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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 17

MacGregor of Roro

[page 225]
It may be accepted as generally recognised, that this House descended from Gregor who, obit at Glenurquhay 1415, was known as Gregor Aulin, the ancestor of Duncan Ladosach, to which House Roro is understood to have been junior.

In Vol.1. [1]   we have mentioned
I. Gregor, or more probably Duncan, 1st traditional Founder of the House.
II. John "Ian dhubh nan Lann."
III. Duncan MacGregor of Roro, brother of the above, said to have married Elizabeth, daughter of McNaughton of Dun-da-ramh.
IV. "Gregor of Roro [2]   who married Miss Menzies, daughter of the Laird of Weem, by whom he had issue several sons, of whom was Patrick who got possession of Dunan in 1480, and Duncan who got Lerigan about the same time. Also James who settled in Banffshire early in the 16th century, and was progenitor of the Gregories of Kinardie."

"It is probable that the lady of the Menzies family mentioned was the daughter of the Sir Robert Menzies whose death is mentioned in the Fortingal Chronicle as having taken place August 12 1523. Sir Robert had a Charter of the two Roros and Glenlyon in 1510. The two Roros and Glenlyon are rnentioned in a Charter to Sir Robert in it so, but MacGregor and his family kept possession of the pro¬perty for a hundred years longer.

"Gregor Duncanson died at Roro 1515. [3]   which corresponds with the date."

The MS. memoir of the Family makes mention of his successor as V. Gregor, stating that he married a daughter of Sir Colin Campbell by Lady Katherine Ruthven, adding that he was beheaded by his Father-in¬-law, [page 226] and that the song composed on the sad occasion by his Widow is in Turner's collection of Gaelic Songs but this is evidently a confusion with Gregor MacGregor of Glenstray who was beheaded April 1570. The Laird of Roro of this generation is said to have been the immediate progenitor of the Balhaldie Family.

VI. Duncan MacGregor of Roro succeeded his father and is particularly mentioned in Queen Mary's Proclamation 1563.
Duncan was uncommonly athletic and his conduct was the boast of his friends, the terror of his enemies and the admiration of both. Many anecdotes are related of him and of his wife. He married a daughter of McDonald of Keppoch.
VII. Gregor mentioned as Gregor MacDhonchie in Roro, and John dubh his brother, in the Act of the Privy Council Feb; 1589 after the death of Drummondearnach. John dubh Mor MacGregor in Roro was executed July 28 1612. Gregor is said to have married a daughter of Campbell of Glenlyon by whom he had three sons
1. Duncan his heir.
2. Alexander who joined his Mother's relations and was killed at the Battle of Inverlochy Feb: 1645.
3. John dubh Sinclair MacGregor mentioned with his eldest brother in a Bond May 22.1630.
Gregor married secondly Janet daughter of McMartin alias Cameron of Letterfinlay, by whom be had issue George [4]   Progenitor of the MacGregors of Raigmore. [5]  

VIII. Duncan MacGregor in Roro, who sold his property and granted a renuncia¬tion of the Lands of Roro in favour of Duncan Menzies of Comrie and granted a second renunciation Feb.24. 1613. as already stated, but Menzies having died without fulfilling his engagement, MacGregor entered into an agreement with his son Alexander Menzies of Comrie and granted a second renunciation dated April 24.1633. on which day Duncan MacGregor took a wadset of the Mains of Roro from the said Alexander Menzies as security for £1000 scots being the balance due to him for his property at that date.

"This Duncan occasionally resided at Camuserrochd, it was during his lifetime 1624. that the Earl of Moray brought 300 men of the Clan Gregor commanded by Roro's son and MacGregor in Glengyle from Menteith and Balquhidder against the Clan Chattan to protect his property in Morayshire from the depredations of that Clan. Terrified by their appearance the Clan Chattan yielded to the noble Earl's proposals and assured him that they would always be ready to join their good friends the MacGregors in protecting his Lordship's person and property.
[page 227]
Glengyle's conduct on this occasion gave so much satisfaction to the Earl that he granted him a farm at the Bridge of Turk in Perthshire which long remained in the family of Glengyle.

