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Campbell of Glenorchy Letters 103-119 - 14th June 1570 to 24th July 1570

Date: 14 June 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/12
Place: Dunoon
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our cousyng the Lard of Glenvrquhay

Cousyng efter hertlie commendatiounis.

We haif rasavit zour letter and thankis zou hertlie of zour nowallis alvayiss we knew our self befoir of ye Abbot of Dunfermelyngis hame cumyng and that yai Lordis was to be in Strevelyng ye xviij of yis instant and quhat thai do yair we knaw nocht.

Als consernyng the tryall of MacNachtain quhidder that ware or nocht we haif thocht guid to causs our freindis be yair on Sondaye for takyng ordor with our cuntre quhairthrowe misdoareis may be haldin out of our boundis.

And yis nocht onlie for zour particuler bot als for our avin honouris causs to gidder with sum vyeris efferis consernyng ye weill of us and our cuntre.

And yairfoir zour presence ware maist neidfull yairfoir prayis zou to keip ye said daye for we writ to zou to ye saymin effect afoir.

And ze sall haif ane drynk of ye best vyne.

And this referryng to our meittyng we commit zou to God.

Of Dunnvne the xiiij daye of Junij 1570.

Fardare quhair zour man Dougall allegit ... that we suld adosyrvit zou nocht to haif perseweit ye Clangregor we spaik it nocht and for my part ye devill resaif yaime ?beiris yaime best will the thyng we spaik was yat we desyrit nocht zou to mak ony persuit againis MacNachtane quhill we tak tryall in ye matter.

For ze sall knaw our ... part in to Inveraray and all men do yair dueteis that ye Clangregor sall haif lytill rest within our boundis.

And for Collein Leche trewlie we sawe him nocht sen we sent him first to zour self.

Commend me hertlie to ye Ladie.

We praye to send thir oder letteris to my Lordis Atholl and Secretare.

Zouris guid frynd Archibald Ergyll

Date: 14 June 1570 [1]
REF: GD112/39/7/13 (SHS ed. No. 103)
Place: Dunoon
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: William Maitland of Lethington
Address: To my Lord Secretar

My Lord eftir maist hertlie commendatious.

I ressavit zour Lordshipis writting and understandis the same quairof the maist part to anentis the Clangregor.

Zour Lordship salbie assurit yat sen my promeis maid to my Lord of Athole [2] yai have haid na refuge within my cuntre nor samekill as meit or drink except gif it be as the wolf cumis to scholis [over] the [master] and heistis puir... folkis. [3]

For albeit I haid maid na promeis to my Lord of Atholl zit I can niver ... be content yat ony quha molestis my cousing ye Lard of Glenurquhay ... as he standis faythfullie be me suld have resett within my cuntrae.

And God willing I sall convene my freindis and tak sic ordor schortlie anent yame as yai sall nother haif refuge nor assistens within my boundis.

And gif yai be assistit be ony within my cuntre I sall mak sic pv[unisment] upoun yame as yai quhome to yai have offendit salbe content bayth [for] my promeis causs maid to my Lord of Athole and for my said [cousingis caus].

Als anentis ye ansuer of zour Lordshipis vther writting I have send ane ansuer quhilk I belief zour Lordship hes ressavit or now.

For the [present committis] zow to the protectioun off God. Off Dunnvn e ye xiiij [day of Junii] 1570.

Zour Lordshipis asswritly, Archibald Ergyll

[PS] Gyf zour Lordship wald send part of zour nowallis ya suld be wolcwm.

[1] Reply to Maitland’s letter of 10 June 1570 [99].
[2] The Dalkeith agreements, see Atholl’s letter, 30 May 1570 [95].
[3] The precise meaning of this proverbial saying is unclear.

Date: 19 June [1570] [1]
REF: GD112/39/12/12 (SHS ed. No. 106)
Place: Perth
From: John Campbell of Lawers
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To the rycht honorabill and his fathir [2] the Laird of Glenwrquhay

Rycht honourable Sir and fathir eftir my maist hertlie commendationis.

I hawe ressavit zour wreting yes Settirday ye xvij of yes instant makand mentioun that ze wait I haf heard tell quhow the Clangregor wald haif persewit zow and the Laird of Glenlione of zour liffis bot it zid [3] againis thame prisit be God.

Quhairof I praiss God inlik maneir that they come nocht to yair intent bot I heard na suirlie of yair persuit quhill the ressait of zour wreting.

Alss that I be rebemberit yairis ane contract betuix zow and me to tak plaine parte with zow in all zour lesome [4] auctiounis and spetiallie aganis the Clangregor and that now is the tyme. [5]

Thairfoir promis me to cum and remaine in Laweris and ze sall causs ye contre men await wpone me quhane I haif to do or geve ...l ... hed rather pass quhair ze ar ze will send men to convoy me quhat day I will appointt and thair to tak sic parte... the Laird of Glenlioun dois and geve I do moy... nocht lippin in mein tyme cuming.

As tuiching the contract betuix ws I hawe beyne willing to keip ye pointtis yairof and geve I can do better I wald sa lif se zow according to reasoun.

Bot at yes presente I could nocht assure zow quhaire I ... to remaine in Lawiris nor zit pass quhair ze a[r] ... quhay as zour dessyre was and yat be reassone no... of day is appointtit betuix me and ye Laird of Cal... making securitie ane ntis ye contract betuix his sone ... sisters.

Nochtwithstanding I wilbe ready in thes [me..] at all tymes to setforthwartis zour gued and howes at poware.

And quhair ye think schame of ye ... rinis wpone me that I am slak in zour author... ... miscontentit to here my Lord of Argle and ... freindis tell quhow I hawe nocht kepit ...

As to yat quhane it sall pleis zow or ony ... to accuse me of promeis breaking befoir thay not... ... onderstand thay sall nocht find me altogethre in ye w... ... quhow promeisses ar kepit on athir syde.

I am contentit to abi... ... the jugement of honest freindis.

Zour wreting beris ... but it is nocht at the poinct as I am informit nor is able to be haestalie.

Thair is na informatioun gevin me that sall st... from setforthwartis zour lesome auctiounis as affeiris geve ze wald accept ye samyn ar yat and tak ye samen to procede of gud will.

Wyerwyiss I dessyre nocht ze burding me... ...

Hawing no foryer occasioun to wreit at yes presente as for newis yairis nane bot ye Lordis of the Kingis fauctioun ...venis in Strueling on Mononday ye xix and sall chese ane Regent.

And God bless zow. From Perthe ye xix day of yis instant.

Zowris sone at his poware, Jhone Campbell off Lawiris

[1] Refers to receiving Grey Colin’s letter on Saturday, 17 June 1570 (not extant) in which the Glenlyon incident was described, see Introduction.
[2] John was married to Beatrix, Grey Colin’s daughter by his first wife, Margaret Stewart, see Appendix C.
[3] A form of ‘gae’, so went against them.
[4] Lawful.
[5] This was the general bond made for mutual assistance against the MacGregors, 6 May 1569, GD112/1/176-7; BBT, 213-4, and the specific agreement between Grey Colin and John of Lawers of 9 May 1569, GD112/65/1/3.

