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Campbell of Glenorchy Letters 139-148 - 18th August 1570 to 26th August 1570

Date:18 August 1570 [1]
REF: GD112/39/9/20 (SHS ed. No. 139)
Place: Ilanran Castle (Killin)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
To: Gregor MacAne MacGregor
Address: Gregor MacAne I commend me hartlie to zow.

MacCallan Dow hes schawin [me] quhow ye Clangregor hes tain up zour geir and zour puir tenen[tis geir].

Ye quhilk I pray zow tak no thoucht of for albeit I have na ky [to recompeanss] zow instantlie I sall God willinge mak zow and zouris suir of rowmis yat sall mak zow mair profeit nor ye geir yat ze [have tint] at yis tyme *ze beand ane trew faythfull serwand to me*.

And gif ye puir men yat wantis geir dwelling onder zow be trew to zow tak yaim in to ye place [2] upoun my expensses and gif to yair wyifis and bairnis sum of my vituall to sustein yaim as ze think expediant.

I pray zow have ye place weill provydit with sic furnesinge as ye ma get and [spair] noyer my geir nor zit zour awin for God leuvinge ws [our] heilthis we will get geir enewche.

I pray zow and als commandes zow yat ze lat nain within ye place bot zour awin t[raist] servandis albeit I gaif zow ane command to reseve sum uyeris at my departing and keip yis writing for zour warrand.

For albeit ye geir be awa and ye ground waistit I kepand yat auld hous and haldand ye rigiss haill as God willinge I sall ze beand ane faythfull servand to me my bairnis and zouris sall leif honourable in it will God quhen ye plague of God will leycht upoun yaim and yair posteritie out of memorie yat molestis [me and] zow at yis present.

Send word to me gif ze [mister men] or ony oyir thinge ze wald have me doand with yis berar quha is ane man yat I credeit and ze ma schaw to him [zour] mynd. [3]

I sall provyid sum scharp boy yat can write ane reid to zow scho[rtlie] and hald ze him on my expenss sa lange as yis enduris becaus credeit ma nocht be gevin to boyis.

Ye rest to zour wis[doum] and to tr[eit] zour self weill and be mirrie and I tak na thoucht of geir for we will get geir enewche will God quha [mot] have zow in keiping.

At Ilanran ye xviij of August 1570. Zouris, [Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay]

[1] This letter is printed in BBT, 429-30, and A. Macgregor, The History of Clan Gregor(Edinburgh, 1898), I, 166; those words which are now illegible in the manuscript have been supplied from the BBT version and placed in square brackets. For Gregor MacAne’s reply, see [143].
[2] Kilchurn Castle at the top of Loch Awe.
[3] The bearer was John MacCorcadill: see [143].

Date: 18 August 1570
REF: GD112/39/9/21 (SHS ed. No. 140)
Place: Ilanran Castle (Killin)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy (draft)
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: My Lord efter maist hartlie commendatiounis of service. [1]

I am suirlie advertesit yat MacGregoris thre brethir [2] comin to Ardtettill [3] ye nummer of fourtie yis last Wodinisday ye xvj of yis instant at xij houris off ye day and tuk awa sex scoir ky with scheip and gait.

Quhilk Gregor MacAne and sum uyer of my servandis put yair eweist to zour Lordshipis boundis for saiftie be ressoun zour Lordship promesit to me in presens of zour Lordshipis freindis at our last commoninge yat zour Lordship wald do deligence to gar keip ye boundis of Glenurquhay as ye rest of zour Lordshipis awin bot now ye deid tryis ye contrar.

For ye cry was gevin ye space of tua or thre houris and nevir man rais nor assistit to it and ye spuillearis of my puir tenentis passit at last throucht Glenfalloch to ye Arracher [4] quhilk is ane gret dishonour to zour Lordship and skayth to me.

Thairfor I pray zour Lordship as ze luif zour Lordshipis awin honour caus sum of zour Lordshipis speciall freindis and servandis follow and persew ye boundis quhair my geir is reset and revenge it according to zour Lordshipis awin honour haistalie.

Yat zour Lordshipis onfreindis ma knaw yat ze can and ma revenge zour Lordshipis awin freindis just actioun.

