nocht inlaik ony thing on my part for zour releiff and parswte of ony of yame yat dois zow harme sa lang as ze keipe zour part onto me.

And to yat effect sall nocht faill at my wp ganggyng to Athole quhilk wilbe ye hyndir end of yis welke to tak ordor and sett furtht sa mony men as ze desyre to witt fourthy men.

And sall do diligence heirinto to expande ye samyn alss haistilie as may be quhairthrocht ze may knawe my gud will towart zow suppoist [I] have to do heirwith my self.

As for nowellis I ondirstande yat ye Duke ye Albe [3] hes landit ane arme in Ingland quhilk wes ye caus of ye Inglishmen reterning bak from Clydisdaill and ar to pass hame to Ingland for resisting of ye said arme.

Ye Franche arme wilbe in schortlie at Dunbartane as is spokin.

Yair is feftene schippis sein at Abirdene quhidder yai Franch men or Inglismen I am oncertane.

Als mony of ye stane howsses upoun Clyde to ye nummer of ane dowsane or xvi are cassin downe and ye casell palace and toun of Hammiltoun is brunt and ye nixt tyme yat ze cum to Hammiltoun ze will nocht gette ane galrie to gang in. [4]

Hawing na fordir at yis present committis zow to God.

And mak my commendatiouns to my ill tenent and prais zow haist downe silver to me to pay ye Dene [5] for I am sairlie [credit to him ].

Of Dunkeld ye penult of May 1570 be Zouris [at powar], [Atholl]

[1] There had been a meeting between Atholl and Argyll at Dalkeith on 25-27 February 1570 and the first agreement was made 26 February, GD112/1/181a, with a second agreement on 24 and 29 March, AT, VI, 142; GD112/1/182.
[2] Marion Campbell, daughter of Glenlyon, Gregor MacGregor’s widow.
[3] Duke of Alva, who was commanding the Spanish Army of Flanders.
[4] Hamilton Castle was captured and burnt on 13 May, CSPSc, III, 198.
[5] Probably John Barton, Dean of Dunkeld, and by 1574 minister at Clunie, Fasti, 4, 151.

Date: 7 June 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/8 (SHS ed. No. 96)
Place: Kilchurn Castle (Loch Awe)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: My Lord efter maist hartlie commendatiouns of service.

Pleiss zour Lordship yat efter I resavit zour Lordshipis writing anent ye ost desyring me to mak furth fyif or sax scoir of men with ane abill man to be yair capitaine quhilk I acceptit in ane gud part.

And thoth I had nocht ane mair ganand [1] man of my houss nor ye Lord of Glenlyon [2] quha acceptit yat charge als glaidlie as I culd wiss bayth for zour Lordshipis honour and myin.

And zesterday efternoin tuk his leif passing hame to have rasit ye men sic as I commandit maist ganand for ye purpoiss.

And I convoyit him agaitward upforgang Stronmelochoun [3] and returnit agane knawand na thing of ye fowll and cowrit disseit [4] devyssit bayth for me and him.

For ye neyctht afoir Ewin MacGregor Duncain Glen his broyer Duncain Abrycht [5] with certaine uyeris of yair surname and band comquyatlie and placit yaim selfis in ye wod of Stronmelochoun neir ye water syid forgang ye quosche [6] and lay in deun yair quhill Glenlyon departit fra me bot ane quyat numer.

And followit efter him to ye numer of xxxvi men nocht evill provydit of culveringis haberschonis and uyir armour as I wald wiss at God yat all zour Lordshipis awin servandis war na(sic) well-stakit yai followit upoun with gret deligence and nerit him in Glenlyon in ye neycht.

Nocht knawand of yair parsuit quhill yai war parsauit be wemen yat rasit ye cry and yain he eschapit prysit be God with out harme except ane horss that buir his clayis and twa boyis quhilk yai apprehendit and tuk awa with yaim.

My Lord your Lordship sall considder gif yis was ane assay [7] or nocht for yai war furnesit to yis onset be zour Lordshipis guid serwand MacNachtane [8] and gat me ill of his awin to trish [9] with yaim and war ye neycht afoir in ye bra of Glenfynin [10] with his serwandis quhilk salbe provin unto zour Lordship.

