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Campbell of Glenorchy Letters 150-173 - 6th September 1570 to 7th October 1570

Date: 6 September 1570
REF: GD112/39/10/1 (SHS ed. No. 150)
Place: Ilanran Castle (Killin)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy (draft)
To: Dougal MacDougall of Dunollie
Endorsement:Ye copy of ye writin send to MacCowle

Rycht honourable Sir and traist freynd efter hartlie commendatioun.

It is nocht unknawin to zou ze cummeris yat I haif and I haif few helparis onlie bott God and now sein ze and uyeris of zour freyndis yat hes sum proffit of me nocht movand be zou bot be zour freyndis will nocht do service yairfoir bot puttis me of with fenzeit [1] flatterand wordis.

Samony of zour freyndis yat hes proffit of me nor ze will pay me my awin dewete of my landis as I schaw zou oftymis.

Quhairfoir sein ze ar nocht willing to help me nor zit zour freyndis in my anster quhilk wor nocht zour comoun in partecular. [2]

For I did my dewete to zour hous quhen it wes at ane scharp poynt [3] and sall do ye samen as zit sua ye falt be nocht in zour selff.

Yairfoir and ze wor weill myndit to me ze wald caus sum of zour awin freyndis and myn tenentis ewise Glenurquhay ains in ye xv dayis with ane sobir nomir with ii or iii nychts meit quhilk wur esalie done to yaim.

And I lipnit ye samen credet to Alane MacConache Roy to shaw zou ye samen bot I se yair cummis na purpois bot dryving of tyme.[4]

I pray zou appardoun me yat I write scharplie to zou for ze nor zour freyndis hes nocht ane excuiss now bot my Lord of Argyle is weill willing yairto.

I am ewill content and als varray sory yat zour freyndis yat hes proffit of me dois nocht yair dewete nor zit service to me quhilk is able to cum to yair rewyns schortlie and yat throcht yair aw in occatioun and falsett [5] yat yai sall never haif ane fut of me albeit I seld gif it to ye Clangregor quhilk I wilbe layth to do gif I may git vyeris.

Nocht haiffand forder ocatioun at yis presant bot God bles zou. From Ilanran ye vj of September anno lxx.

[1] Feigned or deceptive.
[2] Either ‘answer’ or ‘anter’ meaning adventure, which was not your particular obligation.
[3] Grey Colin had helped John MacDougall of Dunollie in the 1550s when he was in trouble with the 4th earl of Argyll, see [4].
[4] Procrastination.
[5] Falsehood.

Date: 15 September 1570
REF: GD112/39/10/3 (SHS ed. No. 152)
Place: Edinburgh
From: Peter Hay of Meginch
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address: To ane rycht honorable Ladie the Ladye of Glenvrquhie

Maistres eftur my verraye hurtlie commendatioun.

Pleis I spake my Lordis Regenttis Grace [1] conforme to zour informatioun quhom I find sa weill myndit to zour husband as ze wald desyre.

Sua thar he sayis gyve the Clanfarlein will nocht forbeir ye cumpany of the Clangregor [2] he sall put tham bayth furth of ye Lenox and sall tak sik part with zour husband ag ains his innemeis as sa he sall dewiss at his heir cuming.

Quhilk His Grace luikis for tobe within yir few dayis as he hes desyrit him be his wretting quhilk His Grace hes befor my heircuming directe to him. [3]

Alvais His Grace denyiyis that evir he hes hithirtillis grantit ony thing in the favors of ye Lardis onfreyndis nor zit is myndit to do.

In lyk maner Drumquhassill [4] standis ye Lardes freynd quharof ... sa ... ye Lard sall have experiens at meting.

And [dessyris] that the samen be knawin to the Lardis self alannerlyie [for rasonable] causs he promisst yam ye man yat hes offennndit ... and sall na langer be his servand.

All men heir ar in gud opinion of ye Lard and meins his caice in sik maner ... gif it standis in thir mennis handis to releive him ... he mabe assurit yairof.

Quhairfor gyve his ... may serve without his skayth I find it guid ... proffit him tobe heir schortlie.

