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Campbell of Glenorchy Letters 6-10 - 27th June 1562 to 21 June 1563

Date: 27 June 1562
REF: GD112/39/2/7 (SHS ed. No. 6)
Place: Inveraray Castle
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cousing Colin Campbell off Glenvrchay

Cousing eftir hartlie commendatioun.

Forsamikle as we ar informit yat ye Clangregor intendis to manvir [1] and occupy ye landis of Ardonage and will nocht desist yairfra quhilk we can nocht suffer langar beca us ye same a pertenis to our freindis be kyndnes of lang tyme as ze knaw.[2]
We have been informed that the Clan Gregor intend to cultivate and occupy the lands of Ardeonaig and will not desist from this. We cannot tolerate this because, as you know, those lands have pertained for a long time to our kindly tenants (The MacTarlichs - see note 2 - Grey Colin had encouraged MacGgregor settlement at the expense of the Earl's preferred tenants).

Quhairfore ze sall declair to yame in our name yat quhatewir he be yat will intend to occupy ye saidis landis except our saidis freindis yat he salbe swir of our vnkyndnes and of all ye skayth [3] yat we or our friendis may do to him.
You should declare, in our name, to whoever occupies these lands other than our own tenants, they should beware of our disapproval and of any consequential damage to them by our own preferred tenants.

And we think in lyk maner yat ze suld nocht suffer our tendir freindis to be wrangit be ye Clangregoris in sa far as thay ar vnder zow.
And similarly you should not allow our friends (tenants) to suffer any wrong by MacGregors answering to you

And quhowbeid Makgregor be cum of our hous [4] zeit we may nocht suffer him or his to do manifest wrang to our freindis and serwantis nowyer wald thay pretendit in ony wayis to occupy yer rowmis yat ar kynd and native to our saidis freindis and gif thay do latye same be on yair awin parrall.
Even though MacGregor is related to us we will not permit him to do wrong to our friends (tenants) and servants should he attempt to take over the lands of our tenants, and if he does then it will be at his own peril

As concerning ye besines of Boquhidder we have spokin ernestlie to our broder [5] yairintill and he hes promisit to ws befoir honest men to gif ws ye same swa yat na impediment salbe in it bot quhowschone we pas to ye Lawland ye same salbe endit without ony fardar delay.

We lippin to zour selff to speik Makgregor and his freindis to put ws nocht to ony cummers [6] quhilk wilbe yair awin disavantage.
We expect you to tell MacGregor and his followers not to cause us any trouble as this would be to your own disadvantage

And God preserve zow. Of Inveraray ye xxv ij day of Junii 1562. Zouris, Archibald Argyll [PS] We ar informit yat Dowgall Maktarliche and Tarlich Makkillip wantis wthaair grayth [7] and pray zow to caus restoir yame to yair geir seing it is manifest wrang.[8]
We have been informed that Dougal MacTarlich and Charles MacKillop have been raided by the MacGregors and require you to restore the property wrongly taken from them.

[1] Manure and, more generally, farm the land.
[2] The lands of Ardeonaig on the south side of Loch Tay which were under the proprietorship of the Napiers of Merchiston and the Haldanes of Gleneagles had been occupied by the MacTarlichs, who were the 5th earl’s ‘friends’. The MacGregors were occupying them with the tacit approval of Grey Colin, MacGregor, thesis, 300; 308.
[3] Damage.
[4] Gregor MacGregor’s mother was Mariota Campbell, sister of Sir Colin Campbell, 5th of Ardkinglas, see Appendix C. There were other extensive links with the Campbells but it is unlikely that the MacGregors were an offshoot of Clan Campbell, MacGregor, thesis, 29-30.
[5] The lands of Edinample and Glenample were in the hands of Colin Campbell of Boquhan, the 5th earl’s brother and future 6th earl. In 1560, the earl had promised to infeft Grey Colin with them, GD112/2/65/1/2. Despite a contract between the earl and his brother, Colin, 20 August 1562, Argyll MSS bundle 46, Grey Colin did not receive these Glenample lands until 22 February 1563, GD112/2/65/1/3; 5.
[6] Troubles.
[7] Materials.
[8] The plight of Dougal MacTarlich, who had been raided by the MacGregors, is mentioned again, 29 June 1562 [7].