Date: 27 June 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/18 (SHS ed. No. 108)
Place: Dunollie Castle
From: Dougal MacDougall of Dunollie
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To his maist speciall frend and eme Collyn Campbell off Glenwrquhar

Rycht honourable Sir and assurit eme efter maist hertlyest commendatiounis.

I haif ressavit zow(sic) wretyng and considerit ye samyn towart ye settyng furth off my men conforme to my Lordis dissyre and zowris.[1]

Ze salbe assurit yat yai salbe at zow in Glenwrquhar up on Satterday [2] at ewyn with ye chifteinis as I spak to zow of ye quhilk ze wilbe content.

Alss I sall send ye namis of my men in wrete to zow and yaim yat cumis nocht bayth ze and I sall towart yaim quhen tyme occuris and remember on yaim.

Alss quhar ze wrete yat yis byssynes ryndis [3] to zowr honour ze salbe assurit yat quhat I may do under God sayfand my Lord of Argyllis honour is and salbe reddy at zour command and ye rather for zour adwertisment off ye samyn ondowtly.

Alss quhar ze bad me spek Gillespik MacEan MacKallen I hayf done ye samyn alreddy as I had commissioun of zow.

Towart yat byssynes ye sall wit yat sayfand my Lordis honour and ze getand his leyf and als ze knawand how my Lord of Atholl and his serwandis ar myndit to him and his fader and frendis and ye hoyll men off Bray [Coaldych].

Yat beand appoyntit he wilbe at command and will not mak nay sure promiss unto ye tyme yat I cum and talk zow in forder byssness towart him.

And toward MacIanis attowr ze sall wit assuritly yat it is trewly spokyn to me and tald me effecteously yat ye Klan Dondochy [4] hes promistit faythfully to tak MacIanis and deliver him to Johne Campell [5] and his sonis as ane contract maid betuix yaim beiris.

Yairfor I pray zow and assure zow yat ze stay him fray cuming to yaim in ony wyss or ellis he wilbe in handis for he wes lattly in talkyn with yaim.

Yairfor do efter zour wisdoum to sayf him as I dowt not bot ze will.

Attour becauss yare is sum secretis in yis wretyng I pray zow efter ye redyng and consideryng off ye samyn yat ze ryf [6] ye samyn yat nane unfrendis get ye samyn nor rede it.

As I dout nocht bot ze will ye rather for yis my request.

Hayfand na forder occasioun at yis present bot referis ye rest to zowr nyxt adwertisment and ye eternall hayf zow in his protexioun.

At Dunollycht ye 27 June 1570. Be zouris gud frend and eme at all power to command as knawis God reddy.

Dowgall MacDowgall off Dunollycht

[PS] The wreter heirof Jhone Salmond [7] makis his hertlyest recommendatouns and serwyss to zour Maister and to Andro Quhite and Jamis Ruthwen and all serwandis.

[1] The 5th earl’s letter, 8 June 1570 [109].
[2] 1 July.
[3] Touches upon.
[4] Probably the Campbells of Inverawe.
[5] Possibly Lochnell.
[6] Tear up.
[7] John Salmond was a notary public and a burgess of Perth, 23 October 1572, AT, VI, 193c, see Introduction.

Date: 27 June 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/19 (SHS ed. No. 109)
Place: Castle Stalker, Appin [1]
From: John Stewart of Appin [2]
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To ye rycht honorabill man and his maister Colin Campbell of Glenwrquhay gyf yis

Rycht honourable Syr efter maist hartly commendatiounis.

I haive sein zour Mastershipis writting desyring me to send xviij men to zow with Donald Na Nord and with Donald Oig.

Ye quhilk men salbe in redines God willyng ye day yat zour Mastership affixit with als abill men of sa mony as beis in ye cuntray.

And so committs zour Mastership to ye protectioun of God.

From Ellanstalkir ye xxvij day of Junij 1570.

Be zour Mastershipis assurit freind and serwant at power, John Stwart of ye Appin

[1] Stewart must have satisfied the contract of 13 March 1568 when he promised to bring to law Duncan MacGregor of Roro et al. in return for which the 5th earl would restore to him Castle Stalker, GD112/1/172.
[2] On 23 June 1570 Appin had given his bond of caution for two captives held by Grey Colin, GD112/1/183a. On 4 December 1570, he entered into a bond of manrent with Grey Colin at Balloch Castle, GD112/1/192; BBT, 215.

Date: 28 June 1570 [1]
REF: GD112/39/7/21 (SHS ed. No. 110)
Place: Blair Atholl
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To his rycht traist cousing ye Laird off Glenorquhaye

Rycht traist cousing efter meist hertlye commendatiounes.

Hes resawit [zour writing] in ye quhilk is contenit ye ordour quhilk is tane at yis last conw[ocation] of my Lord of Argylis in Inweiraraye was towartis ye [Clangregor].

And yat it was concluidit yat ye said Clane suld cum and sub[mit yaim selfis] to my Lord of Argyll or ellis pass in exyill out [ye tyme] yat I and ze war satefiet with yame.

As for yair submitti[ng yaim] selfis to my Lord of Argyll I wilbe glaid yairwith prowyding alwaies promeiss be keipit to me.

As for yair passing in exyill sua [yai keip] ye samin as ze wryt yat sall nocht be ye warst to ws [becauss] ye releifin of yame is in our handis gif yai outgang [in] ...

Quhair ze wryt yat in caice yai do nen of ye prome[sseis yair] is viii xx prowydit to persew thame of my Lord of Argylis and his freindis agane ye penult daye of yis moneth.

Yairfoir ze desyr me to haif my folkis in redines again [ye] day foirsaid.

I ame glaid of my Lord of Argylis gud mynd and wit he schawis to persewe ye Clangregor and prais to God it continew quhilk wilbe for ye commonne weill gif sa bies.

And as for my men I haif bein doand diligence for yair ow(sic) putting and sall ex[pect] ... ye haistier in respect of ye causse s foi[rsaid] ... ye men to send furthe owt of my cuntr[e] ... be ... wate yarfoir I haif send to Lochabir for men o... ... [Lyon] quhilkis I beleif salbe at me or yis w... at ze sall nocht be ferit for my part for G[od willing ye deids] salbe sufficient pruif yairof.

Yairfoir w... mayr concerning yis purpoiss till forder occasiounes. ... wryting [to Erle of] of Lennox to desyr him nocht to haif to do ... Clangregor ...

I sall find sum waye for to haif ze samin ... him ... ye lyk for zour part.

As towartis ye mater wryting to ... my Lord of Argyle and his wyf [2] quhilk ze sayd is ane great bardene onto him.