I will nocht trubill [y]ou with langer wretting at yis tyme bot desyring yat ze will mak my hartlye commendatioun to the Lard your husband I commit zou to ye protectioun of almychty God. [Of] Edinbrugh the xv day of September 1570. Zour verray assurit freynd at all power, Peter Hay of Meginch

[1] Matthew Stewart, 4th earl of Lennox.
[2] The MacFarlanes were accused of resetting the MacGregors, see MacGregor, thesis, 386.
[3] Grey Colin was expected to come to Edinburgh to make his peace with the King’s Party, see Introduction.
[4] John Cunningham of Drumquhassill, who put pressure upon George Buchanan of that Ilk to sort out his differences with Grey Colin: see [163].

Date: 19 September 1570
REF: GD112/39/10/6 (SHS ed. No. 155)
Place: Edinburgh
From: William, 4th Lord Ruthven
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address: To his sister the Lady Glenwrquhey

Sister efter maist hertlye commendatiounis.

I haiff wrettin att lenthe to ye Laird zour husband towart ye effaris quhairof ze gaiff me informacioun sua yat I neid nocht to redubill ye samen in yis letter.

Bott alwayis I think werrey meit he hest to com ower seing all thingis is liklye to tak effect to his awin hertis desyr for yer is na thing ressonabill he can desyr for fordering his causs yat wilbe refusit and yerfor tyme now wald nocht be tint.

My Lord Regent {shew me that [1} MacFarland and wyers of his procurment trawelit for {lycence} to resot ye Clangregor. [2]

Bott his Grace gaiff plain ansuer yat he w{ald} rayer persew yaim as rebelis to ye ded and giff MacFarland {or his kin} mellit ony way with yaim yai suld incur ye sam danger h... quhai sall shew me in lyk maner yat it wes fals zat wes re[portit of] ... haim *towart ye labouring for our syt* bott he culd nocht stope yaim quha attemptit wrar... deid ... vpon him.

Bott schorlye ye Laird suld haiff apperien... ... yis procedingis quhat affectioun he beir to ...kit ... ze credit he hed.

He hes augmentit ye ticket [3] ... with ... and sayis giff *ony of* his men be giltie yei salbe ye first ... be offerit to ye law.

Mak me advertisment [befoir ye Laird] ... to ye effect giff he think it necessar yat it may be present ... at his cuming.

Ther is na newis presentlye [heir] bott ye wrettingis quhilkis wer passand fray Monsur Werak [4] and ye [Lord] Flemyng out of Dumbartoun to Athole ar tain be ye gait ...

It is manifesit yat ye K[ing] of F[rance] will request for ye Quein bott he will be lothe [to] ... [to] conquist ye inemitie of ye maist part of Scotl[and] ... considderat freindis to his realm. The pest is warray grett in ye north partis of Ingland and speciallye through all Northumberland and ye bordoris.

As I haiff uyer occa[sioun] ye salbe advertisit and sua for ye present ceasing to trubill zow w[ith] langer [lettir] committis zow to ye protectioun of ye eternall.

A{t Edinburgh yis} ... x[ix] of September. Commend me to my sone Duncan [5] ... to cum doun at farrest again my return ...

Z[ouris] ... [Ruthven]

[1] Readings from GD50/116/241-2.
[2] MacFarlane and his clan were accused of resetting the MacGregors and signet letters were obtained against them, GD112/1/193, see Introduction.
[3] This must refer to Drumquhassil who provided extra names, see [156].
[4] The letters of Monsieur Verac (a French soldier and diplomat) to Maitland were intercepted by the King’s Party, CSPSc, III, 353; 362-3.
[5] Black Duncan who was Ruthven’s godson.

Date: 19 September 1570
REF: GD112/39/10/7 (SHS ed. No. 156)
Place: Edinburgh
From: William, 4th Lord Ruthven
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To the rycht honorabill and his maist speciall frend the Lard of Glenorquhay

Rycht honerabill Sir efter maist hertlye commendatioune.