"Duncan married a daughter of Robertson of 'Faschoille,' Fascally, in Atholl, she was the widow of Stewart of Appin and had been previously married to Campbell of Glenlyon. By her Duncan had two sons.
1. Gregor his heir.
2. John dubh who married and had eight sons
1. Malcolm
2. Hugh
3. Alexander
4. Duncan
5. Gregor
6. John
7. Donald
8. Patrick, two named 'Para-Ruadh-nan-Craicnan' or 'nan Seach-danan who was executed at Edinburgh March 27.1667.

Duncan was succeeded by his eldest son.

IX. Gregor MacGregor of Roro, who soon after his Father's death signed a letter of Slains with Patrick MacGregor of that Ilk approving of an agreement between Leny and the sons of the late Patrick Athalach dated 5 August 1645.

"Gregor paid to Commissioner John Campbell of Glendaruel April 25 1673 the sum of £1000 scots in addition to what his father paid to Alexander Menzies for the Mains of Roro and the contract for these sums was registered in Perth.

"Gregor accompanied the first Lord Breadalbane in the expedition against the Sinclairs in the reign of King Charles II and was of very essential service to him on that occasion. He married the sister of Captain Menzies, who succeeded to the Estate of Culdares, and left two sons.
1. John his heir.
2. Duncan Roy who married and had three sons.
1. John who died in England without issue.
2. Hugh Roy whose descendants eventually carried on the line. (given later)
3 Donald of whom little is known.
Ann, the eldest daughter, married John MacGregor of MacGregor. [6]  

It was probably in the time of Gregor that the Battle of Killiecrankie took place; in the Memoir of Locheil it is mentioned that "on the third day after the battle which was the same on which the rendezvous had been appointed by Lord Dundee they were joined by 500 of Locheil's men, [page 228] 200 of the Stewarts of Appin, and a party of the MacGregors com¬manded by McGregor of Roro &c"

X. John MacGregor of Roro who burdened the estate considerably during the Rising of 1715 by eagerly espousing the House of Stewart and had embarked his whole fortune in the attempt of their Restoration. He married Miss Robertson of Tullybelton by whom he had a son Duncan in whose favour he made a disposition of his property dated 14. March 1721 conveying to him and his heirs the whole of his property as stated in the wadset date 25. April 1633, and in the Bond of corroboration 25. April 1673 and Feb. 2. 1686. [7]   He was succeeded by his only son.

XI. Duncan MacGregor of Roro who joined Prince Charles in 1745. by which he was so much reduced in circumstances that he was under the necessity of acting in the capacity of clerk to his uncle Tullybelton at Perth.

Before leaving the country he borrowed a sum of money from his friend John MacGregor then residing at Lagfearn and in security deposited with him the wadeet right of Roro which John through simplicity or inadvertency gave to Mr Campbell of Achallander (Achallater ?), then factor to Lord Breadalbane for perusal. Mr Campbell afterwards delivered it up to Lord Breadalbane who caused the wadset to be paid off and obtained a renunciation of the Mains of Roro in his own favour April 1.1760 signed by Duncan Campbell alias MacGregor and others in Perth where the renunciation is recorded. [8]  

Duncan. married Miss Isabella Forster and died Sep: 11 1763. leaving two sons and two daughters.
I. Gregor who went abroad and was not heard of after June 12 1744 at which time he was on board of his Majesty's ship Captain at Spithead. bound for India.
2. Alexander who was in the E.I.C.'s service and was not heard of after Oct: 26.1754.
Christina who died unmarried.
Catherine who married Donald McAndrew at Tynaline to whom she had several children: she died at Perth June 4 1809 in the 88th year of her age and was the last of that family.

Commission to Duncan MacGregor of Roro.
"Charles Prince of Wales, Regent of Scotland England France and Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging To Duncan MacGregor of Rorow

"These are empowering you and authorizing you furthwith to raise and command [page 229] all the men of your own name followers or dependants you find in Glenlyon or the adjacent Country, and in case of refusal to use them with all rigour and severity and when you have so raised them, carry them to our Army wherever they shall happen to be for the time. Given at Holyrood House the 24 day of Sep. 1745.
By his Highness Command.
(signed) J Murray."