And yat ze haif latin him to onders[tand [3] yairis na] better waye to releif him yairof nor be my me[ans sua I wald la-] bour yairin quhairof he is partlye rowsit [4] hoip[ing] yat I will [provyde] my self freindly to yat affect.

For ansuer yairto to sa[far] yis ... may extend to at his wywis hand ze maye [schaw] yis ... ye samin salbe bestowit to his affect I wald [be ... gevand yis] labororis and trawell yairinto tuk sic factes as mycht content his [Lordship] first and scho to be satefiet to accord to his Lordship plesour.

And for getting of hir ansuer heiranent I haif derekit yis samin daye ane serwand to hir.

I will nocht tak wpone me I haif sic credit at hir hands bot zit it yat I haif salbe usit in ye causs foirsaidis.

As for ye purpoiss yat Johane Steuart of ye Appin hes schawin zowe concerning ye Clan Ewin WikEwin [5] I pray zow desyr him to trawell yairintill and to spur yame to yat affect and gif yai do onything yat is wirthe reward ze salbe juge yairintill.

For my part I haif send to yaim my self quho gifis me guid wordis heiranentt I wat nocht quhat yai will do.

As for newiss ze sall onderstand yat wpone ye Abbat of Dunfermlingis and Maister Randwelsis [6] cuming owt of Ingland it was suppoint that matteris suld haif bein takin wp yat ar in differ.

Quhilk I trowe suld haif bein gif a lytill suspitioune haid nocht resin in Ingland amangis yaim selfis be ye speiking of ye Bishope of Ross [7] with sum Inglishmane in ane quyet maner.

Ye Lord Leweistowne was cumand hame frome owour Quen and is stait in Annikis [8] for ye causs aboue wryting.

Quhat sal cum of ye matter zit I knawe nocht.

Bot I cane not persaif bot zit [ma]teris salbe takin up quhilk war guid gif sa war for ye [common] weill.

Yair bies ane conwensione in Edinburtht ye xii [day] of yis nixt monethe quhair ye heill lordis of ye Kingis [factione] were yai ar all wrytin for be yair yat war in Streweling [at yis] last conwensione.

I ame wrytin for amangis ye rest I wat ... I wilbe yair.

I heir saye ye weir continewis zit in France ... [men] ar in redines in Flanders to cum in Scotland.

Yis is all I haif ...lye to adverteiss zowe of.

As onye forder sall occur zowre ... ye samin.

I praye zowe yat ze will prowid me half ... of merleonis in steid of uyeris halkis for I will nocht ... to charge with nen uyer harkis yis zeir samony as ze ... be feemales and nocht tarsales. [9]

Ze will mak my [hartlie commen]datione to my ewill tennent. And God preserwe zow.

Of [Blair in] Athoill ye xxviij daye of Junj 1570. Zouris at powir Atholl

[PS] Thair is ane serwand of my Lord of ... derekit to my Lord off Argyle ... I praye zow to causs conwoy to him.

I wald desyr zowe a ffecteouslye to ... [conform] of ye crying of ye ... quha dailly empeschis [10] me for his silwer.

[1] Grandtully and Maitland also wrote letters to Grey Colin on 28 June 1570 GD112/39/7/22; 24 - not printed.
[2] The long estrangement between the 5th earl and the Countess which finally ended in divorce in 1573, see the Countess’ letter to Atholl, 2 July 1570 [111].
[3] Let him understand.
[4] Stirred to action.
[5] Cameron sept led by Donald MacEwarn Cameron.
[6] Robert Pitcairn, Commendator of Dunfermline, and Thomas Randolph, the English ambassador.
[7] John Leslie, Bishop of Ross and supporter of Mary, Queen of Scots.
[8] William, 6th Lord Livingston, kept at Alnwick in Northumberland.
[9] Atholl wanted merlins, not other types of hawk, and only female hawks, no tercels (males).
[10] Bothers or hinders

Date: 28 June 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/22
Place: Grandtully Castle (near Aberfeldy)
From: William Stewart of Grandtully
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To the honorabill Laird of Glenwrquhay

Honourable Sir eftir hartlie commendatioun.

I resavit zour writting frayis berar the Ox [1] MacGregor yis last Monnenday.

And yaireftir writ and send ane boy with him to Blair quhair my Lord of Atholl was.

Bot immediatlie my Lord of Atholl departit to Dunkell for besenes he had ado and caussit zour boy remaynes in Blair to his returnyng.

I spak my Lord of Attholl in Dunkell at lenthe quhay said he suld writ ansure to every heid of zour vritting and siclyk suld adverteiss zow of all the newis he had zit nocht- withstanding as I hef hard ze sall wit yay hef contynewit the conventioun to ye xij day of Julij to be in Edinbruche nixt as I beleif my Lord of Lennox hes vrittin vnto zour sleff.

Maistir Randall hes nocht resavit throucht ansuer of ye desyris he requyrit in the Quene of Inglandis name.

Quhill ye nixt conventioun yay ar kepit varay secreit bot it is supponit yay ar weill hard.

My Lord of Lennox is maid Lewtenant Ge[nerall] quhill ye nixt conventioun.

Yair wes ane concord as I writ to zow ffoir dressand betuix ye tua quenis and weill neir perfytit.

And my Lord Levistoun wes cumand hame with the Quene of Scotlandis mynd and directioun yairinto in yis meyn tyme yair wes ane gryt conspiracie consavit agains the Quene of Ingland.

Alwayis sche hes preventit ye samyn and hes tane sindry and sum ar fled away.

The Bishop of Ross and vtheris to ar able to be evill handelit for ye matter.

The Lord Levisstoun is stayit and all his vrittis and I beleiff tane bak agane.

The Lord hes send Maister Archibald Dowglas to ye Quene of Ingland be...p of and luikis for him agane the xij day of Julij.

As towart my Lord of Athollis ... quhow sone he resavit zour writting he postit away to Leith quharin for may men becauss yair com nocht say mony to heir as promeist.

And he sayis he sall with all diligence heist yame vnto zour content or and ze salbe maist swir he sall inlaik ... ... yair of.

As for Allistair Pwddrache, Donald {Iamessoun is in the yll of} [2] Lochrannoche quhay sayis yat ye {hirdis yairs saw sum men} and it war lyk Allister Puddrache I hard nay forther word of {ony} of the Clan Gregoris being in thir quarteris.

I will trowbill zow with nay langar lettir at this tyme bot as occasioun serves ze salbe adverteist every tyme.

Bot I pray zow abov all ... keip and say all the rest wilbe weill enewche].

Sa ... all uther to zour awin visdom and God preserve zow ... of Grantully yis Vodinsday the xxviij of Junij be sax houris at ewin 1570 be Zouris maist assurit William Stewart off Grandtully

[1] Clearly ‘ox’ in manuscript, probably meaning ‘oy’, grandson, nephew or, more generally, descendent.
[2] Readings from GD50/116/52.