And gif zour Lordship will wye ye causs sefficientlie as I think zour Lordship suld yat Maknachtane nor na uyer yat servis zour Lordship suld have conspyrit my dethe nor assistit yairto as he hes doin in furnesing and settinge furth yaim yat pretendit ye samin suld dress over without conding [11] puneisment.

Zit alwayis I will nocht cast in ballance zour Lordshipis honour and ye gret offence maid to me at yis tyme bot will advance sa mony men as zour Lordship desyris quha s all keip dyat gif yair be na stay of zour armie als sufficient God willing as wyeris sall.

Onder protestatioun gif it pleis zour Lordship yat or gr... efferis occur yat ye offenc maid to me be handlit as becumis vnto zour Lordshipis honor and my just satisfactioun.

For gif it standis in furnesinge of throtcuttoris and sic conspiratouris I have als meikle meit to spair as MacNachtane hes.

Bot I tak God to witness yat I was nevir for sic practesses bot onlie for ye zeill of justice.

Bot sen yai have walkommit yat thinge yat I suspectit nocht in huntinge efter my lyf I can do na less nor to renconter [12] bayth ye devysoris and interpryssoris of ye samin as God will grant me grace zour Lordship standand my gudly freind and cheif as zour predicissouris was to myin.

Pleiss zour Lordship to credeit ye berar quha knawis of ye proceedingis be ane man was yair cumpane.

Haist ye berar to me with advertesment of zour armie.

Committing zour Lordship to God from Glenurquhay ye vij of Junii 1570.

[1] Suitable.
[2] Duncan Campbell of Glenlyon who was to take charge of the troops mentioned [94].
[3] Along the road up in front of Stronmilchan, at the foot of Glen Strae, about a mile from Kilchurn Castle.
[4] Foul and cringing or cowardly deceit.
[5] Ewen MacGregor, tutor of Glenstrae, Duncan Glen and his borther Duncan Abbroch.
[6] The ‘Cosche’ (market) of Glenorchy, a hillock above Stonmilchan where a market was held at Martinmas and Michaelmas.
[7] Attack.
[8] Alexander MacNaughton of Dunderave, half-brother to the MacGregors, see Appendix C.
[9] Probably tryst.
[10] Glen Fyne.
[11] Well-merited.
[12] Encounter

Date: 8 June 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/9 (SHS ed. No. 97)
Place: Carrick Castle (Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: ... Campbel of Glenwrquhay

Cousyng efter maist hertlie commendatiounis.

We haif rasavit zour letter and parsawis yairby zour delegence for my Lorde of Sanctcolmenis [1] releif quhairof we thank zou hertlie.

And he hes writtin to us zisterdaye of ye contenewatioun of his persuit and hes desyrit us to gif zou doubill thankis for zour guid will.

We writ to zou with our broyer ye provest [2] of ye staye that is cumin of ye scheips quhilkis we beleif ze haif resavit or nowe.

Als quhane ze writ to us of ye persuit of zour cousyng ye Laird of Glenlyoun and of ye dissait provydit for zour self and that be ye Clangregour. [3]

As to that ze may maist assurit that we wald esteim and ever will zour honour and weill and zouris and in speciall lyifis of our speciall kynnismen als weill as ye saymin ware devysit for our self.

And salbe willyng to be yairefter as we zour self and ye rest of ye mast speciallis of our [kyn] sall thynk guid and to put ye saymin to exsecutioun.

And quhair ze writ that our servitour MacNauchtane [4] hes nocht onlie gif ... meit bot als hes bein ane devyser of ye said dissait ... be contrarie.

And as ye credence of ye berrer is to us ... ye haif the saymin repoirttit to zou be ane callit {MacKewer [5] }...

As to [thir] we can nocht giff resolut anser for ye ... quhill wer causs MacNauchtane be tryit and that in presens of ...conon, Achynbr[ek] MacCoull Ardkynglas Dumtrovne Parbrek I[nverleiver] [6]

And that in to Inveraray ye xvii or xviii day of yis instant gif ze pleiss to cum quhair ...e sall causs MacNaughtane anseir.