Date: 29 June 1562
REF: GD112/39/2/8 (SHS ed. No. 7)
Place: Ardkinglass Castle (Lochfyne, Argyll)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cousing Colin Campbell of Glenvrchay

Cousing efter hartlie commendatioun.

Forsamikle as we ar informit of ye sundry procedings of ye Makgregoris and speciallie in takin takis of ye landis of Ardonage quhilk ar partenis be auld and iust possessioun to our frendis and kinsmen for quhome we man do.[1]
We have been informed of the exploits of the MacGregors and specifically of them occupying Ardeonaig which by right belongs to our tenants and kinsmen

And sa gif ze be remembret quhen our fader of guid memorie geff ye saidis Makgregoris and yair band to zow [2] it was to yat effect thay suld serve him and zow in all guid actionis and nocht to reiff [3] wranguslie yair iust possessionis and landis fra our tender frendis quhilk thay do now in deid nocht onlie to ye hurt of our saidis frendis bot also to our contempt.
You should remember when our father (the 4th Earl) granted the service of the MacGregors to you, it reserved service to him also and did not give them permission to raid the lands and possessions of our tenants which they are now doing not only to the hurt of our tenants, but also to our displeasure.

Quhairfore we wald thay pretendit nocht to previne [4] our saidis frendis to ye intent to occupy yair rowmis quhilk thay sall nocht do gif we may be of powar to resist yame.
So we require them not to damage our tenants and take over their farms, and if they do we will resist them.

Assuring yame gif thay proceid in yair saids wranguss actioun to tak our frendis possessionis by yame yat we in lyk manner sall nocht faill to support and help yame yat sall tak yair awin possessionis owir yair heddis.

Quhilk we wald be leathe to do gif nocht yair proudnes quhilk we man suppress in our frendis iust actioun to compellit ws nocht yairto.

Als we wald ze causit ye Makgregoris to restoir to Dowgall Maktarlich ye puir almoss [5] yat we gif him vyder four ky and caus ye Makgregoris molest ws na fardar in yis mater as thay will nocht incur our indignatioun.
Also we require the MacGregors to restore to Dougal MacTarlich's the alms we paid him and his four cows, they should not molest him any further or they will incur our anger

And God preserve zow.

Of Ardkynglas ye penult day of Junii 1562. Archibald Ergyll

[PS] No wyer can we stand content yat ze or ony vyer defend ye Makgregoris aganis our saidis frendis.
We will not be happy if you or any other defends the MacGregors against our tenants

[1] See letter from 5th earl to Grey Colin, 27 June 1562 [6].
[2] Archibald Campbell, 4th earl of Argyll, who probably transferred the bond of the MacGregors to Grey Colin at the same time as the MacGregor lands of Glenstrae, 26 April 1554, GD112/2/81/5-6; GD112/75/19-20; AT V, 33; 35; RMS, IV, 944. MacGregor, thesis, 268-9; 298; 308.
Alastair MacGregor, the previous chief, had made a bond of manrent with the 4th earl, 6 October 1544, AT IV, 153; Wormald, Lords and Men, 183.
[3] Raid.
[4] Forestall.
[5] Alms.

Date: n.d. [30 November 1562] [1]
REF: GD112/39/2/3
Place: Ardkinglass
From: Colin Campbell of Ardkinglass
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To ane honorabill man and eyme ye Lard of Glenwrquhay

Honorabill Sir and eyme eftir hartlye commendatioun.

And hes rasawit zour wryttyngis and hes hard ye beraris credens and thankis zow greitumlye of zowr gwid will towart MacGregar and hes talkit wyth MacGregar at lynth in all pwnctis contenit in zowr wryttyngis afoir MacNachtan and Jhon MacAlister.
I have received your letter and listened to the bearer, and thank you for your good will towards (Gregor) MacGregor, and have spoken at length with him on the matters in your letter in the presence of MacNaughton and John MacAlister

And hes drywin hym to syk ane pass yat I beleif God willyng he sall fulfill zowr desiris wythin schort dayis geif he ma and I am casion till hym yat ze sall fulfill zour promiss promisit till hym befoir my Lord and me.
I have reasoned with him such that I believe he will soon agree your terms, I have advised him that if he does, then you will fulfil your promises

And quhar ze wryit yat ze will remytt Duncan MacAne Dow and his son of all fallis bygane sua ya be part takaris wycht MacGregar.
You write that you will forgive Duncan MacAne Dow and his sons, his part-takers, of their past crimes

Quhilk remission I praye zow send yame for ya ar abillast to fortefe MacGregar of ony of ye surname.
I request that you send this forgiveness to them as you are most able to support those of the surname MacGregor

Ye Clangregar ar sa wyckit of natur yat ane geifis na confidens till ane word.
The Clan Gregor are naturally suspicious and do not have confidence in you until they see your written word.