Date: 29 June 1570
REF: GD112/39/7/25
Place: Dunollie Castle
From: Dougall MacDougall of Dunollie
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To ye rycht wirschipfull and his best belovit eyme Collin Campbell of Glenourquhay geif yis

Rycht wyrschipfull Sir and best belovet eyme efter mest hartlie commendatioun.

I resavit zour writtingis.

As for ye men yat wes stentit to ye bissenes ze ken God willing yai sall keip ye day apoyntit.

And I haif send yis day for Soirle MacAllaster Mvllyt quho sall be their capitane.

I haif varnit Donald Campbell of Yterachin to send ten men for ye men of ye Appin.

And I wald ze optene my Lordis precepte to hym as ze promiss me to get.

Athor I am informet yat Johne Campbell of Lochtnaneall will nocht send ony of his men.

Geif yat beis of veritie I can nocht tell bot geif it sua beis ze may considder quhat partie he takis and schaw vnto my Lord ye samin.

Forther my Lord hes writtin to me anentis my wyf and I haif ansuret his Lordship yat I sall do in yat efferis as I promisit befor zow.

And I am content to stant at ye sycht of my Lord Collin his brothir and zouris in all distance and variance betuix me and ye Lord of Achachnabrek anentis geir to be to be (sic) geifen me and I to treat my wyf as I acht.

I haif send my Lordis writtingis to zow with ye beirar and quhen ye matter cumis in zour hand do as ze tynk expeidient yairintill.

As for James of ye Glein I tank zow hartlie for all guid ze do to hym for my saik and quhar he desyris me and Johne Stevar cautioun yat ye sam be keipit he luikis nocht far of.

And geif ze se hym ze sall geif hym zour best consell as he hes neid.

As for my self I will nocht cum nay cautionar haifand nay dubit of my Lord bot of wtheris.

Quhat sall and sould be done in yis mater ze may considder zour self.

Sua ye Eternall God haif zow in keiping. At Dunollycht 1570 ye 29 of Junij be zouris, Dugall McDugall of Dunnollych

[PS] Commend me to zour bedfallow and to ye barnes.

And zour ansour in writ and my Lordis bill agane sortlie.

Date: 7 July 1570 [1]
REF: GD112/39/4/11
Place: Blair Atholl
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
To: William Stewart, Laird of Grandtully
Address: [To h]is cussing ye Lard Garntullye

Cussing efter my hartlye commendatioun.

Hes resavit zour writing with ye wyer writingis off ye Lard off Glenvrquhay and as for zour dessyring me to writ to him I haiff doin ye samin and as I belieff is acc ording to zour dessyr.

And quhatsoever thay be that informis him ye contrar quhilk I haiff wreittin at yis tyme thay do nocht thair duwattie and sall nocht be found sua albeit yai wald wyerwayis.

Forder I haiff wreittin to him yat I haiff orderit zow to declair to him ye occatioun quharfor ye watche is sa lang ... past furthe quhilk was becaus yai yat was {Captains} befoir hes nocht will to serwe and for yat occasioun I haiff ye war hoip off yame and belewis thay sall preiff ye samin in deid quhan it cummis ... poynt alwayis I sall put yame to ye say giff yai will ws my consell gyff nocht we man send vyeris to be in yair sted.

Allester MacGregor and {Allester of the Glens} [2] ... denyis yat ewer yai spak syk wordis to ... of to MacNachtan.

Zit I can weill [belieff] ... haiff spekyne na less bot without commis[ioun] ... sall diraik my mynd to Sir Duncan Mac... dessyrit I pray zow faill nocht keip tryst in Dunkeld on Sonday at ewin to ryd with me ... I haiff na forder to wreit as now.

Committis zow to God. From Blair in Atholl ye vij day of July be Zouris Atholl

[1] See Atholl’s and Maitland’s letters to Grey Colin, 7 July 1570, GD112/39/8/2-3.
[2] Taken from the notes, GD50/116/79.

Date: 7 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/2
Place: Blair Atholl
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To his rycht traist cussing the Lard of Glenvrquhay

Rycht trest cussing efter my hartlye commendatioun.

Hes resavit ane writing deraikit be ane minister to zow as alsuay ane wyer from Duncan Cambell off Glenlyone persawing yair bye yat zour serwandis had doun yair dewattye in following ye Clangregor yat has doun yis lait skaithe to zow.

Quhair off I pray zow tak na thocht for God willing ze will get zour hart satyfeit for ye said skaithe and sall nocht want goud help for ye rewenge yairoff as ye tyme sall fall furthe and chance.

I am glaid yat zour freindis hes gart yaim gaiff bakis yat hes doin zow yis harme I hoip in God ye nixt meitting salbe warss to zour enemies.

Ye occatioun yat samony as I sould haiff put furthe is nocht so redy as I wald wiss I haiff ordent ye Lard of Garntully to declair ye samin to zow.

I pray zow think nocht yat in ony wayis I will owrse ye skaith doun to zow for sua is nocht my mynd as deid sae trye.

Ye Clan Ewyne hes promeist me far gyff yai keip ye samin nochtwithstanding it sall nocht be all lipnit to yaim.

And gyff I war nocht to gang schortlye to ye lawland I sould declair forder be my awin speikin to zour selff nor I can wreit at yis tyme.

Sua hawing na forder at yis present commyttis zow to ye protectioun off ye Almychtye God.

From Blair in Atholl ye ye (sic) sewint of July be {zouris at power} [1] [John Atholl]

[PS] I sall diraik Allester off ye Glenis and ye rest of ye company with him on Sonday to await on syk thingis as ze sall haiff to do for so is my will quha ewer speik ye contrery.

Ye Secriter makis his commendatioun to zow.

[1] Reading from GD50/116/158.

Date: 8 July [1570]
REF: GD112/39/8/4 (SHS ed. No. 112)
Place: Blair Atholl
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To his rycht trest cussing the Lard of Glenurquhay

Rycht trest cussing efter my hartly commendatiouns.

Ze sall onderstand yat ye Clanewin [1] hes promussit now to fulfyll yat quhilk lang abeffor yat quhilk yair condesioun [2] was quhilk is to persew ye Clangregor to ye wttermaist quhilk I thocht goud to mak zow adwerteisement.

Zit thay feir yat in cuming throcht zour boundis for yis affek that zour serwandis and ye Erlls off Argyllis quha ar now put furthe sall do yaim harme.

Yair for wald haiff zour assurrance yat thay may freily pass throcht zour cuntray for doing off ye caussis forsaid quhilkis I think ze can no cht refuis.[3]

Asalsua(sic) thinkis best yat ze gat yaim onderstand be soum way frome zow yat ze will be yair freind gyff yai keip yair promeiss towart ye persewing off ye Clangregor and yat thay sall haiff fre passaige throw zour cuntray they keipand yair condesioun.

In ye primyss [giff] ze think ony wayis yis purpoiss no goud ad[versteiss me] again wyerwayis send me ye assurrance to ... ... forsaid.