"John Earl of Mar Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Force's in Scotland.
"These are ordering you and requiring you forthwith to raise all the fencible men of the name of MacGregor you can with their best arms and accoutrements within the Shyre of Perth whose Masters are not already in the King's service and to march them with all possible speed to joyn his Majesty's Army wherever it shall happen to be for the time. For doing whereof, this shall be to you and all con¬cerned a sufficient warrand, Given at the Camp at Perth the 3d of Dec. 1715
(signed) Mar."
"To Duncan MacGregor of Dunan & Gregor MacGregor of Rora."


MacGregor or Drummond of Balhaldies, an offshoot of Roro. [9]  

In the Chronicle of Fortingal the following entries occur.
"1505. Oct. 20. Death of Eugenius, Ewine or Hugh, MacGregor son of Gregor Duncanson in Roro. [10]  

"1524. Feb. 9. Death of John Malloch McHustone at Tullichcamin; he was buried at Killin. [11]  

The designation "Malloch" followed the family through centuries. It comes from the gaelic Mala or Malach an eyebrow, and may have been given on account of shaggy eyebrows, or, in the sense it is sometimes used 'surly.'

John Malloch McHustone appears to have had two sons, There is a probability that the eldest was named
1. Gregor.
2. Neil, Father of Gregor McNeil VcIainvallich in Ardewnaig mentioned Feb. 4.1589-90 after the death of Drummondearnoch. [12]   This Gregor McNeill in Ardewnych is also mentioned 2d of the "Gang of the House of Roro" in a list of principal men. Therefore it is possible that his father was the eldest son. Donald M'Gregor VcNeil, evidently son of Gregor VcNeil, is mentioned in 1628 but the line does not appear again.

III Gregor McInvallich assuming the first name from the patronymics of his son Duncan, see below-
[page 230]
In the roll of 1589-90 there is mention of Hugh, Ewin, Maceanvallich in Ardewnaig and of John Roy Maceanvallich also in Ardewnaig. [13]   Of whom these two were sons, there is no indication.

IV, Duncan McInvallich in Comrie is mentioned in the roll of 1589-90 [14]   as also Donald Maceanvallich, specified as his brother. Duncan is also among the principal men of the Clan proposed by Glenstray as pledges in the Bond to the Earl of Argyle April 22. 1601. [15]   He is mentioned again as Duncane McGregour alias McInvalliche and now Drummond in August 1603, when the gift of his escheat was given to a follower of the Earl of Montrose, Duncan having been put to the horn for a debt. [16]   His being styled Duncan McGregor has led to the supposition that his father was named Gregor but in this instance his Clan name may have been given him. Duncan appears to have taken the name of Drummond, as the first of the Clan to adopt a new surname in accordance with the Order in Council 1603. This Duncan was certainly direct ancestor of the House of Balhaldies.

V. Patrick Drummond alias McInvallich, who August 1617. obtained of James Drummond of Drumdewie a Charter of five eights of the Lands of Pett in the Stewartry of Stratherne in special warrandice of the lands of Culcreiff and was accordingly enfeoffed in the former, Oct.28. following. [17]   He had a royal Charter of the lands of Balhaldies in the same Stewartry and in the Parish of Dunblane August 1642. [18]   which estate must have belonged previously to Cunningham of Drumquhassel.
“Patrick Drummond of Culcreiff had three sons. The mother of the youngest was Janet Stewart who may have been the only wife, or the second.

1. Patrick Drummond younger of Culcreiff who had of his father a Charter of the lands of Culcreiff &c Dec. 11.1643 for fulfilment of a contract of marriage 18. Nov. preceding entered into by the father and the son on the one part and Duncan Campbell of Tagrinscheoche, and Alexander Campbell his brother, for themselves and taking burthen for Isabella Campbell their sister, and future spouse of the said Patrick younger on the other. The said Patrick and the said Isabella were enfeoffed in the said lands Dec, 11 1643. [19]   Patrick predeceased his father.
2. John who July 2.1646. was served heir to his brother the late Patrick [page 231] Drummond Younger of Culcreiff in the Glebe and land of the Parish Church of Monzievaird with the tithes called Ibert. [20]  
3. Duncan who succeeded his Father.