Sen my cuming to yis toun I haif spokin my Lord Regent and ye Erll of Mortoun [1] in zour effaris according to zour awin informatioun giffin me be my sister zour bedfallow [2] quhome I find werry desyrus to haif zour presens heir sa shortlye as ze may to confer with zow baithe in ye common effaris as also in zour awin particularis.

Quharin my Lord Regent is als weill myndit as ze wald wyss and hes assurit me yat nochtwithstanding he hes gottin monye persuasiounis to shawe fawour to zour enemis yai sall haiff nain of him mair nor yai hed of ye Regentis Grace yat is with God.[3]

And attzour cuming ze satesfiing His Grace ressonable towart ye advancement of ye Kingis authorytie and zour dew obedience *to His Maiestie* he sall nocht onlye persew ye Clangregor as ze desyr bott alsua with his awin persoun will defend zow aganis ye grettest within yis realm giff yai suld pres to anoy zow or z[our] rewmis. [4]

As to ye punisment of sic of ye Clanfarlan as wes att ye slawchter of zour men ze wilbe satisfeit in yat matter.

And ordour wilbe tain for ye resett of ye Clangregor in lyk wys within ye boundis off Lennox.[5]

My Lordis Grace thocht nocht necessar to wrett to zow att yis tyme becaus it is sa short quhyll sen he wrett of befor *to ye sam effec* bot desyrit me to latt zow test of his gud mynd quhairoff ze suld knaw forder att metting.

He fand sum falt yat he hed wrettin twyss to zow and yat ze wrett nocht again.

I excusat ye matter yat ze thocht to be sa shortlye att His Grace yat ze deleyit to wrett quhill be zour awin presence ze gaiff ansuer quhilk he wes weill applesit with.

Ze sall resaiff ane letter of my Lord of Mortonis [6] quhom I find contenew his freindschip towart zow on ye auld maner of bye I trust ze will persave als mekle in effect as I wrett. The Laird of Drumquhassill [7] shawis him werrey freindlie to me in zour effaris and sayis ze sall find his guid will in zat he may do and hes giffin me many namis of ye Clanfarlain yat wes in cumpany with ye Clangregor nor wes contenit in ye ticket I gatt fray zour bedfallow.

And for the men yat dwellis vpoun his landis *giff onie off yaim be guiltie yai* salbe ye first yat salbe presentit to punisment.

Seing ye tyme servis weill for zow to gett zour hand beyound zour enemies I wald ze maid ze gretter hest to cum heir becaus ye Erll of Mortoun passis schortlye to ye bordor.

And sua refarring ze rest to zour awin wysdoum committis zow in ye protectioun of ye eternall.

At Edinburgh yis Tysday lettye xix of September 1570. Zouris rycht assurit att power, Ruthven

[1] Matthew Stewart, 4th earl of Lennox and James Douglas, 4th earl of Morton.
[2] See [155].
[3] Lord James Stewart, Regent Moray.
[4] Probably a reference to possible reprisals by the 5th earl if Grey Colin joined the King’s Party, see Introduction.
[5] These were the two charges that Grey Colin had against the MacFarlanes, see Introduction.
[6] See [157].
[7] John Cunningham of Drumquhassill had provided names of MacFarlanes resetting the MacGregors and so made it easier to obtain signet letters against them, GD112/1/193.
He also put pressure on George Buchanan of that Ilk, [163].

Date: 19 September 1570
REF: GD112/39/10/8 (SHS ed. No. 157)
Place: Edinburgh
From: James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: ... verrey gud and ... freind the Laird of Glenwrquhay

Traist freind eftir my hartlie commendatioun.

I vnderstand be my Lord Ruthven [1] ze ar desyrous to knaw my Lord Regentis mynd and myne anentis zour heircuming for schawing zour obedience to the Kingis Maiesteis service. [2]

I doubt not nor ze sall find zour self tobe welcum to ye Regent.

And as to me ze sall find me zour freind as ze haif fund me heirtofoir.

It is reportit yat zour nychtbouris ye Clangregor ar begun with zow agane.

Ze schawing zour obedience to ye King and keping zour freindschip with zour auld freindis heir ze will find men willing to help to releif zow out of cummer bayth with yair counsale and assistance as ze will knaw farder at zour cuming.