Sua nocht willing to troubill zow ony [forder at yis] present.

Committis zow to God. From Blare [in Atholl yis viij] day of July be [Zour ...] [At]holl

[PS] I haiff bein trewelland with my Lady Argyle tuiting ye purpoiss [4] ze knaw ze sall resaiff hir ansur again to me in wreit quhair be ze may persaiff hir mynd.[5]

I haiff writtin to my Lord Drummond and soum wyeris in Stratherne anent ye Clengregor as ze may persaiff be ye coppeis yairof quhilk ze sall resaiff fra yis berrar. [6]

[1] Donald MacEwan Cameronwas serving Grey Colin, see [127], but his ‘help’ caused problems, MacGregor, thesis, 380.
[2] Agreement.
[3] Grey Colin gave this assurance on 13 July 1570, GD112/43/2/3.
[4] Presumably, touching the purpose.
[5] The marital problems between the 5th earl and Countess of Argyll, probably enclosing [111].
[6] There are draft letters dated 11 July 1570 from Atholl to David, 2nd Lord Drummond, John Comrie of Comrie, Robert Murray of Abercairney and William Reidheugh of Cultybraggan GD112/39/8/7-8 - not printed.

Date: 10 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/6 (SHS ed. No. 114)
Place: Lochaber
From: Ranald MacDonald of Keppoch
To: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
Address: To my Lord and meister ye Erll of Atholl

Jesus. [1]

My Lord and Maister I commend my service hartlie to zow.

Zour Lordshipis serwand Neill hest schavyn me zour Lordshipis mynd anentis ye Clangregor and also yat zour Lordship west nocht content yat I send nocht men to zow. [2]

As to yat my Lord I am in redinese beith my self and my men quhon evir zour Lordship plasis to dissayr me.

I haiff ne gydis yat keness ye cuntrais [3] yat yai uiss instantle nocht ye less zour Lordship salbe assouerit gif I gett one way to cum be yaim I sall [do] dilligence.

And now instantle my Lord I and my men is redde giff zour Lordship will desayr me to zour self.

Bot I heir yat the Campbellis and ye Clancameron is ebill to pass furth instantle.

Quhairfor my Lord I wald yat yai heid yair awyn tym and zour Lordshipis men and I our awin tym abovith.

And so I refar yis to zour Lordshipis plesour for I heiff ne will yat we and ye Lord Argyllis men or ye Clancameron suld meith wder. [4]

Refaring ye rest to zour advertisiment and God kipe zowr Lordship.

At ye Keppoch ye x day off Jule 1570.

Be zour Lordshipis servand at puar, Ranald MacRenill off Keppoch [5]

[1] This single word invocation is placed centrally above the rest of the letter.
[2] See 17 June 1570 [105].
[3] There was a need for guides even over relatively short distances.
[4] The hazard of three feuding clans, the Campbells, the Camerons and the MacDonalds of Keppoch, meeting at the same muster!
[5] The signature is in the same hand as the letter, so Keppoch probably could not sign his name.

Date: 11 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/7a
Place: Dunkeld
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl (draft)
To: David, 2nd Lord Drummond
Address:To my Lord Drummond

My Lord efter maist hartlie commendatioun. It is nocht vnknawin to zour Lordship the maist wickit and vngodlie procedingis of ye Clane Gregor towartis me and vyeris yir zeris past.

And now laitlie sic hostilite and skayth as yai haif done to my cousing ye Lard of Glenuvrquhay and his pwre ainis oure soverane subiectis.

And becauss yair maist resorting ressait and mentenians is in zour Lordshipis boundis and stewartrie be zour men tennentis freindis and dependaris.

I haif send yis present desyring zour Lordship maist effecteouslie to tak ordour with ye baronis gentilmen and vtheris zour Lordshipis freindis and assistaris in sic maner yat yai be halding out of yair boundis and nocht mentenit nor ressavit in tyme cuming as yai haif of befor for yat {cloik} [1] quhilk was allegeit befor of my Lord Argyll is now put away {as ye} may persaiff be his diligence in suting of yame be his servandis and freindis.

Vthirwayis gif zour Lordship oure lukis and neclectis zour bound dewite {heirinto first} to God ye comone weill of your cuntre and oure soverand service bes[ydes zour lufe nd] favour to freindis and nychtbouris I feir yat vtheris wickit men yat will {follow} and {persewe} ye said Clangregour sall vse ewin sic hostilite in ye boundis and rowmis quhar ye saidis rebellis ar ressait and mentenit as yai have done and {intendis to do} in our boundis on our soverand pwir subiectis. And yis I thoucht gud to {mak zour Lordship forsene into} nocht dowting bot zour Lordship will tak cair heirin and do {according} to zour Lordshipis awin honour besyid ye respekis afoir wryten.

Swa desyring zour Lordshipis ansuer in wryt with ye berrar.

Committis your Lordship to ye protectioune of God.

Frome Dunkeld ye xj day of Juli anno {1570}.

[1] Readings from GD50/116/59.

Date: 11 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/7b
Place: Dunkeld
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl (draft)
To: John Comrie of Comrie
Address:To Jhone of Comry

Traist freind efter commendatioun.

We remembir ze causit sum of ... ws excusing zour part towart ye ressetting and mentenyn of ye [Clangregor] in tymes bypast.

And yat we sould knaw na broking men to ... towart zow quhill ze sould be first forsene yairinto.

Now se[ing] ye ... ye Clangregour hes done to my cwsing ye Lord of Glenurq[uhay] ... *and yat yair resait and mantenance is nai less vyth zow now nor affoir* ... present vnto zow to lat zow wit according to my promisses yat yair... men to persew and follow ye Clangregour and I feir sall ewin use sic ... boundis quhair yai ar mentenit and ressait as yai do to vtheris and ...

This fair I ... ze hartlie weill. Frome Dunkeld ye xj day [of July 1570].

Date: 11 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/8
Place: Dunkeld
From: John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl (draft)
To: Robert Murray of Abircarney and William Reidheugh of Cultybraggan
Address: To ye Lardis of Abircarn and Cultewragan

Traist freind eftir maist hartlie commendatioun.

It is nocht vnknawin vnto zow ye maist wickit and vngodlie procedingis of ye Clanegregor towartis me and vtheris yir zeris past.

And now sic hostilite and skayth yat yai haif done to my cousing ye Lard of Glenvrquha[y].

And becauss yair maist resorting ressait and mentenance is with zow and zour nychtbouris I have send yis present to mak zow foirsene and vnderstand yat yair is broking and wickit men to persew ye said Clangregor and I fere sall ewin vs sic hostilite and skayth vpon ye boundis quhair yai ar ressett and mentenit as yai do on vtheris our soveranis legis.

Bot I had rathair yat ze and zour nychtbouris sould contine and tak ordour yat ye Clangregor our soveranis rebellis should be halding out of zour boundis and cuntray and nocht intertenit nor mentenit yairinto according zour bound devite to God ye commone weill of yis realme and ye service of zour soverane besydis ye luff towartis zour freindis and nychtbouris.