And ya haif schawn me yat ya will get nane confederrit togidder wythout ya fyile yair handis in part of zour graythe.

And ...nachtain and Jhon MacAlistar schew me yat ze wald be contentit wyth ye sam tharfor ze sall adverteis yame quhar ya sall put to yair handis to ye skaycht of fyif or sax merkis and to send zour ramit of ye sam quhilk skaycht ya will nocht do bot geif neid beis.

I put na dowte bot ze will keip tryist in zour cumin downe wyth my Lord till Inveraray quhair ze and I God willing sall drynk togidder.

And referis ye rest till our metyng.

And God preserwe zow mak my commendatiounis to zour bedfellow.

At Ardkynglass yis Monday .... Zours assurit eyme at powar Colin Campbell of Ardkinglass

[PS] Geif Doncan MacAne Dow cumis till zour curt ze sall haist hym [wyth deliges] to MacGregar and informe hym as ze thynk exped[ient].

[1] See Macgregor thesis; especially 310-12 n. 91; Colin Campbell of Ardkinglass died at the beginning of 1563. See also bond between Grey Colin and Gregor MacGregor of Glenstrae, 24 November 1562, GD112/1/122-3.

Date: 12 December 1562
REF: GD112/39/2/10
Place: Innischonnell
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cousing Colin Campbell of Glenvrchay

Cousing efter hartlie commendatioun.

We have resavit zour vriting and conforme to ye desyre yairoff sall nochtt prowceid in ony vayis in ye dressing of ye debaitt betuix Johne Stewart [1] and Johne Oig Makaine Abbrich bot will differ ye same wnto our being in Streveling quhair we sall labour to mak ane end yairoff with awyse off zow and vyeris guid frendis.

As ye slachtar off Duncan Royis houshald we are sorie yairfor quhowbeid our cousing hes shawin him selff bot ane barne in his procedingis.

Nochtwithstanding ze sall have our support redde at all tymis to revenge ye said deid nocht supponing to have ony gret kyndnes with ye committaris yairoff in tymis to cum.

Quhow beid we will do na thing yairintill rashlie without zour awyse and vyeris our speciall frendis.

And God be with zow. Off Inschonnill ye xij day off December 1562. Archibald Argyll

[PS] The mater is now becum swa yat we can nocht leaff ye slachtar off our servantis vnrevenget and giff ze do zour part as we dowt nocht bot ze will do thay salbe perschewit on ane vyer maner nor thay war befoir.

[PPS] Meit ws in to Strylyng for we will be yar soun eftir yowll.

[1] See sasine by Grey Colin of 20˝ merkland of Appin to John Stewart, 1562, AT V 167.

Date: 12 February 1563
REF: GD112/39/2/12 (SHS ed. No. 9)
Place: Kilmartin (Mid-Argyll)
From: Donald Campbell of Larg
To: Duncan Campbell of Glenlyon
Address: To ye honorable and his lovit eme Duncan Campbell of Glenlyoun deliver yis

Honorable Sir and eme eftir my maist hartlie recommendatiouns.

This present salbe to advertis zow yat I hef sene and considderit zour dowble writtingis to lenth.

And as for ane confirmacion of ye Lard of Glenurquhais vpoun zour promiss I nevir supponit bot att ze suld be ane honorable faithfull man nor zit I did nocht desire sic confirmatioun to prese zou vyerwiss bot at ze schawe me at our first commonying.

And zour promiss at ye said Lard of Glenurquhay was desirar of me yairand at he was als weill gevin to yat purposs as ze.

And quhy gif say hed bene think ze merwall yat I wald desire his writting for ane witnessing at he war desirar of me yair to approbat zour sayingis yat he desirit me to ye quhilkis I gef credens in ye begynning.

Bot ze sall hef me apardonit [1] I cann schaw ye said Lardis writtingis to preif ye contrar viz yat he nevir bald nor desirit me nor my cumpany to cum yair nor wist nocht of yat dracht. [2]

Yis is dissonant with zour informatioun quhairfor my counselloris [3] hes forbiddin me to cum yair to yat I hef ane sekir probatioun [4] of ye said Lard yat he desiris me yair or nocht.