VI. Duncan Drummond of Balhaldies. He was Dec.10. 1656, as Duncan Drummond alias McGreigor, enfeoffed in a house and yard in Dunblane afterwards known as Balhaldies house, and at this time in a disposition by John Chisholme of Cromlix, Janet Stewart mother of Duncan is mentioned. Duncan was served heir to his brother John, March 17. 1658. with 16 acres and 3 roods of land comprehending two tenements within the burgh of Abernethie in addition to the lands quoted above, as belonging to John. [21]   Duncan was served heir to his Father in the lands of Balhaldies July 29. 1666. [22]   He gave a disposition of these lands to his only son August 15 1669. [23]   The lands of Glassingall Beg and Ramuile in the Parish of Dunblane were disponed to him in 1673 by Duncan Sinclair of Byres to whom they had been adjudged from Alexander Chisholme and Jean Chisholme in Dunblane. [24]  

"Duncan Drummond of Balhaldies is said to have been a just and benevolent character, and an improver of his paternal soil, much esteemed and beloved. The name of his wife has not been found, he had a son and one daughter.
Alexander his heir.
Helen who married Ninian Drummond of Glassingall wester, grandson of Mr Ninian Drummond minister of Kinnoul.

VII. Alexander Drummond of Balhaldies had of his Majesty King Charles II. a gift of the ward and nonentry money of Balhaldies 2 Feb.22 1684, and was served heir to his father in the fourth part of the lands and village of Sherdaill called Craighead, with the half of the grain mill of Dollarshire commonly called Raikmilne in the parish of Dollar and Regality of Dunfermline March 4. 1685. Alexander Drummond of Balhaldies married March 26, 1686. Margaret eldest daughter of Sir Ewen Cameron of Locheil, knight. A full memoir of Balhaldies will be given in another Chapter.

-------------------------------------------------------- MacGregor of Roro, Younger Branches. MacGregor of Dunan.

"Patrick a younger son of MacGregor of Roro, whether he or Learagan was the elder is not known. Various traditional particulars of Patrick MacGregor of Dunan are given in Vol. I. [25]  
He was succeeded in Dunan by his son,
[page 232]
II. Alexander [26]   of whose history little is known but that he was succeeded by his son.

III. Ian dubh-MacAllister who seems to have had three sons
1. Donald his heir
2. John, and
3. Patrick. They were both among the pledges proposed by Glenstray to the Earl of Argyll and suffered with their Chief Glenstray in Edinburgh.
Donald died before his father who was therefore succeeded by his grandson.

IV. Duncan mentioned in a Decreet 1612. as Doncha mac Ian-duibh in Rannoch, at which time he was a prisoner in the hands of the Laird of Grant. Doncha MacIan duibh in Camuserrochd occurs in the records 1616 and 1619 as Chieftain of the Clann Mhic Alastair in Rannoch, in Dunan. He appears to have been a man of good account in his Clan and is styled repeatedly in the Record as one of the principal of that name. It is said that after the conflict of Glenfruin when he and his brother were denounced, they fled into Ireland accompanied by Doncha Abrach of the family of Ardchoille and Doncha-buidhe-mac-a chombuich, a lad who had been brought up in Duncan's family and that they remained for three to seven years in voluntary exile. The following traditional tale is related:-

"'Duncan married a daughter of the Laird of Duneaves supposed to be a Cameron and after the Battle, upon being demanded and made to shift for his own safety, before he expatriated himself, he sent his wife to her brother to see if he would undertake to give him shelter, but his brother-in-law having accepted a commission from the Privy Council to extirpate the whole race of MacGregors told his sister, that the only remedy he could prescribe for both herself and her husband was to cut their own throats. The poor woman returned to her husband both dejected and exasperated, against her ruthless brother, giving her husband an account of the bad success of her mission, upon which he immediately set off for Ireland. He left his wife in possession of Cambuserrochd and during his absence, the then Laird of Menzies got a Charter of MacGregor's lands and gave a grant of Cambuserrochd to one Kennedy from Lochaber known by the name of Gillandhurstbeg from whom the Kennedys or Clan Ghillandhurst in Rannoch are descended.