To ye quhilk tyme I refer ye rest.

And swa committis zow to God. Frome Edinburgh ye xix day of September 1570. Zour gud e freind, Mortoun

[1] See[156].
[2] For Grey Colin’s careful negotiations concerning his joining Regent Lennox and the King’s Party, see Introduction.

Date: n.d. [bef. 21 September 1570] [1]
REF: GD112/39/10/17 (SHS ed. No. 159)
From: George Buchannan of that Ilk
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To ye rycht honorable and his traist freind ye Lard of Glenurquhar

Rycht honorible Sir efter hartlie commendatioun.

Forsamekle as yis present is to advertiys zow yat I am informit yat ze ar miscontentit with sum of my tennentis of my hieland and in specale with Duncan MacCowlkeir and his broyer and broder sonis quhilkis ar my tenentis and occupiaris of my landis.

And purposis as I am informit to hurt yame and yair bodyis guids and geir quhilkis is to my gret dishonour and skayth giff sa be yat ze intend to do ye samyn.

Heirfor I pray zow to continew zour purpois in yai effaris and gif ony of yair forsaidis personis hes maid ony occasioun or caus to zow to do ye samyn I salbe contentit of yare behalff to giff and offer zow yat sycht and deliveranis of four Campbellis and four Buchquhannanis my Lord of Argile tobe overman. [2]

And prayis zow to mak me na occasioun of evill mair nor I sall do to zow for I have na will of ineimies.

And yat ze assure me of zowre perfite and trew ansuer in ye premissis.

And farder I will nocht writ bot credens to ye berar.

Nocht ellis bot God have zow in keping.

Be zouris at power, George Buchquhanane off yat Ilk

[1] Grey Colin’s reply [161]. John Cunningham of Drumquhassill had put pressure upon Buchanan to write this letter, see [163].
[2] Buchanan was offering the normal procedure for feud settlement, see Introduction.

Date: 21 September 1570
REF: GD112/39/10/10 (SHS ed. No. 160)
Place: Balloch Castle
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy (draft)
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: My Lord efter maist hartlie commendatiounis of service.

I resavit zour Lordshipis writing fra MacNakard ye xix of yis instant and mervellis yat zour Lordship hes send me na word toward ye Clangregor for yai ar daylie doand murthour and spuilze vpoun my puir aneis nocht onlie in yir boundis of Braidalbein bot siclyk within zour Lordshipis awin boundis quhilk is bayth ongodlie and ontollerable.

Yairfor I have send Coline Leche [1] to zour Lordship with credeit quhilk I dout nocht bot zour Lordship will find godlie and ressonable.

Praying zour Lordship efter declaratioun of Colinis credit to send me ane vtir ansuer [2] quhat is ye thinge yat I ma lippin for at zour Lordshipis hand with zour Lordshipis gud consall yat I ma tak ye nixt best as God will gif me grace.

For sein ye Clangregor contenewis and as aperis ar myndit to perseveir in all maner of abhominaciouns and wickitness I dout nocht bot zour Lordship with zour Lordshipis haill freindis wilbe enimeis to yaim bayth for ye gloir of God and zour Lordshipis awin honour.

For it is nocht onlie my particular skayth yai commit bot opponis yaim selfis againis all ye godlie in wsinge abhominacioun and wickitness and distroyinge ye common welthe.[3]

Ye rest to zour Lordshipis wisdoum and ansuer and sa committis zour Lordship to ye protectioun of ye eternall God.

At Balloch ye xxj of September 1570. Be zour Lordshipis kinnisman assurit at his powar,

[1] Colin MacLachlan of Craiginterve.
[2] In the sense of, a final answer.
[3] It is possible that the Grey Colin’s tone of high moral indignation with the language to match was partly a smokescreen because he was engaged in negotiations to make his peace with Regent Lennox, see Introduction.

Date: 21 September 1570
REF: GD112/39/10/11 (SHS ed. No. 161)
Place: Ilanran Castle (Killin)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy (draft)
To: George Buchanan of that Ilk [1]
Address: Honorabill Sir efter hartlie commendatiounis.