And gif he desiris me yair I wat he will nocht stwdy to shaw me ye samyn for I trestit to yis present yat ze hed bene bayth coniunctlie sett for yat purposs.

And als it war necesser yat I knawe gif he desirit me yair als weill as ze sua yat I and my cumpany mycht ye mair esy vss in hes cuntrie quhen mister [5] requiritis.

And attour quhair ze write yat ye skath of zour vnfreindis quhilk ze hef gottin [6] in ane part sall redound to me and my freindis schame without we *be set* to revenge ye samyn and gif plesit me and freindis to cum and tak my part of ye remied.

As for yat plesis zou to desire ye rest of zouris freindis to serve zou say lang as I hef done and of sic ane fassioun zit sall I be als redy as yai to ye samyn.

Bot it is sene expedient to my counsell (howbeit it be lychtlifull to zow) yat I gang nocht fuillaiglie [7] yair agane as I did afoir.

And sua gif ze get nocht ye said Lard of Glenurquhais writting with zour awne to me at he is desirar of me yair like as ze ar hef me apardonit at I cum nocht.

For I will nocht get men to pass to sic ane purposs (without costis and expenss) bot zit I and freindis salbe als weill gevin for ye revenge of yai inimeis as ze be.

Gif we gett nocht ye said Lardis writtingis yat he is desirar of ws yair and zour awne writting at ze ar debtor to pay ye costis at I sall mak over my cumpany.

For gif ze do nocht send yir writtingis I can nocht hef ferm assurans yat ze and ye said Lard wald desire ws to cum yair.

Bot alwiss we salbe sett for revenge *as* vyeris sall quhen tyme and place requiris howbeit we thoill [8] for ane tyme.

Ferdar referris to zour awne wisdom and nixt anser in yis behalf.

Sua committ is zow to ye Lord God. Of Kilmartin ye xij day of Februar 1562. Zouris eme at powar, Donald Campbell of ye Larg

[PS] Pless mak my commendatiounis to ye Lady zour bedfallo [9] David Torscheach and Neill Campbell. For my broder ye Lard [10] commendis him hertlie to zou and yaim.

[1] Forgiven.
[2] Scheme.
[3] The reference to his counsellors and later to his council suggest that Donald was still a minor, though he refers later in the letter to having served Glenlyon for a long time. There had been a considerable mix-up between Larg, Glenlyon and Grey Colin over Larg bringing his troops for service against the MacGregors. Larg now insisted upon having written instructions before he would come with his men and wanted Glenlyon to underwrite the cost of the operation.
[4] Dependable proof.
[5] Need.
[6] This probably refers to the MacGregor raid of 7 December 1562 on the inn at the Brae of Atholl, after which Duncan Campbell of Glenlyon and Patrick, his brother, took out signet letters against the MacGregors, 13 December 1562, GD112/1/124-5; 141-2.
[7] Foolishly.
[8] Suffer.
[9] Janet Robertson, Glenlyon's wife.
[10] This could refer to Archibald, Donald’s eldest brother, though he did not succeed their father John Campbell of Lochnell until 1568, or his elder brother, John of Cabrachan, or possibly his brother-in-law, a Cadogan.

Date: 28 March 1563
REF: GD112/39/2/14
Place: Dundee
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cousing Colin Campbell of Glenvrchay

Cousing efter hartlie commendatioun.

I resavit zour writting and as concerning ye deliverans of ye letters thay war deliverit to ye Thesawrar and trewlie I culd do no farder diligens in getting yame deliverit becaus I am nocht instantlie in court bot in Dunde heir and wilbe in Sanct Andros ye morne.

And gif ye letters be nocht deliverit be ye Thesawrar I sall caus hest yame with diligens and sall schaw to the Quenis Majeste of ye contenvans of yame sa lang.

For yairis na man yat wald rather ye furtherans of yat mater nor I.

Merour I sall commend zow to my Lord of Mvrray to quhome I dowt nocht it wilbe acceptable.

Gif I find my Lord off Atholl befoir ye consall I will nocht pretermit to complene vpoun him.