And the matter beyng yat salbe vsit as ze ... rest yat wilbe with us for ye tym sall thynk guid to ...

For ye revenge of ye actioun pretendit to haif bein doin ... as salbe neidfull for all our honouris.

For we thynk quhat ever ... zou skaycht or zouris that yai wald do ... to our self yai mycht yairfoir gif ze pleiss to keip ye...

And sall caus ze rest to keipit and advertiss us with ... of ze ... heiranenttis.

And gif zour self keipis ye ... [day]... s ...d yis orde... to MacCoull [7] to cum to gidder zour awin writting ... zour awin wisdom for we sall do our part as becumis honour and weill.

And sua committis zou to [... of ye almity.

Of ye Carrick] ye viij of Junij 1570. Zour assurit [freind], Archibald Ergyll

[PS] Comend me to zour wyf.

Credence to ye berrare and haist us zour anser that we may advertiss ye rest of ye lairdis.

[1] James Stewart, Commendator of Inchcolm.
[2] John Campbell, Provost of Kilmun, illegitimate son of 4th earl of Argyll and so half-brother to 5th earl.
[3] For details of this ‘Glenlyon incident’, see [96] and Introduction.
[4] Alexander MacNaughton of Dunderave.
[5] Name added from GD50/116/48.
[6] MacNaughton to appear for trial at Inveraray before 5th earl, Grey Colin, Dougal Campbell of Auchinbreck, Dougal MacDougall of Dunollie, James Campbell of Ardkinglas, Duncan Campbell of Duntrune, Colin Campbell of Barbreck and John Campbell of Inverliever.
[7] Dougal MacDougall was ordered by both the 5th earl and Grey Colin to bring troops, see [108].

Date: 10 June 1570 REF: GD112/39/7/11 (SHS ed. No. 99)
Place: Blair Atholl
From: William Maitland of Lethington
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: My Lord eftir my maist hairtlie commendatiounis.

I dowt nocht not bot zour Lordship remembiris of all the commoning yat wes tuicheing the Clangregor alsweil at the begynning at Dalkeith as sensyne quhen zour Lordship and my Lord of Atholl fynallie appointit. [1]

And yat it wes plainlie spokin yat in cais the Clangregor maid ony break against the Laird of Glenurquhart yat zour Lordship nocht only suld expell yaim furth of zour cuntrey bot also be enemy to yame.

Now I haf hard yat MacGregoris brother accumpaneit with ane gritt nwmir of men hes lyin in waite neir the place of Glenuwrquhy for the Lard of Glenlyounnis slawchtir and myst him verray narowlie.

Quhilk being sua gritt ane offence agains zour Lordshipis self I am surlie persuadit yat zour Lordship will nocht suffir it to pas withoute grevous pvnisment.

And it wer bot for zour Lordshipis awin honour yat the warld may se and tak example be the handilling of yame quhat it is to mell with the bluid of zour Lordshipis hows.

For zour Lordship knawis the Lard of Glenlyoun is of zour Lordshipis surname cumit of zour Lordshipis hous and sik ane as na nobill man wald be content being his kynnisman to suffir to be a pray to lymnaris. [2]

The matir alsua tuicheis zour Lordship the mair neir becaus it is brutit yat the cumpany yat lay for the Lard of Glenlyoun war supportit baith with wictuellis and men be sum of zour Lordshipis awin cuntrey quhilk I dowt nocht bot your Lordship will deligentlie inquire and caus be tryit.

And suirlye it is verrey apperand yat lying sua neir the Lard of Glenuourquhyis hous yair interpryis wes also for his awin lyff.

Quhilk is sik ane injury to zour Lordshipis as I wait ze will na wyis beir with. ... quhatt inlaik it were to ony noble men in yis ile to lose sik ane kynnisman as the Lard of Glenourquhy is and specialie by the means of a pak of lymnaris.