I haif wryting to my Lord Drummond to yis effect not dowting bot ze will imploy zour gud consall and assistance to his Lordship in ye mater foirsaid according to zour honour and ye respectis afoir writing *for yat cloik quhilk was vunt to be maid of my Lord of Ardgyllie in yis mater is now away.*

Sua committis zow to ye protectioun of God.

Frome Dunkeld ye xj day of July anno 1570.

Date: 12 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/9
Place: Grandtully Castle (near Aberfeldy)
From: William Stewart of Grandtully
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To ye honorabill Lard of Glenwrquhay

Sir ye sal wit my Lord of Atholl wpon sum ocasiounis stait fra Stirlyng at yis tyme and sene his excwyss to my Lord of Lennox.

Ye Maister of Arroll com to Dunkeld and spak my Lord of Atholl quhay is now past hame agayne to Blair.

Resaiff yis writing of his to zour slef and haist ye assurance agayne wyth al diligence to me yat it may be send to yame for yai promeis to do weil schortly.

My Lord of Atholl hes writyn to Strathherryn as ze may persaiff be yir copeis quhilkes ze sal resaiff and keip.

And gif ze thocht it guid to causs my Lord of Ardgylle writ to yame [... in lakit] maner or mair scharp it culd do nay hurt and I beleff yai sal tak ordor to hald yame out of yat cuntray.

Ze sal resaiff my Lady of Ardgylls ansur send to my Lord of Atholl quhilk is wil hard zit gif my Lord of Atholl hed spokkyn wyth hir scho mycht abil be bettyr perswasioun altyr purposs.

Declar heirof to my Lord of Ardgylle as ze thynk guid zour slef.

Gif my Lord of Lennox writyngis to MacFarlan and Baquhannan cumis to me I sal send yame to zour slef.

Weme and I fell in scharp comoning towartis zow afor my Lord of Atholl and I accusit hym ye best I culd bot he purgit hymslef of ony maner of deil wyth ze Clangregor sen my Lord of Atholl hed ado with yaim bot rather wes ever reddy to hef warit his lyf and al hes wyth zow in yair contrare and now yat ze hef maid hym weray ewil occasioun fo ... I ansuit yairto agayne as I culd.

Bot at schort at zour cumyng to Balloch yairis nay thyng betuix zow and Weme bot I thynk ze may hef ... ... to zour onfreindis gret hurt and zour plesuir.

And in ze mein tyme ze vill nocht fynd sic thyngis as hes beine spokkyn to hef beine of trowthe nor zit wilbe in tyme cumyng.

Yairfor lat nocht ye fail be in zour slef and of materisabil to be weil enewoch ze may persaiff quhow myndful my Lord of Atholl is of zour besenes yairfor writ hartlie to his Lordship agane and thank hym for ye same.

I hef nay newis to adverteiss zow bot yis conventioun halden fordwartis I may onderstand of ye procedyngis yairof ze sal knaw [ye Lord of ?St Colm]... is lwkit for heir daly bot nocht cumyn as zit.

It wil pleiss zow send yis wyer litil wryting to ze lady zour bedfallow quhom and zow God ma... conserf.

Of Grantullye yis Wednessday ye xij of July 1570.

be zour awyn

Date: 16 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/11 (SHS ed. No. 117)
From: William Stewart of Grandtully [1]
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy

Sir I resavit zour writyng and blank and writ ane assurance hard aboun zour subscryption and cuttit away ye rest ze sal resaiff ye copy of ye same.[2]

I beleiff it salbe at yame schortly.

Ze sal resaiff yis wyer writyng sone be MacRennald to my Lord of Atholl keip it to zour slef only and start nocht yairat. [3]

Ze may persaiff my Lord of Atholl besye rownd about hym anent ye Clangregor.

Yairfor writ hartly to him and thank hym for ye same bot lat hym nocht knaw yat ze onderstand ony thyng anent MacRenald for I send yat to zow bot of my slef.

McGillechallumis [lasses] as yai allege chasit Duncan MacAne Dow in Brai of Rannocht and twyk ane zoung fallow of his and brocht hym to Blair.

Bot my Lord refust hym becaus he ves nocht worrth and bald yaim get better accordyng to yair promeiss gif yai vald hef yair pledgis relewit.

I hard my Lord of Athollis men wer in Inchaddyn [4] on Satterday.

Yai ar threttye zat guid and culd do veil gif yai plesit yai hed beine xx man ver nocht bydand on MacRennald[is men].

Buchquhannan and MacPharlan wer in Stirlyng with my Lord of Lennox and Master Andrew Abircrummy [5] spak yame quhay said yai suld do zat weil and yat ye Clangregor wer nocht in yair boundis sen yai did zow ze last skayth and suld nocht be in tyme cumyng gif yai mycht.

I beleiff my Lord of Lennox beis chosen regent.

He ves offendit yat my Lord of Atholl kepit nocht tryist and said gif my Lord of Atholl wald do his dwetye he suld schoyne put ordor to ye Clangregor.

Ze hef hard ye newis of France. It is allegit yat yairis xx thowsand men slayne and ye Admiral and kyingis brother [6] bayth deid and mony of ye principalis on bayth ye sydis.

Alwayis quhw ... [giff] be I trow yai hef met lat and with gret curage.

[I hef hard nay] foryer to adverteiss zow of presentlye bot as ye knaw zour slef.

Yis efter my hartliest commendatiouns.

Committis zow to ye protectioun of God. From .... yis Sonday, ye xvj of July 1570. Be,

[PS] I vait quhow yair writyng gettis passage lat yaim tak yair advenntur.
[1] The signature and the placename have been carefully cut out of the manuscript, but the letter contains the characteristic 'slef' of Grandtully.
[2] Grey Colin sent a blank or incomplete assurance to which Grandtully added details, destroyed the unused section and returned a copy to Grey Colin, GD112/43/2/3.
[3] 10 July 1570 [114], Grey Colin was not to be startled or disturbed by its contents.
[4] Inchadney, the old settlement just east of Kenmore, where Balloch Castle was built.
[5] George Buchanan of that Ilk and MacFarlane in discussion with Master Andrew Abercrombie of that Ilk.
[6] Admiral Coligny and Henry, Duke of Anjou, neither of whom were killed.

Date: 18 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/5
Place: Loch Awe
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll (draft)
To: David, 2nd Lord Drummond [1]
Address: My [2]

efter my waray hartlie commendatiounis.

It is nocht onknawin to zour Lordship ye maist wickit and ongodlie procedingis of ye Clangregor and ye skayth committit be yaim to my cousing ye Lard of Glenvrquhay and his puir tennentis and servandis our Soverane Ladyis subiectis yir zeris bygane and now laitlie in speciall.