"'Duncan's wife was not only dispossessed of the lands which her husband occupied, but was also very much oppressed by Gillandhurstbeg, and made to perform the most servile work for her maintenance. Upon her husband's return, accompanied by his fellow fugitives, he found her engaged in pulling heather for Gillandhurst, at a place called Sron-ruidh-chloidh above Camuserrochd, and having learnt the usage she was receiving he instantly, it is said, houghed no less than sixteen of her oppressor's cattle. Upon which Gillandhurst set off to Weem to complain to the Laird of Menzies [page 233] where he was followed by MacGregor. Upon being admitted to the Castle the Laird of Menzies said "Suidh sios a Mhic Grigair 's leig le Gillandhurst suidhe suas" "Sit down MacGregor and let Gillandhurst sit up " to which Duncan replied "Suidhe th'usa sios a Gillandhurst bhig's leig an MacGrigair suidhe suas." Sit you down Gillandhurst and let the MacGregor sit up" and suiting his words by his deeds he took Gillandhurst by the cuff of the neck and threw him towards the door. The Laird of Menzies is said to have then offered him his own right to the lands on the west of Errocht, consisting of 12 merks, upon very moderate terms which he refused, considering his right of occupancy good enough tenure for them; so he returned home and occupied them as before, having expelled Gillandhurst. It is related that while Duncan was in Ireland on one occasion when shifting his clothes, a dairymaid was in the family who happened to cast her eyes upon his back, when she gave a terrible scream and fainted, which alarmed him considerably. Upon her recovery he demanded the cause of her agitation to which she replied that she had in her younger days been nurse to MacGregor's eldest son who had a black spot upon his shoulder similar to one she observed upon his which brought him to her remembrance and was the cause of her being so much startled. He then acknowledged that he was the identical person she alluded to, under a pledge of secrecy and before his departure it is said she gave him a charmed stone a "Clach-buaghach" which would protect his person in battle."

V. Patrick the only son born after his father's return from Ireland is styled "Patrick MacDhonch-Mhic-Ian-dubh in Dunan in Rannoch," in the Records of the Privy Council. His name appears in the Leny papers Sep. 1655. He purchased the wadset of the 2 merklands of Dunan and the 4 merklands of Kinnichlachar on April 22 1675 under reversion of 5000 merks and the Sasine, and the said wadset from Sir Alexander Menzies is recorded Dec 8.1675. Patrick married first a daughter of MacDonald of Achtriachatan by whom he had two daughters, I. Ann married to a Cameron in Sliosgarbh, May married also to a Cameron in same place.

"Patrick married secondly a daughter of Gregor MacDhonch'mhic-Geal Chalum, then residing in Lassintullich by whom he had four sons.
1 Ian-dubh-og who succeeded him
2 Duncan-og
3 Gregor -
4 Callum

"Patrick married thirdly a daughter of John MacGregor of Ardlaraich whose name occurs in a decree, against the Tenants of Sliosmhin, dated May 24 1695 wherein he is designed Ian-dubh, mac-Dhonch-Mhic Alister, the brother of Gillespa Ruadh first designed of Ardlaraich. By the third wife he had one son
[page 234]
4. Neil, and a daughter.

Patrick had also three illegitimate sons, John more, Donald, and Patrick.

VI. Ian dubh-og-Mac-Phadrig, "It was this Ian dubh whom his uncle Donul MacGrigair Mhic-Dhonch-Mhic-Gea1 Challum, brother of his Mother, deprived of his cattle which he carried to Lassintullich where he himself resided and it was the removal of these cattle which gave origin to the proverb 's fada chluinte geum bo, air Ian mor Lassintullich,' the cause of this unfriendly and unfeeling act towards his nephew was that they had both been joint securities for a sum of money, for which they were allowed the pleasure of paying the piper; the uncle having at first been obliged to lay out the whole, his nephew afterwards refused to bear any of the loss which obliged Donald to have recourse to these harsh but legal (?) steps with his nephew, to get reimbursed, for which they were never afterwards reconciled. Iain-dubh married a daughter of MacMartin Mhic Mhartin na Leitrich in Lochaber, a Cameron by whom he had one son who succeeded him."