I haf sene zour writin and quhair ze wret yat ze ar infurmit yat sum of zour tenentis in zour heland lands and specealle Duncane MacCoulkeir his broyer and yair broyer sonis quhay ar zour tenentis and occupyaris of zour landis and yat I purpois to hurt yaim in yair bodis guidis and gere to zour gret dishonour and skayth.

As to yat I asser zow I am nocht myndit to hurt na man yat partenis to zow nor na vyer noble man bot to yaim yat I haif ane iust occatioun to be ye lawis of ye realme nor zit will persew na man bot be ye lawis of ye realme.

Albeit yat I be handelit and my puyr tenentis vyerwyss be nychtbouris quhilk wilbe knawin efterwart.

And quhar ze wrete yat ze ar contentit to gif me ye sycht of four Campbells and four Baquhananis and my Lord of Argyle to be over man of ye foirsaidis personis to amend yair faillis efter yair sycht.

As to yat indeid zour offiris is werray gude bot ze haif sum uyer tenentis and rowimes quhilk ze aught to anser for be ye lawis of ye realme yat hes offendit to me as I allege.

And gif ze wilbe contenit to submit yai tenentis to ye sycht of freyndis I think I suld nocht refuiss it.

Yairfoir desyris zoe to adverteis me gif ze will ansuer for ye rest of zour rowmes yat ressettis my tenentis gere yat is stollin fra yaim quhilk ye law will compell zoe(sic) at ye lenth.

Bot I haif na will of cummeris as ze writ for zour awin part bot wald wysche at God yat every nychtbour and nobleman wer myndit to pvnesche trespassouris and lymmaris as I am myndit albeit yat I get mayr skayth nor vyeris dois for ye samen.

I am als weill myndit to haif [fre]yndschip of zour hous and gude nychtboreit and of all uyer honest men to yat effect yat every ane of vs mycht haif ane quyetnes as knawis God and ye wyckit man and comoun theiffis to be punist quha extorsis [2] ye puyr dalie.

Reffarand ye rest to zour nixt advertisment and God blis zoe.

From Ilanran ye xxj of September anno lxx.

[1] A reply to [159] also see [163].
[2] Subjects to extortion or oppresses.

Date: 21 September [1570] [1]
REF: GD112/39/6/18 (SHS ed. No. 162)
Place: Edinburgh
From: William, 4th Lord Ruthven
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address: To ... syster the Ladye Glenorquhay

Sister efter maist hertlye commendatioun.

Befor ye resait of zour last lettre I hed send anser to ye Laird towart ye contentis of ye samyn with my Lord Regentis mynd anent ye Lairdis effaris quhilk I omit to wrett onye forder of till his awin cuming.

Alwayis I haiff procurit lettres and chairgis to be send to ye Clenfarlane and all wyeris dwelling in ye Lennox yat yei nor nain of yem resait ye Clengregor vnder ye pain of tressoun and yairwithall hes chairgit MacFarlane to present sic of his surnaim befor my Lord Regent as wes att ye slawchter of ye Lairdis men within vi dayis efter yai be chairgit under ye pain forsaid.[2]

And sall do gude will to gett ye said chairgis hestit away with sum officer off armis sa soun as is possibill.

In ye mean tym I sall nocht neid to desyre ye Laird to mak hest becaus I knaw he will mak na tarye.

Sua makand my hertlye commendationis to him I tak my leiff.

Committing zow in ye protectioun of ye eternall. At Edinburgh ye xxi of September.

Zour assurit broder at power, Ruthven

[PS] The Abott of Sanctcolmis Inshe [3] is cumit in yis day to tak his appontisment and all thingis concludit att ye conventioun in Strathtay [4] ar turnyt quyit contrarye to yer intentioun.
[1] See 19 September 1570 [155-6].
[2] Copy of the signet letters against MacFarlane, GD112/1/193.
[3] James Stewart, Commendator of Inchcolm.
[4] The big meeting of the Queen’s Party on 2 September 1570, see [148].