And gif zour Lordship dois nocht yis consideringe I hald ye landis of Glenurquhay of zour Lordship and takis God to witness I spendit ye renttis of yaim zeirlie and mair in zour Lordshipis fadiris service and zouris as ye deid declaclaris(sic) zour Lordship maun aperdoun me I will seik remeid at ye autoriteis hand.

Quhilk I dout nocht to obtein gif justice be in Scotland becaus my actioun is bayth godlie and honorable I pryiss God.

I am sorie yat zour Lordship sufferis me to be put to yis point.

For gif MacNachtane [5] had tain als gret painis to have commandit ye Clangregour to desist fra hereinge of ye puir anes of Glenurquhay as he deid in sendinge of messege to yaim to pass of my boundis and leif in waist zour Lordship wald nocht have had sic dishonour and my puir aneis sic skayth.

For gif zour Lordship rememberis rycht an quhen yair was maist familiaritie betuix zour Lordship and me and maist plesand promesses maid to me be zour Lordship I and my puir aneis soun yairefter sustenit gretest skayth.

Prayinge zour Lordship haist zour Lordshipis ansuer to me quhat ze will do in revenge of yis caus yat I ma tak ye nixt best yairefter as God gevis me grace.

It arperis(sic) to me yat zour Lordshipis freindis ar offendit yat yair is kyndness or familiaritie betuix zour Lordship and me in sa far as yai suffer my puir aneis to be oppressit and tretis ye doaris yairof.

And sen sa is I am hartlie content nevir to cum in [zour] Lordshipis cumpane zour Lordship beand weill gif yat man satifie zour Lordshipis freindis to l... ye lat ye puir aneis yat duellis in my boundis leift in pece.

And ... thinkis nocht to fesche [6] zour Lordship with paper and ink mekle mair.

Gif [zour] Lordship findis nocht ane haistie remeid of ye skayth I and my tenentis of Glenurquhay hes susstenit sen I departit last fra zour Lordship, quhilk wald have hurt ane man yat ma spead [7] mair nor I. Bot zit ... hoip in God to overcum it all.

Pleiss zour Lordship to credeit ye ber[ar] to quhoum I have schawin sum of my mynd to be declarit to zour Lordship and sa committis zour Lordship to ye protectioun of God. At Ilanran ye xviij o[f] August 1570. Be zour Lordshipis kynnisman in his powar,

[1] This letter was probably carried by John MacCorradill, [139; 145].
[2] The brothers of Gregor MacGregor of Glenstrae, probably Ewin, who became Tutor of Glenstrae after Gregor was executed by Grey Colin on 7 April 1570, Alastair Puddroch and Duncan of the Glen, sons of Alastair MacGregor of Glenstrae and Mariota Campbell.
[3] Ardteatle, a deserted township just south-west of Dalmally on the old pilgrimage route to Inishail which became the military road from Inveraray to Tyndrum.
[4] Probably the MacGregors went down the Stran Mor (now Lochan Shira) and the top end of Glen Fyne and through Gleann nan Caorann into Glen Falloch and down Loch Lomond to Tarbet and so to Arrochar. All of this route would be within Argyll’s ‘country’.
[5] Alexander MacNaughton of Dunderave.
[6] Trouble.
[7] Success or prosperity.

Date: 18 August 1570
REF: GD112/39/9/23
Place: Garvie (Glendaruel, Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our cousing Colene Campbell of Glenvrquhaye.

We sall send ane vyer to zow schortlie with advertisement of our mynd as occasion sall serve.

Trest cousing eftir hertlie commendatiounis.

We ressavit tua letteris ... mask fra the Secretare the ane yairof daitit at Ellanr[an] ... ... of August instant and the tothir the xvj day of ye samen ... and ... the Cotter Dow trew it is that he wes on the {laird of Ottiris land} [1] and hering that we wes to pas to the Ottir to drink {with the laird} he hes fled away out of ye cuntre and qu hither he {is with the rest} of his kin or nocht we ar oncertan.

And as for {the rest} ze writt yat is on the Lard of Ardkinglas landis {we assure you} on our honour that this quarter of ane zeir {there has been none of} the Clangregour bene ather on Ardkinglas landis or {any} [t]hat is cum of his hous the quhilk we may be sover to writ ... to this fer and as for our awne part God knawis ye sam en.

And ... ... tnes to us gif we beir nocht that inteir luif and gud will ... hous nixt vnto our awne hous as may seame to ye well yairof as salbe knawin be deid and tyme sall try the samen at lenthe.