For in guid faith ze aucht of reason to mak gritt acompt of him for mony respectis for I knaw perfytlie quhat his affectioun is and hes bene towardis the weill of zour Lordshipis hous.

I writt to zour Lordship vpon certane knawlege and lang apprerance towekkit be me up on [mony] conferences hes at divers tymes past betuix him and me tuicheing zour Lordship and in guid faith I nevir persavit bot he hed alss grit ... to the weill of zour Lordshipis hous as of his awin.

And I am weill assurit besydis zour awin particular causses and all the common causse s quhilk I hes in hand for the common weill zour Lordship may lede him als far as ze pleis for I undirstand samekle of his mynd.

Zour Lordship knawis his hairt and couraige and how laith he wilbe to sit with sua gret ane injury at yai menis handis.

My Lord of Athole be ressoun of his promeis mon tak plain pairt with him.

And zit zour Lordshipis honour ... als miekle of zour Lordshipis concurrence in yis caass as of yai baith.

I pray zour [Lordship] lat it nocht pas ovir slythlie [3] but vse yame with sik regour yat uyeris m[ay] stand aw to mell with the lyffis of zour Lordshipis kyn.

And yat it may be ane example to sik men nocht to abuse heireftir the liberty yai haif had to repair in zour Lordshipis boundis and furth of the samyn to cum and tak s[ik] ane interpryss in hand.

Albeit I wysche mair gude to the Lard of Glenwrquhy nor yame zit his particular movis me within yis caiss to writt sua affectwnatlie to zour Lordship at yis present.

But rather becaus I am cumit of zour Lordshipis hous [4] and hes gude caus to love zour self I am compellit of dewty to put zour Lordship in rememberance for zour honour for th[e] affectioun I beare to sae the samyn adwantit. [5]

For yis caiss tuicheis zour Lordship nerare nor perchanse every man will tell zow.

I loke for [the] ansuer of the last lettir I writt to my Lord Duke [6] and zour Lordship [yat] yaireftir I may writt resolatlie to the Erle Sussix.

In th[e] [meintyme] gif zour Lordship will command me ony vyer service I am reddy [to obey].

And sua I committ zour Lordship to the protectioun of God.

From Blair in Athole, the tent day of Junii 1570. Zour Lordshipis allwyis to command, William Maitland

[1] The Dalkeith agreement was probably made on 26 February 1570, GD112/1/181a; see [95].
[2] Villains.
[3] Slightly.
[4] It is not clear how Maitland was related to Argyll.
[5] Advanced.
[6] James Hamilton, Duke of Châtelherault. Maitland’s reply to Sussex, 14 June 1570, CSPSc, III, 221-2.

Date: 10 June 1570 [1]
REF: GD112/39/6/21 (SHS ed. No. 100)
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To his traist frende and counssing ye Laird of Glenurquhay

Right traist freind and counssing efter hairtlie commendatioun.

I haif ressavit zour writting ye ix day of yis instant and yairbie understandis Ewin MacGregouris prosidingis.[2]

I am myscontentit yat ze suld be ony way rakless in yai effearis bot is maist glaid yat ze ar sa weill now warnit with sa small skaycht.

As to my part in yat mater ze salbe swir yair is na thing I haif spokin unto zow bot God wulling I sall keip ye samyn.

As alsua yat quhilk ye haif my wret upoun and suld haif haid furth ye men or now wor nocht ye cumming of syndre freindis to Dunkeld and heir yat I mycht nocht refuiss quhilk hes stayit me langer on cumin heir nor I beleiffit.

Now I sall mak sic hest as I may and put yame out with all diligens.

As to ye executioun of yame yat ar in handis at zour douncuming, we sall comunicat togidder for ye best.

And in ye mentyme dout ze nocht bot yai salbe veiray swirlie keippit.

The Secreter being heir with me I thocht guid to wryt to my Lord of Argyill himself in yis mater.

And hes [cav]sit ye Secreter do ye lyk quhilkis plesis(sic) zow ressave and send to his Lordship gif ze think ye samyn best.