VII Duncan, His mother after his father's death married Campbell of Roro in Glenlyon to whom she had a family, Duncan signed the Bond electing MacGregor of Balhaldies to he his Chief 1714. He married Margaret daughter to MacGregor of Drumlich in Balquhidder by whom he had no children. “Becoming poor in circumstances as the effect of his father's cattle, in which his chief treasure then consisted, being driven away, and other causes he left Dunan and went to reside with his stepfather's family in Roro where he died shortly afterwards, and where they were to have buried him without giving his friends in Rannoch any notice. The Rannoch MacGregors heard of his death however, in time to frustrate their designs and having proceeded in the course of the night, with Alister-Mac-Dhonach-og at their head, they lay in ambush, betwixt his domicile and the burying ground until the funeral arrived, when they relieved them of the charge carrying his body to Killie¬chonan, where he was interred. This Duncan was the person who surrendered Dunan to the family of Menzies and the last of the original family who resided there." He was succeeded in the representation by his Cousin Alexander.

The second son of Patrick Mac-Dhonch V in Dunan was Duncan Og who married Catherine daughter of Gillespa Ruadh of Ardlaraich by whom he had two sons
1 Alexander,
2 Patrick who married and left no son.
VIII. Alister MacDhonch-og Mhic~Phadrig succeeded Duncan VII who was his first cousin He married Janet Cameron in Camuserrochd by whom he had one son Alexander and two daughters of whom one died young and the other Janet Ruadh married John MacGregor from Strathfillan, who was burnt to death in a barn in Kinnichlachar.
[page 235]
IX. Alister-Mac-Alister in whom the line of Dunan is said to have been extinct as far as could be collected from Rannoch Traditions. "Allister left one illegitimate son. He himself died at Loch Tayside on his way to Rannoch in the middle of winter, and was buried at Killin. Upon this coming to the ears of his son he set out immediately accompanied by his attached mother and another relative and having procured a cart they in the dead of night dis¬interred the body and had him conveyed to Rannoch, and gave him a second burial along with his ancestors by candlelight."

"This dutiful son was killed by a fall over a rock on Loch Errochd side in the summer of 1802."


MacGregor of Dunan, Younger Branches.

Patrick V's younger sons were
3 Gregor who married Marjory Menzies from Fearnacraobh by whom he had three sons and one daughter all of whom died young.
4 Callum married a daughter of Tearlach og McKinnon of Scalpa by whom he had one son Duncan who died a Pensioner in Edinburgh leaving no children.
5 Neil son of the third wife married Catherine daughter of Ewen MacGregor in Camuserrochd by whom he had several sons who died young and two daughters First Catherine who died young and second Rachel who married Alister MacGillespa ruadh of Ardlaraich
The descendants of Patrick of Dunan's illegitimate sons are here arranged from Innerhaddon's notes.

"John Mor 6th son of Patrick V married and left one son
Donald who married Mary Cameron a daughter of Donald Ban in Dunan He had two sons and one daughter
1. John Mor, married Sarah Kennedy of the tribe of Gillandhurst Beg by whom he had also two sons
John who married Mary, daughter to Gillespa ban, Ardlaraich.
Callum mor who married Isabel, natural daughter to John MacGregor Sheriff Clerk in Inverness and emigrated to America in 1801 where he had a numerous family.
2. Donald og 2d son of Donald, son of the first John Mor married Janet Cameron by whom he had two daughters and one son
Patrick married to daughter of Callum MacGregor in Learan by whom he had seven sons and four daughters.
"Donald 7th son of Patrick V married a daughter of Ewen MacGregor in Camu-serrochd, sister to his half brother Neil's wife by whom he had six daughters and two sons
[page 236]
1. John who married a daughter of Gregor Mor MacGregor or Drummond in Little Fandui Strathbran by whom he had four sons
Alexander minister of Balquhidder a bachelor
Donald a Lt in the 73d Regt killed at the Siege of Pondicherry
Lewis who died in the West Indies
Duncan who married and had four children.
2 Alexander seeond son to Donald McPhadrig married a woman from the low Country by whom he had two daughters. He was amongst the first in Rannoch to join the Black Watch when it was embodied.