Zour boy hes schewin to us that ye Clangregor hes tane certane ky away fra Gregor Makayne laitlie out of Glenurqu[hay].

We sall advertis zow thre or four dayis afoir quhither we keip ye apointit day in Dunkell or gif we pas yair ony soner.

And becaus we think to se zour self schortlie omittis to be prolixt bot [committis z]ow to God.

Of ye Garvie this xviij of August 1570.

{We are} adverteist yis day that ye men yat tuik away ye ky {ar Duncan Na Gleand} Alexander Pudroch and Alexander Scorach and {they have passed with} thame {over} ye heid of ye Mont in to ye Arroquhair ...

Z[ouris] A[rchibald Ergy]ll

[PS] Commend me to zour bedfallowe.
[1] Readings from notes in GD50/116/66.

Date: 20 August 1570
REF: GD112/39/9/25 (SHS ed. No. 142)
Place: Ilanran Castle (Killin)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy (draft)
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: My Lord efter maist hartlie commendatiounis of service.

Zour Lordship sall rescave yis mask of wrytingis comen fra ye Secretar [1] to me yis day desyrand yaim to be haistit to zour Lordship with deligence quhilk is difficill to me to do ye passagis ar sa dengrous to my serwandis.

Nochtwithstanding I can nocht bot hassart yaim quhen I se ony thinge occur yat concernis to zour Lordshipis pleissuer.

Zour Lordship rememberis yat ze writ to me vi dayis syin [2] yat zour Lordship wald be heir ye last of yis instant for to convein with my Lord of Huntlie and ye rest of ye Lordis of zour factioun [3] in Dunkeld ye first of September.

And now I am informit yat yai have desyrit zour Lordship to have yair conventioun in Balloch quhilk is ane waray on meit place for sa gret ane nummer of nobill men onsideringe yair is na releif of luginge or furnesinge ...[roeis] to it.

And zour Lordship knawis that ye gret trublis and skayis(sic) I have sustenit laitlie yat I ma nocht furneis sic ane cumpanie accourding to zour Lordshipis honour and myin as I was wont to do.

Yairfor I pray zour Lordship caus yaim provyid sum vyair place for yair conventioun bot as for zour Lordship and sa mony as zour Lordship bringis out of Argyill with zow sall be waray welcum with ye best furnesinge yat ane man yat gaitis daylie herschip [4] and oppressioun ma mak.

I wat zour Lordshipis wisdoum will nocht desyer me accept sa gret chargis considerringe ye trublis I and myin suferis daylie and albeit zour Lordship wald desyir me I will nocht accept it sen I think nocht my self abill yairfor accordinge to my honour.

I dout nocht bot zour Lordship will consider yis and la(sic) na moir burdinge vpoun me nor I ma beir for I se na releif maid to me be zour Lordship or ony vyeris of my trublis saiffand God onlie.

For I am ye sairest handlit baroun in Scotland yis day consideringe I have nocht ane autorite again e me but be ane pak of common thevis yat hes na releif bot be yaim yat suld be my freindis and yat onlie throcht zour Lordshipis overluking God knawis.

As for sum newis in yir partis I wat my Lord of Huntlie and ye Secretar hes writing to your Lordship at lenthe.

Ye rest referris to zour Lordshipis adverteisment and sa committis zour Lordship to ye protectioun of God.

At Ilanran ye xx of August 1570 be zour Lordshipis kinnisman at his powar.

[1] Maitland's letter to Grey Colin, 20 August 1570 GD112/39/9/24 - not printed.
[2] See [134].
[3] The proposed gathering of the Queen’s Party to discuss tactics.
[4] Plundering.

Date: Sunday [20 August 1570] [1]
REF: GD112/39/15/18 (SHS ed. No. 143)
Place: Kilchurn Castle (Loch Awe)
From: Gregor MacAne MacGregor
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To his trest master ye Laird off Glenorquhae

Rycht honorable Sir and trest Master efter maist harty commendatioune of serwis.

Yis is to advertheis zour Mastersip that I haiffe sene zour Mastership wrettingis derectit with Jon MacCorquidill prior of Stethfillan to me of ye quhilk I thank zour Mastership grettumle.