Date: 24 September [1570] [1]
REF: GD112/39/6/16 (SHS ed. No. 164)
Place: Duror (Appin)
From: John Stewart of Appin
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To ye rycht honorabill man Colin Campbell of Glenwrquhay gyff yis

Rycht honourable Sir efter maist hartly commendationis.

I have sein zour writting and onderstandis ze samyn makand mentioun yat I promesit to be at zow lang syin ye quhilk is of waritie.

And I was bydand apoin MacKainis sonnis [2] quha com to me yat samyn day yat zowr boye com to me.

And quhen I was makand me away my Lordis writtingis owrtwik me schaw and me yat his Lordship beis in Lorn ye second day of Octobar and remains in Dunstafynche [3] x or xii dayis.

And he hes desyrit me to prowyd hym for ane nychtis meit [4] in to Dunstafinche ye quhilk hes staiyt me fra my wayange [5] quhill his Lordship cumyng yair.

And yairefter God willing I sall nocht faill to be at zow with all deligens praying zow effectwisly to have me excusit at yis tym.

For in gud fayth ze sall nocht fynd me fenzeit [6] to zow quhill I leif as knawis God to quhom I commit zowr protectioun.

From Durror ye xxiiij day of Septembar. Be zouris assurit at powar with service, John Stewart of ye Appin

[1] See [109] and Stewart's bond with Grey Colin, 4 December 1570, GD112/1/192; BBT, 215.
[2] Sons of Gregor MacAne MacGregor.
[3] The 5th earl would be coming to Dunstaffnage Castle in Lorn.
[4] The obligation of providing supplies for one’s superior, the 'cuid-oidhche' or 'cudeigh', a night’s meat or entertainment.
[5] Departing.
[6] Deceiving.

Date: 2 October 1570
REF: GD112/39/11/1
Place: Inveraray Castle
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our cousing Colin Campbell of Glenvrquhay

Cousing eftir hartlie commendatiounis.

We resavit zour letteris and articules and hes onyerstandit ye credit of ye bereris yairof in sic sort as word and wryttingis contenit in yis.

Meintyme we causit speik Ewin Makgregor Patrik Ower and Duncan Abbroch for fynell concord to be had in thaes walthuris yat ar now aloft in our cuntreis and zouris for laik of concorde.

We haiff hard yair petisiones but becaus that ye Lard of Achinbrek com nocht to yis towun of Inveraray be ressone of ane sairness in his leg and zit wilbe at ws in Lorne with our vtheris frendis we haif contenvit to mak ansuer to thame till metyng of our saidis frendis.

And than sall send to zow sic derektionis as salbe tocht expedient for vptaking of ye mater.

And according as we onderstand zour mynd be ye gentilmen that we purpos to send to zow schortlie sall travell to caus ye maist principalis of yis cuntre to spair nocht thair labour quhair it sall pleis zow to convein thame for brynging of yis purpos to ane guid pas gif obstinace be nocht vsit in small materris on ather syd.

Bot we beleif that ze will foirse and considder yis mater so as ye end yairof may tend to ye glorie of God ye quyetnes of yis puir cuntrie of ye Hielandis and inhabetantes yairof to our honour and rest and zourris siclyk.

And becaus we haiff derekit ane vther lettir to zour bedfallow it is nocht necessar that we truble zow with langer letter becaus ze will be participant off ye contentis of ye vther letter.

In this mentyme quhill we labour farther with ye Clangregor ze sall caus to tak guid heid of ye keiping of zour cuntreis yat ouder commonyng on concludit ze resaif na skayth.

This referring ye rest to ye berer committ is zow to ye protectioun of God.

Frome Inveraray ye secound daye of October 1570.

Zouris asswritly Archibald Ergyll

Date: 3 October 1570
REF: GD112/39/11/3 (SHS ed. No. 170)
Place: Inveraray Castle
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll and John Carswell
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address: To ane honorabill Ladie Katherene Ruthvan Lady of Glenvrquhay

Maistres eftir hartlie commendatiounis.