Prayand zow to be vigilant in ye mein tyme and to tak guid hed quhair ze may apprehend on y of ye Clangregoris.
Praying that you should be vigilant in the meantime and take good heed that you may apprehend any of the ClanGregor

And ye sall nocht want ony supple or help yat we may do.

And God preserve zow. Of Dunde ye xxviij day off Merche 1563.

Zouris Archibald Ergyll

[PS] Commend ws to zour bedfallow.

Date: 3 April 1563
REF: GD112/39/2/15 Place: St Andrews
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cowsing Lard off Glenorquhay

Rycht traist cowsing efter maist hartlie commendatioun.

We haif resavit zour wrytting be ye quhilk we now onderstand ye grett crweltye yat Clan Gregor hes laytlie committit vpon zow and our kynismen of ye quhilk we are nocht contentitt and sall God willing put remad yairto quhen tyme sall serff to zour contentyment and regardis ye displessour done to zow at yis present as it war done to our self.
We have recived your letter, by which we now understand the great cruelty which the Clan Gregor has recently committed on you and our kinsmen. We are not happy with these events and shall remedy matters as soon as time permits. We consider the damage which they have done to you as if it was done to ourselves.

And be ze assurit off ane thing yat we sall nocht pretermit to do yat thing in stabillissing and rewengeing of ye crweltiye yat Clan Gregor hes comittitt agans zow and our kynismen at yis present as yat war done agans our self.
Be aasured of one thing, that we shall not delay in exacting revenge for the cruelties of the Clan Gregor against you and our kinsmen, as if it was committed against ourselves

For we think in respect of ye afowld and trew service yat ze haif done to ws quhen we had ado yat we suld nott forzett ye samin now quhen ze haif ado bot sall fortifye and sett ye samin forthwarttis to our power.

And as to ye wrytting ze desyire to Rynald MacCouil Glass we haif wryttin attentiklye to hiym according to zour desyire ye quhilk wrytting ze sall resave wnclositt and gif ze think yat for zour purpoiss and to zour contentment caus cloiss yat and send ye samin to ye said Rynald.

As to our dyett we purpoiss to remaine here quhill ye fyrst day of Maij yairfore quhat besynes ze haif ado with ws in ye myntyme we refere ye samin to zour speking with ws and next advertisyment.

Yis efter our hartlie commendatiouns to zour bedfallow committis zow to God Almychty.

Of Sanctandrois ye thrid day of Aprile 1563. Zouris Archibald Ergyll

Date: n.d. Wednesday [c. May 1563 [1]
REF: GD112/39/12/3 (SHS ed. No. 10)
Place: Annat, just south of Kilchrenan (north-west end of Loch Awe) [2]
From: Neil Malcolm, Parson of Lochawe (Kilchrenan)
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To my lufving maister Collin Campbell off Glenurquhay delyver yis

The grace of God omnipotent the comfortt of his son Jesus Christ wit ye assistance of ye Hally Gaist to be wit zou for salutatiounis.

Yis is to adverteis zour Mastership yat I am occupyit wit zour Mastershipis bessenes and my awin and ware nocht yat I haid syk nessessar bessenes I would nocht be salang absentt fra zour Mastership bot I am inspescialle bydand wpoun ane servand yat I directit to Lorne to spy sporttis.

For I wes infformit yat Johne Campbell zour eme send fra hym Makgregoris soun [3] wit his complesis and gif yat be trew I sall haif fair advertesiment or evin of yair sepperatioun and diate [4] quhilk ze salbe adverteist quhow soun I may be suir.
For I have been told that your cousin, John Campbell (Lochnell), has sent away MacGregor's son, and if I should hear whether this is true and when, I will let you know as soon as I am sure of it.

And hest ye boy to me sua yat I may be at zow eftir as ze will haif ado with me quhilk sall nocht be dilayitt saffar as may.

Wit my hertle commendatioun of service to my hussie [5] ye Lady and God preseryf zow bayth.

Of ye Annand yis Wednisday be zour ondoutitt servitor reddy to command as N M Peirson Lochaw

[PS] And quhen ze haif red yis braik it sua yai it be nocht patent [6] to mony.