Quhair at zour Mastership biddis me of guide hart hart[sic] and comfort and to takno susse [2] of my kye at it was thane fra me instantle.

Is(sic) to yat is I sall mak my God ane ansuer so at zour Mastership and zour Mastershipis barnis be weile I susse no mair no kynd of geir mowable at I haiffe in eirde [3] nor nevir sall mair nor I susse of ane drinke of watter as lang as zour Mastership and zour Mastershipis bairnis beis guide to me and conformand to my serwis done to zour Mastership and bairnis tymis coming efter my vter power and deligence.

And to ye werificatioune of ye samyn thoucht I be ane auld man heirof promeiss in presence of God quhat evir zour Mastership lippinnis to me to be done of serwis ayer within zour Mastershipis place or vthow without zour Mastershipis place I sall war my selffe and lyfe and guidis or ellis it sall end with me quhat evir zour Mastership puttis foranens [4] me to be done.

And as to ye rest of my mynd say zour Mastership hes schawin me in zour Mastershipis wrettingis to giffe credit to Jon MacCorquidill I sall schawe him ye rest of my mind attour departting to be schawin to zour Mastership.

And is to ye nummer of ye kye at wes tane wp laytle be ye Clangregoris is ye nummer sex scoir of kye and foiur scoir kye fra me and fra ye then ettis of Ardchaittill.

And is to yat Clan MacOldonychis bairnis bayth sonis and yair wyffis and oyer puire menis vyffis at was hereit [5] followe ye Clangregor and ye herscip in ye mene tyme.

And yai gatt all yar awin guidis and key and so no guidis restit wn cumm hame bot myn rest of myn yair come hame agane fywe kye and thre styrks. [6]

And so rest wn cum [hame] of my guidis iiixx and fyve.

And quhairat zour Mastership biddis me haiff zour Mastership biddis me haife(sic) zour Mastershipis place weile furneist [is] to yat will God it sall nocht want na furneising efter my power.

And quhairat zour Mastership biddis me latt no mair of men within zour zour Mastershipis place bot my fameliar servandis albeid zour Mastership bad me at our departing lat in with me swm oyer.

Is to yat be God I thocht nevir to lat in none oyeris without I sawe ane scherpe command fra zour Mastership mair nor I gatt at our departing.

Nocht ellis bot comittis zour Mastership to ye protectioun of God.

From Glenorquhaie yis last Sundair I be zour Mastershipis serwitour at all power. Gregor MacAin VcDouche

[1] A reply to Grey Colin’s letter of 18 August 1570 [139] probably written the next Sunday, 20 August.
[2] Care or trouble, not to be concerned.
[3] Earth.
[4] In front of.
[5] Harried or plundered.
[6] Young bullocks.

Date: 21 August 1570
REF: GD112/39/9/26 (SHS ed. No. 144)
Place: Dunoon (Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cousing Colene Campbell of Glenvrquhaye

Trest cousing eftir hertlie commendatiounis.

We ressavit lettiris fra ye Secretare tending in effect toward our tryst and conventioun to be had for ansuer geving to my Lord Levingstoun [1] and thinkis the place of meting to be mair convenient ewiss zour place of Balloch nor in Dunkell.

Seing the vyer Lordis ar conveint togither and as zit nocht skaltit and yit Dunkell is over neir ye Lawland quhilk we have ponderit in ye self to be reasonable for our awne ga...

And becaus yis mater is chargeable to zow as we writt ... zit we dubt nocht bot ze will prefer our honour to ze ... and we sall considder ye samen for my Lord Duik we lemy[ng] and Kilwynnyng [2] will campe with zow in Balloch.

And ...Huntlie Athole Levingstoun and Secretar wilbe in Weme... [and] Garthuilie. [3]

And we to meitt ewiss ye watterside of Taye. [4]

And we beleif ye tryst sall nocht last lang becaus syndrie of the noble men yat we lukit for to be yair is nocht able to keip ye samen.

And this fer we thoucht guid to [mak zow] foirsene for we knaw zour guid will to ws in [all th]ingis tending to our honour and doubtis nocht bot ze will meit ws in Ellanran ye last day of yis monethe quhan we be on zour chargis as we haif done afoir sua that ye may convey us be the way the easiast passage ...