We resavit zour letteris of nouellis and sic vtheris efferis as is contenit yairintill and hes conferrit with freindis beying present in the heiddis contenit in zourris saidis letteris and zoure bedfallowis.[1]

As to ane heid that God willing taking effect will tend to the honorable service of our hous and amite and luif betuix ye twa houses of Glenvrquhay and Ardkingless be way of allyay [2] we ar sa cairfull yairfoir that we purpois to bring it to ane guid pas to our awin plesoure and to ye honour and plesour and contentment of bayth ye housses. [3]

Quhairvnto we fynd Ardkinglass vary weill myndit and flexible to our will yairin according to his dewetie and will present himself to ye performyng yairof quhen oportune tyme sall service and as we sall appoynt.

And yat menyng all togydder treuth and vprychtnes in ye caus on his syd lyk as we and he hes expectatioun that ye lyk is ment on zour syd.

As for ye Clangregor we haiff ado presentlie to tak ordour with thame and ye sam requeris that we send sum gentilmen to speik with ye Lard quhilk we mynd schortlie to do eftir that we haiff spokin with freindis yat ar nocht present and speciallie Achinbrek quha will be at us within twa or thre days. [4]

And we trauell for abstinence [5] at yair handis quhilk we haif nocht zit obtenit becaus thai ar nocht togidder bot sparpalit [6] and thai dar nocht promes for all ye haill quhill thay convein togidder and quhill the Lardis ansuer cum of yair petisiones that salbe send in wrett eftir our commonyng with our saidis frendis.

Prayng zour Ladyship to be ye instrement safar as becumis zow of godlynes and zour honour and to ye weill of zour hous to bring yis mater to ane concord and lat it nocht proceid in forther truble giff ane lytill mater may stay it as we suppone it ma.

Bot becaus the berer will amplefie our myndis mair largely we wilnocht truble zour Ladyship with langer letter.

And so with credence to ye berer committis zow to ye protectioun of God.

From Inveraray ye thred of October 1570. Zouris asswritly, Archibald Ergyll John Bishop of Iyles

[1] The 5th earl’s reply to Grey Colin, 2 October 1570, GD112/39/11/1 - not printed.
[2] Alliance.
[3] The negotiations for the Ardkinglass marriage, see Introduction.
[4] See Auchinbreck to Grey Colin, 4 October 1570 [171].
[5] Truce.
[6] Scattered.

Date: 4 October 1570
REF: GD112/39/11/4 (SHS ed. No. 171)
Place: Inistrynich (Loch Awe)
From: Dougal Campbell of Auchinbrek
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address:To ye rycht honorable and his traist eme Colyin Campbell of Glenurquhey

Rycht honorable Sir and traist eme eftir maist hertlie commendatiounis.

I ressavit zour lettir fra Colene Leche [1] and vndirstandis ye effect of his credit and I mett with my Lord my cheif [2] on Lochaw quha had send sum to spek ye Clangregor desyring ane assurans for ane certan space that freyndis mycht commown in the mater for well of bayth parties.

And persavis be ye ansuer of thame that the onlie heid yai stand on is for that thai have ane vnderstanding thai can nocht be sover [3] without skayth yai refuse alluterlie ony assurans.

Alleging ye samen to be bot ane motive to thame to tyne yaim yat hes done for thame.

And ye principellis of the Clangregor with quhome my Lord causit spek (to wit) Ewin MacGregor and Duncan Abbrach [4] vald nocht assure his Lordship of ony assuranc[e] bot wald do gud will at the restis of yair kyn for obtening yairof (gif ye samen may be).

And as for my awin part thair is na thing that lyis in my power bot I will employ ye samen for weill of zow and to putt zow out of trublis.

And wald wish zow as my speall(sic) freinde to considder the wechtienes of the mater according as the present estait servis and the guid will of freindis to ye avancement of zour welfair to power to the quhilk I salbe reddie at all tymes.

Forder of my mynd referris to the bereris credit and to the memoriall sent be me to zow.

And so committis zow to God. Off Inschdrynycht this 4 of October 1570.