[1] Neil Malcolm signing himself Parson of Lochawe, made a bond of manrent with Grey Colin, c. May 1563 (the bond itself is undated but placed with documents dated April and May 1563), GD112/1/132. The contents of the letter seem to be linked to the events described in Donald Campbell of Larg’s letter to Glenlyon, 12 February 1563 [9].
[2] Neil Malcolm, now styled Rector of Lochawe, received a feu charter from the 5th earl for the lands of Annat in Lochawe, 22 October 1569, AT VI, 137.
[3] John Campbell, probably of Lochnell, who annoyed Grey Colin by entertaining the MacGregors on other occasions. The reference to MacGregor’s son probably means Gregor MacGregor, who was still young, having just come of age, MacGregor, thesis, 270; 306f.
[4] Meeting.
[5] Mistress or housewife.
[6] Accessible. Despite its secret content Grey Colin obviously ignored the instruction to destroy the letter.

Date: 9 May 1563
REF: GD112/39/7/4
Place: Carrick Castle (Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our trest cousyng ye Lard of Glenvrquhay

Trest cousyng eftir hartlie commendatioun.

We resawit zowr writingis and is glaid of ye gud service yat Makrennald hes done and gif we may it sall nocht be wnrewardit.

As for Johane Stewart he hes bene at ws and hes confest that he spak with sum of ye Clangregor as ze sall knaw at meting.
John Stewart has been with us and confessed that he had spoken with some of the ClanGregor as you will know when we meet.

Bot we haif agreit with him na wderwayis nor ze knaw zour selfe and wil nocht do quhill ze and we speik togidder.

As for our dyett wilbe in Inveraray on Frydaye ye xiiij daye of yis moneth quhair we think best ze cum and speik with ws.

Resaif Jhone Oigis bill agane.

And God haif zow in keipin. Of ye Carrik ye nynt of Maij instant. Zouris Archibald Ergyll

Date: 21 June 1563
REF: GD112/39/2/17
Place: Blair Atholl
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: To my Lord Erll off Ardgylle

My Lord eftyr hartliest commendatioun.

Yis present is to call to zour Lordshipis rem[brance] ... comonyng and promesis maid befoir ye Quenis Maiestie be zour Lordship and me at ... depairting off Scanctandrois quhairof ane pairt ves yat gif ony of zour freinds [and ser-]vands did ony molestatione or cummyr vythines my cuntray ye samyne suld be frist [schaw...]in onto zour Lordship yat it mycht be redressit and put in ye awyne place.

Lyk as I dout nocht bot zour Lordship vill causs ye samyne to be done quhone sic occationis happynis nocht onlye for ye promeissis maid befoir our soverane bot in respect of ye tendirnes of blwid and yat I inlykmaneir ame myndit to employ me gif sic occatioun occurris vythin my boundis.

Thairfoir becauss ye frist occatioune is done be servandis of zour Lordshipis freind and my awyne cousing ye Laird of Glenvrquhay yat is to say on Furisday ye saxtene day of Junij instante Alexander MacGregor MacNeill and vthers his complicis come to my landis and twik avay certaene gwidis and insycht geir out of ane servandis houss of myne quhairof I haif nay lytill marvell yat ony pertenying zour Lordship suld haif done siclyk considering ye promeissis and caussis foirsaid beleiffing swirlye zour Lordship vil causs send and restore ye samyn spulze to ye ground agane.
Therefore because this has been committed by dependants of your lordship and my own cousin the Laird of Glenorchy, that is to say on last Friday the 16th June, Alexander MacGregor MacNeill and his accomplices came to my lands and took goods and property out of one of my servant's house, whereof I am surprised that any of your Lordship's people should have done this, considering your promises and therefore I surely believe that your Lordship will make good my losses and restore the stolen property

For trewlie I vauld haif bene laith yat sic geir suld haif bene tane but ordour of lawe of my landis on recompansand ye samyn in semblable maneir or nowe var nocht ye beleiff I haif zour Lordship vil causs ye said guid is and geir to be putt in ye place quhairout of yay var spulzeit or at ye leist to causs yame to be delyverit to my servandis and thais yat twik avay ye samyn to be pwneissit as zour Lordship thinkis guid.

And I dout nocht bot ye Maister ye Laird of Glenvrquhay vill causs ye same be done vyth alss gwid vill as zour Lordship vill requyr him. Lyk as zour Lordship sall fynd me redy to do ye lyk maneir gif sic occurris ondyr me.

Zour Lordship ansure in vrit of ye premyssis vyth ye berar and sua committis zour Lordship to ye protectioun of God.

Of Blair in Attholl ye xxj of Junii 1563 be Zour Lord at powar Atholl