Attour becaus we will have sum servandis of our awin ... our conveye to thai partis and for releiff of greter chargis of zour cuntreis we will pray zow to caus sic men as of vsit with ostlarie [5] to pas to Perthe and bring wyne and aill with uyer plenising to zour cuntre for furnesing of our servandis and thai sall have thankfull payment in reddy silver ... this wa... doill nocht bot ze will think reasonable. ...

[committis zow] to God. Off Dunnvne the xxj day [of August 1570]. Z[ouris ...], Archibald Ergyll

[1] For the proposed meeting of the Queen’s Party and William, 6th Lord Livingstone’s instructions, see [134].
[2] Grey Colin’s camping guests at Balloch were to be James Hamilton, Duke of Châtelherault, the 5th earl himself, John, 5th Lord Fleming and Gavin Hamilton, Commendator of Kilwinning.
[3] James Menzies of Weem and William Stew art of Grandtully were to have as camping guests George Gordon, 5th Earl of Huntly, Atholl, William, 6th Lord Livingstone and Maitland.
[4] The meeting ground was to be by the River Tay probably just west of Aberfeldy on the Haugh of Weem.
[5] A version of hostelry, or providing lodging.

Date: 23 August 1570 [1st letter]
REF: GD112/39/9/29 (SHS ed. No. 145)
Place: Dalinglongart (near Dunoon, Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cousing Collein Campbell of Glenvrquhaye

Traist cousing efter maist hertlie commendatiounis.

We h[ave resavit] zour letter and hes haird the credeit of zour serv[and] and for the Clangregor that hes of lait hereit and spuilzeit [zour land] and tenenttis in Glenvrquhay.[1]

And ze burden us of our promes[s] ... saiftie yairof as to that ye knaw our promess was performit ... for in zour awin presence and be zour awin desyir we ap[pointit] our freindis and servandis the Laird of Parbrek [2] with sum of ye m[en] {of Lorn [3] } and all Lochhowe [4] was all ordenit to keip ye saidis bo[undis] off Glenvrquhay togidder with sum number to haif followit the Clangregor quhilkis was mair nor zour awin desyir for the present an[d ... nocht]- withstanding that our self haid our forces at that tyme ... to haif paist to ye Lawland.

And gif men hes nocht done yair ... we vill mak God juge that ye wyit was nocht in [yis] negligent yairfor it is nocht neidfull to blame us of our promess ony far[der] ... it was spoikin.

And als for the revenge ze think guid to ... [obtane] of the rasetteris of zour and zouris guidis and geir.

As to that in ... we wilbe maist willing yairto sua that ze send sum speciall heidis man with sum number of zour awin men to do the saymen and we sall gif of our men to pass with zouris the double number and yis als ...shortlie as ze will think neidfull efter our first command ...

And als for the remidid ze will saik at the auchtoreteis hand ... for ony ... we knaw nane bot the Queinis Maieste auchto[ritie] ... and gif ... be that vyer trayittouris auchtoretie we th... ... may mak zou bot auld friendis and kynn[ismen] ... thay be als ...dable seing thay will apply yame yairto.

And quhar ... that ze ... our kin and freindis are offendit with familiar ... betuix ws and ... as to that gif it be we neither knawis ... thinkis that thay suld beir mair favour to ye Clangregor ... to zour ...elkis ... nor never will put zour hous in ballance with sic ewil men ...

For the knawlaige yairof God willing housone ... returne fra thir pretendit tryist we sall convein the haill surname [5] samone as are within us in ane hous and thair sall knaw yair myndis towarttis zow and quhat delegence and painnis thai will tak for zour releif.

And than gif thay will think to tyne zou in yair defalt ze wilbe the less to blame to seik remeid at uder handis.

An[d as for our] awin parte in particuler we will never faill in our constancies [towarttis] zow bot will contenew yairin as we haif done never the less of my suspitioun zour vilfulnes will moif zou to.

Als for Maknaithan [6] we will nocht write lang of that matter bot awayis he sall ever abyid the jugment of zour self and our kyn in our presence and gif he hes offendit salbe pvnissit.

Faryair we pray zow to mak us haistie advertisment of zour resoluit mynd heir anennttis because we and oder nobill men are to pas to that parte to meit with the nobill m en that are to be thair of the monethe.

The causs of ye haistie answer is that zour writting is exstreim and except we pas thair vpoun our awin garde for the convoy of oder nobill men gif ze be nocht mair satisfeit with zour self.