Zour assurit eme to power, Dowgall Campbell off Achinbrek

[1] Colin MacLachlan of Craiginterve, who probably delivered Grey Colin's letter before he went to Stirling, see [169;172-3].
[2] The 5th earl.
[3] Secure. The phrase means if the MacGregors cannot be sure they will not be plundered, then they will utterly refuse the assurance.
[4] Ewin MacGregor, and Duncan Abbrach, his brother.

Date: n.d. [4-7 October 1570] [1]
REF: GD112/39/14/2 (SHS ed. No. 172)
From: Colin MacLachlan of Craiginterve [2]
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address: Efter hartlie commendatiounis of my humill service.

I haif resavit zour writing and hes awayttit on ye contentis yairof conform to zour Ladyshipis desyre.

For I haif nocht sene my awin hous [3] sen my departing fra zour self as zit and dois in zour efferis all yat lyis in my power.

Bot to lat zow vnderstand I haif bot letill help nochtwithstanding doutt ze nocht bot I sall do my dewoir at my Lordis hand in halding him in contenewall rememberance of all thingis yat ze haif commandit me. [4]

As to ye assurance ye Lard grantit at my Lordis request Clangregoris hes refusit ye samyn and sa far as wnderstand as zit ye Lard hes mister to luike to him self and to his men and contre mair attentteklie [5] nor he hes done in tymes past.

I haif labourit at my Lordis hand yat he hes promest me to send Johne Stewart wp rycht schortlie for ye quhilk he hes gottin ze courtis of ye Appin remittit.

Als I haif spokin with ye Lard of Barbrek quha hes gewin me ane guid ansure and sayis yat he is willing to do ye Lard all ye service he can.[6]

Swa I am walkraff as I can and sall contenew quhill I gett farder intelligens of ye quhilk I sall adverteis zow with ye nixt lyk as ye mater will proceide.

Swa ze sall adverteis me with yis berar of zour mynd fardar and I sall do yairefter as I may best.

[PS] I pray zow lipin na thing heir for na guid bot subpone to ye worst and dw for zour self. I haif send with zour new serwand sum be tong to quhom ze may gif eris farder. Ye eternall God haif zow in keiping.

[1] After 1 October 1570 [169], between 4 October 1570 [171] and 7 October 1570 [173].
[2] The valediction and signature have been lost where the bottom of the paper was cut.
[3] Colin had been in Stirling, travelled to Loch Awe to see Auchinbreck, and was now on the road back to Inveraray.
[4] Colin promises to do his duty by reminding his Lord, the 5th earl, of everything that Katherine had instructed him.
[5] With greater attention.
[6] John Stewart of Appin and Campbell of Barbreck were going to be sent with troops to Grey Colin.

Date: 7 October [1570] [1]
REF: GD112/39/6/27 (SHS ed. No. 173)
Place: Inveraray
From: Colin MacLachlan of Craiginterve
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To ane rycht honorabill ye Lard of Glenwrquhay yis gif

Efter my maist hartlye commendatiounis of my service.

Zour Mastership sall wit I haif spokyn my Lord and ye Lard of Ardkanlas quha was heir prescent in yis toune quha is weill myndid as yai say yairself bot I can nocht fynd ane grond bot ane defarens [2] quhill yai speik ye Lard of Achinbrak and yat yairefter yai wille send twa gentillmen with sic heidis as is tocht guid be yame with ye pet[it]iounis of ye Clangregor.

Pre[y]ing zour Master to tak guid tent [3] to zour self in ye mein tyme for I se yat the assuirens nocht is past fordart.

For ye mair genttill yat zour Master is ye mair extrem and prud yai ar *I mein ye Clangregor*.

I tary with my Lord quhill ye rest of ye freindis cum befoir and yaireftir sall send zour Master suir intelligens of yair prosidigis.

Praying zour Master to be sircumspec[t] in ye mein tyme in keiping of zour Master and of zour cuntray.

Ye rest reffaris to zour Masteris iugment and ye eternall God preserf zour Master.

Of Inverreray ye vii of October. Zour serwand to comm and, Colin MacCoull of Cragnterf

[1] See [171-2].
[2] Delay, until Auchinbreck was consulted.
[3] Care or attention.