Ressave ye dowble of ye wryttys quhairbie ze may considder gif ze will send yame or nocht. [3]

I wald my Lord of Argyill understand na less bot yat ze may nocht be left in yis [causs] nor yit na uther zour just actioun salang as ze do zour awin dewetie as b...

I think best ze suld cum rather to Balloch nor remane quhair ze ar [4] ... [sa..eris] I fynd borne to zow yair.

Alwayis tak guid attendance ... zow to ... self and zour freindis and ony uyir skaycht tane cum we ... willing gif God pleis to be equall yairwith and bettir [gyf] ... nocht.

Bot I sall do my part God wulling and yat deid sall de... ... ...end

I have na newis till advertess zow at yis present ... gif ye sall understand yaime.

Sua efter my hairtlie commendatiouns [to my ewill] tenent zour bedfallow.

Committis zou to God fra ... ye x day of Iun 1569. Zours at powar, Atholl

[1] The date on this letter is clearly written as 1569 but, as in Atholl's draft [101] this is a slip of the pen.
[2] Atholl received a letter similar to [96] in which Grey Colin described the Glenlyon incident.
[3] Secretary Maitland's and Atholl's letters [99;101].
[4] Grey Colin was probably based at the west end of Loch Tay at Ilanran.

Date: 10 June 1570 [1]
REF: GD112/39/4/8 (SHS ed. No. 101)
Place: Blair Atholl
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl (draft)
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: My Lord efter my maist hartlie commendatioun.

I dout nocht bot zour Lordship [heirand] in ye asswraince haid betuix zour Lordship and me at Dalkeyt and siclyk in ye [last] appontment maid betuix vs befoir my Lord of Huntlie quhat heddis [to..] zour Lordshipis part to do concernyng ye Clangregor. [2]

Zit I vnderstand sensyn dyvers tymes yat ye Lard of Glenvrquhayis tennenttis and serwandis hes ressavit skayth be yame and now laitlie hes hard quhow Ewin MacGregor and his complicis lay besyd ye castell of Glenvrquhay and did yai lay in yaim gif God haid sufferat ye samyn to haif slaine ye Lard of Glenlyoun and supponis na less nor yai intenddit ye lyk towarttis ye Lard of Glenvrquhay him self.

Quhilk attempt I think suld be veray onessufferable to zowr Lordship yat ony sic odios and wickit men suld presume to mell with sic honest men of zour Lordshipis bluid and house.

And ye mater twchis zour Lordship ye mair yat it is spokin plane heir yat yai wer furnessit be men in zour awin cuntrey to ye saymin effect.

Quairof I pray zour Lordship maist ernistlie to tak swir tryall and siclyk to mak sic pwnissment heirunto as accords to zour Lordshipis awin honour maist weichtilie.

For yair is nane yat vald put hand on zour Lordshipis bluid bot I sall be wulling to rewenge ye saymin at all tymes [efter] ...

And yir thingis yat ar done is all within zour Lordshipis boundis bayth be furnessang manteniance and ressait.

Desyring zour Lordship effectiousle as of befoir to appone [3] zour self herto and to expell ye Clangregor out of zour boundis and declair zour eneme vnto yame.

For now I think ze haif mekle mair occasioun nor of befoir yat I may vnderstand ye saymin swirlie be way of deid lyk as I sall nocht feill till do all thingis to zour Lordship as wes spokin betuix vs and forther as zour Lordship will requyir me according to my dewetie.

I wret to zour Lordship of befoir towarttis ye Lard of Glennis besines and ressavit na ansuir yairof.[4]

Thairfoir deseyris zour Lordship to lat me vnderstand zour mynd heirintill in wryt with yis berar.

Sua committis zour Lordship to God.

From Blair in Atholl ye x day of Junii 1569 ...

[1] This is the draft of Atholl’s letter mentioned in [100]. It is also dated 1569 instead of 1570.
[2] The assurances concluded at Dalkeith and before the earl of Huntly at the Hauch of Weem on 26 February and 24 March 1570, see [95].
[3] Oppose.
[4] Possibly John Lyon, 8th Lord Glamis.