Thairis syndrie oder heidis spoikin to us be the beirare as credeit to the quhilkis we think nocht neidfull to gif ansuer to in write and hes schavin our mynd yairanenttis to the beir(sic) to quhome ze sall gif credeit on thayis heidis he hes schawin to us.

And sua referring to zour nixt advertisment with haist to us.

We commit zou to God. Off Dellinlangphorte the xxiij daye of August 1570. Youris asswritly, Archibald Ergyll

[PS] Zour serwand hes sawyn ws sum credyt gyf we culd belyf wald mak ane mair passyant [7] man nor ws angry at ye hart all wayis we refar all to metting.

[1] This refers to Grey Colin’s angry letter of 18 August 1570 [140] not the letter of 20 August [142], also see 5th earl’s 2nd letter, [146].
[2] Colin Campbell of Barbreck, the natural son of the 4th earl of Argyll and half-brother to the 5th earl.
[3] Readings from GD50/116/66-7.
[4] All the men of Lochawe and some of Lorn under Barbreck and others to pursue the MacGregors.
[5] The 5th earl is offering to convene the whole of Clan Campbell to sort out Grey Colin’s MacGregor problem.
[6] Alexander MacNaughton of Dunderave
[7] patient

Date: 23 August 1570 [2nd letter]
REF: GD112/39/9/27 (SHS ed. No. 146)
Place: Dalinglongart (near Dunoon, Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our trest cosing the Lard of Glenurquhay

Trest cosing efter hartly commendatiounis.

We hayf rasawyt zour last lettir yis xxiij day of Awgwst and had gyfin answr to zour formar letter fraz[owr] serwand Jhon Makcorkadyll. [1]

I pray zow taknot my wder lettir in ewill part [2] qwhyll [I] and ye meit and I belyf to satyfy zow wyt resoun all wayis.

I wylbe at zow ye las[t of] yis mwnet in Ellanran for ye tryst wyl... hald and for ony body to be wyt zow bot o[nly] ye nobyll men yat passis wyt me [3] newir menyt wder wayis.

For ye Secretar wryt to me affoir yat bayth Athall and Hwntly wyt all yar company swld be in yair awin [frendis] rwmis.

As for ye men of Lochowe yat wold nocht obay ye cry [4] I hayf sawin my mynd to ye mynastir of Kyllyn [5] [anserwand]

I belyf ye mystar nocht to wryt to ... qwhyll our awin mething and yis [sa committis] zow to God.

Fra Dallynlongfo[rd ye xxiii] of Awgwst 1570.

Zouris asswr[ately], Archibald Ergyll

[PS] I pray beir wytme becawss I am ay trwbland zow and God wylling I sall reqwhyt it oder be ane main or wder. [6]

Yar passis na nobyll mein with me but ye Dwk ye Lord Flyming and Abat of Kylzenyng for Boyd [7] I belyf he sall not cwm at yis tym.

[1] Grey Colin’s letter of 20 August [142] arrived on 23 August after the 5th earl had written his reply to [140].
[2] The 5th earl’s first and angry letter [145].
[3] For the party see [144].
[4] This refers back to the raid near Kilchurn Castle [140].
[5] John MacCorcadill, who brought the letter, was the exhorter rather than the minister at Killin, Fasti, 4,184.
[6] Either by one means or another. After the meeting of the Lords, the 5th earl gave Grey Colin two bonds; the first allowing him, Glenlyon, and Lawers to make their own settlement with Regent Lennox, 4 September 1570, GD112/1/185a; the other permitting anyone within Argyll to serve Grey Colin, presumably against the MacGregors, 5 September 1570, GD112/1/186.
[7] Robert, 5th Lord Boyd was unable to attend, but the meeting took place on 2 September 1570 at the ford of Lyon, BBT, 136; Calderwood, History, III, 13.

Date: 23 August 1570
REF: GD112/39/9/28 (SHS ed. No. 147)
Place: Perth
From: Andrew Leslie, 5th Earl of Rothes [1]
To: Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay
Address: ... cosing Duncane [Campbell] fear of Glenurquhay

Cosing eftir maist hertlie commendatiounis.