And ye occation of yis my lettir is yat I am informit yat yai resort and is resavit and mantenit within zour Lordshipis boundis and stewardtre be zour Lordshipis freindis tenentis and dependaris.

I have send yis present desyringe zour Lordship maist effectuouslie seing yat my stirdy cousinge wes weill willit to have doin to yaim all gud meanis he meycht for yair weillis quhilk yai uterlie refusit.

That zour Lordship will tak ordour with ye baronis gentellmen and uyeris zour Lordshipis freindis and assistaris in sic manir as ye said Clangregor quho is maist vterlie bent to our despleissour and is rebellis to ye Quenis Majestie be haldin out of zour Lordshipis and zour freindis boundis and nocht enterteneit nor resavit yairin as it is reportit to me yai have bein of befoir bayth yaim selfis and yair guddis.

For sua lange as MacGregor and his kyn wsit our consall and dependit on ws we buir with yair procedingis.

Bot now seing yai have refusit all gud menis and hes opponit yaim to us as manifest enemeis to us and our hous and hes socht ye bluid of my freindis quhilk is maist deir to me.

I maun of necessitie oppoun me to yaim and persewe yaim in quhat cuntre yat evir yai can be apprehendit in.

And douttis nocht bot zour Lordship bayth in respect of ... of amitie betuix our houses and also for ye weill of my freindis and cuntre to sowpe and clenge yaim out of zour boundis and mak ze samin fre yairof.

For vyerwayis I feir yat ye serwantis quhom I have send to persew yaim will wse extremitie vpoun all yaim yat hes bein and is ressetoris and mentainers of yaim as weill as vpoun ye saidis Clangregor.

The quhilk I wald be ... suld athir be doin to zour cuntre or zit descovir be yaim to be done be ony partenege to me.

And yis I thoucht guid to make zour Lordship forsein into nocht doutinge bot zour Lordship willis to take ... heirin and do accordinge to zour Lordshipis awin honour and ye weilfair of freindis besydis ye respectis aboin writing sua desyring zour Lordshipis ansuer in writ with ye berar.

Committis zour Lordship to ye Almichtie God.

Of Lochawe yis xviij day of July 1570.

Zour Lordshipis gud friend

[1] The opening sentences are a copy of Atholl’s letter to Drummond on the same subject, 11 July 1570, GD112/39/8/7. Grandtully suggested to Grey Colin that the 5th earl also write to the Strathearn lords, 12 July 1570, GD112/39/8/9.
[2] Perhaps a space has been left here for recipient’s name.

Date: 23 July 1570
REF: GD112/39/8/13 (SHS ed. No. 118)
Place: Kilchurn Castle (Loch Awe)
From: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
To: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
Address: To my speciall Lord my Lord Earl of Argyill

My Lord efter maist hartlie commendatioun of service.

Zour Lordship knowis yat becaus ye water was over ye Quoche my riddin horss was put to Croquhan [1] as zour Lordship self sawe.

And yis last Fryday [2] I beand at my dennar Duncan Glen and Alexander Pudrocht [3] to ye nummer of xxiiij men draif ye horss out of ye coreis towardis Glensthray.[4]

And quhen ye cry raiss efter yaim my servandis eschit out of yis place in following yaim quhilk quhen yai persavit yai slew ye haill horss to ye numer of xj gret horss and yairefter entirit yaim selfis in ye woddis of Glensthray sua yat my servandis culd nocht apprehend yaim.

Yai war yat neycht in ye bra of Glenurquhay [5] and spuilzeit housses and tuk ye spuilze on ye morn with yaim to Glenfallocht [6] quhilk zour Lordship knawis is yair daylie refuge.

Prayinge zour [Lordship] caus [Ewir] Campbell [7] put sum remeid yairto.

Zour Lordship lippennit [yat Duncan Glen] wald have maid better service.

I regard lytill ye slachter of ye horss ... ye dispyt is abhominable.

My servandis that aucht ze [horss] culd nocht be struchit fra passinge to ye Fawnis [8] to have tane [efter] ye said Duncanis horss and geir for recompence of yair awin. Bot I wald nocht suffir yaim quhill zour Lordship war first adverteisit.

I can nocht suffir my onfreindis to have yair geir sa peceable and myin [daylie] destroyit and slain.

Prayinge zour Lordship aperdoun me and my serwandis to tak of yair geir quhill we ma get it.

For I am [suirlie persuadit] yat Duncan Glen hes his awin geir in ye Fawnis and takis upoun deweties and furnesit be ye tennentis yairof daylie.

Attouris zour Lordship rememberis of sum namis I gaif in tikat [9] to zour Lordship [quhat] war participand of ye skayths I have gottin yir zeres bygane.

And hes hed yair residence yis haill zeir bygane with geir wyifis and bairnis within zour Lordshipis boundis.

Notwithstandinge seing I gaif zour Lordship yair namis yai have gottin adverteisment and hes removit yair selfis out of ye boundis yai war in.

My Lord it hed bein better to me to have haldin my tounge and yat yai hed remanit still as yai war nor to have yaim now with ye rest of my enimeis usand fyir and sueird agane me and yair wyfis and geir remanand as zit within zour Lordshipis boundis.

Prayand zour Lordship to put remeid yairto as zour Lordship thinkis gud.

I derectit zour Lordshipis writinge to Blair and hes gottin na ansuer yairof as zit and quhowsoun I get ansuer zour Lordship salbe advertesit with deligence. [10]

Atour zour Lordship sall wit yat Malcom Gar MacKinacard hes ane concupein in Glenfyin and sum geir of his awin quha was first and last at my skayth.

I beseik zour Lordship for zour awin honour to expell yair wyifis and bairnis out of zour Lordshipis boundis and [caus] tak vp yair geir to zour Lordshipis awin behaif.

For uyer wyss yai wilbe evir resettand my geir and furnesand my enemeis quhilk wilbe ane gret sklandir to zour Lordship.

Yairis na newis cum to me as zit.

Prayinge zour Lordship gif zour Lordship [hes] gottin ony to mak me participand sa far as zour [Lordship] thinkis gud. Ye rest referris to zour Lordshipis ansuer and [sua] committis zour Lordship to ye protectioun of ye almechtie God [From] Glenvrquhay ye xxiij of Julii 1570.

Be zour Lordshipis kynnisman at powar, Collin Campbell of Glenorquhaye

[1] Ben Cruachan.
[2] 21 July
[3] Two brothers of Gregor MacGregor of Glenstrae who were also involved in the raid against Gregor MacAne, MacGregor, thesis, 378-9.
[4] Glen Strae.
[5] The Brae of Glen Orchy, towards Glen Strae.
[6] Glen Falloch.
[7] Ewir Campbell of Strachur who held lands in Glen Falloch.
[8] Strike or fight in the sense of Glenorchy’s servants could not be prevented from trying to retaliate by raiding Duncan Glen, probably at the ford across the River Awe at Fanans.
[9] There are a number of lists of names in the Breadalbane collection but it is not known which one is meant here.
[10] The following section has been crossed through. 'Atour zour Lordship rememberis yat I gaif ane tikat to zour Lordship to reid contenand ye namis of yaim yat reset Ewin MacGregor bayth in zour Lordshipis boundis and myin sen my couminge in yis cuntre and I rememberit nocht to tak it againe fra zour Lordship.
I wat zour Lordship hes gevin it to sum servand in kepinge or yain zour Lordshipis brother ye Maister hes it quha was redand it with zour Lordship.
Yairfor prayis zour Lordship caus get it and send it to me with yis berar.'
A nd the marginal note with no indication of where it should be inserted, 'Yis tikat was found in ye bed quhair zour Lordship lugit [lodged]'.

Date: [24] July 1570 [1]
REF: GD112/39/8/21 (SHS ed. No. 119)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Katherine Ruthven, Lady Glenorchy
Address:To our ant the Ladye of Glenurquhay

Ant eftir hertlie commendatiouns. We ressavit zour lettir and thankis zow hertlie of zour novellis.

And as to the Clangregor we haif writtin to the Larde zour housband [2] owr... ... d to than [of] and sall do our utir dilegens thairin for h [is ... like] as ze may persave be ye samen.

We pray ... letlie to adverteis us how sone ze gett ony intelligens fra ... [Lord of] Levingstoun [3] and to awayit upoun his cumming ... of ... thank zow of zour gud will thairin fra ... and als thankis zow hertly of tre... [umit] to our serwand gif we miser m... ... zow and God villing ze salbe rel... we may do.

Thus refarring to ... [And so committis] zow to ye protectioun of God. [Off ... yis ... day] of July 1570.

[Archibald Er]gy[ll]

[1] Day supplied from note on letter in GD50/116/63.
[2] The 5th earl as Justice-General signed a commission for Grey Colin and Colin Campbell of Barbreck against the MacGregors, 20 July 1570, GD112/2/117/3/43.
[3] On Lord Livingston’s movements among the Queen’s Party, see Maitland’s letter to Huntly CSPSc, III, 278-80.

Date: 24 July 1570 (1st letter)
REF: GD112/39/8/14
Place: Carrick Castle (Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our trest cousing Colein Campbell of Glenvrquhay

Traist cousing eftir hertlie commendatiounis.

We ressavit na advertisment out of ye lawland sen our departing fra zow.

Bot [late] zisternycht my Lordis Boyd and Kilvyning come heir to us and ... conferit with us anent the keping of the parleament [efter] ...

Intend God villing to keip without the samin be ... command of the Quenis Majestie quhilk we luik for to c[um] to us schortlie fra my Lord Levingstoun gif he hes onye ... becaus ze ar maist ewiss to him.

Prayis zow gif ... haif gottin ony knawlege of my Lord of Hu[ntlie] and ... procedingis anent ye samyng to advertis us thairin ...

We ressavit ane letter yis day fra my Lord ... that yair is ane schip cum in to Clyde of ... Glesgo quhilk brocht him letteris fra Maister Thom[as] ... in effect that thair is ane support ... schortlie.

We purpos to be in Dunberton G[od willing] ... our armie on the secund of August nixt ... zow to put sic ordour to zour cuntre as ... doand to meitt us in Dunberton the said ...

{Attour} [1] thair is sum message cum to us fra {Clandonche Ladussycht} quhilk we haif gevin eare to without ansuer {in speciall and} gif we fynd ony effect in ye samen yat {may serve to} zour reasonable contentiment sall advertis {zou yairof.

Yair} wes sum of tham in the brayis of {our cuntrie at our} cuming sen quha is past over Loch Long {to the Lennox} and left our boundis.

We heir that {yair haif tane} awaye zour horss.

Therfoir advertis us {quha is the doaris} yairof for zou men wes nocht thair {and we beleif} is MacGregoris awne brethren hes done ye {saming ...} gif ony knawlege be cum to zow prayis zow to advertis us yairof and we gett only sall do the like to zow.

My Lord Levenox is proclamet [Re]gent and the Erl[e] of Morton, lieutenient.

T[hus far for] the present. Referring to forder advertisment.

Committis zow to God. Off ye Carrik ye xxiiij of July 1570. Archibald Ergyll

[PS] Commend us hertlie to zour bedfello. The {special} man that send us this message was D[uncan] {Abbrycht} and we haif gevin na ansuer to him as zit.

[1] Readings from GD50/116/63.

Date: 24 July [1570] [1] (2nd letter)
REF: GD112/39/6/28
Place: Carrick Castle (Cowal)
From: Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll
To: Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
Address: To our traist cousing Colene Campbell of Glenvrquhaye

Cousing eftir hartlie commendatiounis.

We ressavit zour lettir and immediatelie afoir the cuming yairof we writt to zow mair amplie safer as we had gottin knawlege of.

As for the away taking of zour hors we haid report yairof and belevitt vell the doaris yairof wes Makgregoris bairnes lik as we vritt afoir.

For we hard that the rest wes nocht thair.

We have vritin to Ewir Campbell anent ye ressaitt of thame in Glenfalloch and sen Duncan Na-glen lap out fra us and zow we never spak with him nor nane in his behalf nather zit intendis to do ye samen without zoure contentment.

And as towad the guidis and geir yat is in the Fawnan pertening ye said Duncan we haif directit oure catternis [2] to pas with zour servandis bayth to thai landis and Glenfyne and all vyeris partis quhair yai have ather guidis geir or concubines.

Commanding thame to tak up the haill gudis and geir pertening thame ather in h... ... or ony vyer place.

And als to baneis thair h... fra the cuntre or ellis to presoun thaime a... ... to us in tikett yat wes participant o[f] ... yir zeris bigane.

And yair guidis within our ... ... is ... ...sum as we beleif that the saidis person ... nane of yame hes bene within the rowmes ze haif ... ... in tikett sen Vitsonday last wes or meir.

Yairby I .... callit Makphersoun quhilk ye Lard of Parbrek [3] ... ...dute to zow quhen ze requirit him.

And the catternis ... ... is with ye Lard of Ottir as ze knawe.

And ... in thir partis according as ze desyr[e] ... ... be found thairin.

And ze may be assurit ... ... ... displesand to us ye injuris done [to] ... and siclik we haif directit our ... ... Glenaray and Gleniser mair straitlie ... catternis salbe at zow within tua dais ... to all offouris as ze pleis.

Fordar ... to be slain quhairthrow ze ar nocht able ... ye day we desyrit.

We pray ze ... of Huntly cumis fordwardis to the parliament that in Linlythgw at the samen.

And in the ... usas ye fynd occasioun in all thingis ... committis zow to God.

Off Castell Carrik yis xxiiij [day of] ... Zouris [asswritly] Archibald E[rgyll]

[1] For the date see the first letter of 24 July 1570, GD112/39/8/14.
[2] Probably ‘caterans’, Highland troops.
[3] Colin Campbell of Barbreck.