I ressavit ... and am sorie for ye skayth yat is done be ye Glengregors a... .. vpoun ye Laird zour faderis rowmes and far sorie... for ye Laird zour fader cousanis [2] yairatt and ye Ladie ... alwayis sen yai limnaris hes hed ower guid luik ... *tym may serwe yat* turne at yis tyme it maun be tein in patience t... pwnisit for yair demeritis and yat evill turne acquit ... rest.

According to zour desyre I sall informe ye [Regent and] ye rest off ye Consall off ye misb[ehaviour of ye] Glenfarlane and vyer Lenox folkis [3] and sall do [gret] ... yam pwnisit for ye sam.

As materis fallis out heir efter I pray zow mak me frequent advertysment in caice ye Laird and zour moder have nocht ye laiser to do ye samen sua I will nocht sp[end] my travell and labouris in ony thing ... to ye weill off zour faderis howss.

And sua mak hertlie commendatioun to ye Laird zour fader and moder.

For ye present committis zow in ye protectioun [of ye eternall. At] Perth ye xxiij of August 1570 ...

[1] The only legible part of the signature is ‘’. Although this letter is attributed to William, 4th Lord Ruthven, in John MacGregor’s collection, GD50/116/242. Its content and tone reveal that it is from Duncan’s cousin Rothes and not from Ruthven, his godfather
[2] . This refers to the raid near Kilchurn Castle and Gregor MacAne’s people, see [140-1].
[3] This was the continuing problem of the MacFarlanes and others in the Lennox resetting the MacGregors, see Introduction.

Date: 25 August 1570
REF: GD112/39/9/30 (SHS ed. No. 148)
Place: Ilanran Castle (Killin)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy (draft)
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll

Address: My Lord efter maist hartlie commendatioun of service.

Yis sall certefie zour Lordship yat I haif resavit zour Lordshipis writin fra yis berere ye xxv of August makand mentioun yat zour Lordship my Lord Duke Grace with sundre vyer noblemen wilbe in Ilanran ye last of yis instant. [1]

Your Lordship hes alterit purpoissis schortlie for your Lordship wrote to me yat yis tryst suld be in Dunkeld bot ye Lords in ye est syde ar mayr circumspect in yair awin partecular nor zour Lordship is in haldin in of yair awin geir.

Nochtwithstanding ye Duke Grace your Lordship with ony uyer noble men yat cummis with zour Lordship salbe weilcum.

Bot I am sory yat I may nocht tret zour Lordship as I mycht haif done in tyme bygaine bot quha hes ye weil of it God knawis.

And quhar zour Lordship biddis me beir with zour Lordship at yis present I haif borne sa far with zour Lordship yat it hes hurt zour Lordshipis honour and myn bayth and wald to God yat we mycht be restorit againe quhilk I sall schaw gude will efter my power and douttis nocht in my God bot he will releiff me with zour Lordshipis help.

Zour Lordship sall resave ane mask of writingis yat come fra ye Secretar ij dayis syne and I held yaim still quhill zour Lordshipis last boy yat ze send to ye Secretar returnit becaus non of my boyis dar trawaill.

I will nocht perturb zour Lordship with langer wrete at yis prisent. From Ilanran ye xxv of August anno lxx.

[1] This refers to [144], though it is not clear if Grey Colin had received [145-6]. It is surprising that Grey Colin did not mention the killing of 14 of his men by the MacGregors on 22 August 1570, BBT, 136; MacGregor, thesis, 379.

Date: 26 August 1570
REF: GD112/39/9/31
Place: Strachur
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cosing Colein Campbell of Glenvrquhaye

Traist cousing eftir hertly commendatiounis.

Forsamekill as yair is ane servand of the Quenis Majesteis cum to us and he is to pas to Athole to my Lord Secretarie.

Therfoir how sone he cumis to zour boundis we pray zow to send sum servand with him to Athole as he will do us singuler plesour for we haif na vyer meanis in thai partis that he can be convoyit bot be zow only.

Therfoir referris to zour awin deligens. So committis zow to God off Straquer ye xxvj day of August 1570.

[PS] We heir ane brute yat yair is sum skayth done to zour servandis bot is nocht certan yairof alwais prayis zow nocht to tak displesour at ony thing for gif freindis will do gud will as we sall do for redress yairof the mater may be satisfet to zour contentment as ze sall knaw schortly at meting.

Zouris asswrytly Archibald Ergyll