"Para dubh 8th son of Patrick V married and left two daughters.


MacGregor of Roro, Younger Branches, MacGregor of Learagan.

"In Vol.1. a short sketch of' Donncha dubh Liomhnach' the first of the family who was possessed of Learagan, younger son of Gregor MacGregor IV of Roro is given. This
I. Duncan is said to have married a daughter of Mcpherson of Nadmore a cadet of Cluny and was succeeded by his eldest son Malcolm. The property of Learagan in Rannoch consisted of eleven merks of Land extending from Aldcherdie to the Clachglas near the east end of Loch Rannoch.
II. Malcolm MacGregor called Callum Glas or palefaced, a brave warrior and an excellent sportsman. He had a narrow escape at the Battle of Pinkie Sep. 10, 1547 when the Laird of MacGregor had 700 of his own men on the field, of whom 400 were either killed or wounded. Malcolm was always in high favour with the Earl of Atholl on account of his gallant conduct and good address. He kept a kennel of the finest dogs whose swiftness attracted universal notice and procured him much fame in that part of the country. Malcolm married Ann Stewart from Atholl by whom he had four sons and several daughters.
1. John Bane his heir.
2. Gregor Gar (gear), short, mentioned in Commission of the Privy Council Feb. 4 1589-90. [27]  
3. Patrick Gar proposed as a pledge 12 August 1600. His son John dhu Gar was the noted adventurer mentioned by Spalding in his account of the Troubles in Morayshire. [28]  
4. Malcolm who resided in Learagan in 1595 and had a numerous family. [29]  

[page 237]
III. John Bane MacGregor in Learagan, one of several sureties for Alexander Roy MacGregor of Glenstray in a Bond of Peace between the Marquis of Montrose and other Lords, and Glenstray on the other part Feb. 5, 1590, and was charged along with other sureties for refusing to apprehend several of the Clan for an alleged serious difference between them and Graham of Fintry. John married 1st a daughter of MacPherson of Breachdachai in Badenoch by whom he had one son
1. Alexander his heir.
He married secondly Jean Mcpherson of Phoness by whom he had two sons
2. Gregor, of the Coat of Mail.
3. Malcolm ban in Lerigan.

IV. Alexander McGregor who succeeded his Father John in the possession of Learagan; but in 1502 all the lands the MacGregors had in Rannoch had become the property of Menzies of Castle Menzies by Charter. The Mac-Gregors however maintained their right of occupancy till 1680 when they agreed to pay a small sum yearly for their possessions. Alexander was fond of martial achievements. He and his brother accompanied Glenstrae to the Battle of Glenfruin 1603. The name of Alexander's wife is not preserved; He was succeeded by his eldest son.

V. Duncan McGregor or "Donnocha-du-na-gealaiche," Duncan of the Moon, which appellation was given him because he often expressed a wish that he had the Michaelmas moon enclosed in a bag, in order to deprive the thieves of the advantage of its light which enabled them the more easily to discover and drive off his cattle. He was a rich man and those in his neighbourhood who lived on the public used always about that time to pay him an unwelcome Visit. He was twice married, First to a daughter of Duncan Stewart of Drum-vurlagan by whom he had a son
1 Donald his heir
and a daughter Christian who married ….. Cumming.
He married secondly a daughter of Robertson of Bohespic by whom he had four sons.
2 John who resided in Torrachruidh.
3 Malcolm who resided at Aulich.
4 Alexander.
5 Hugh.

VI. Donald MacGregor eldest son of Donnacha dubh succeeded his father. He was a loyal man and much attached to the interests of the Stewart family. He and the rest of the MaeGregors of Rannoch joined the Marquis of Montrose at the Battle of Kilsyth August 25.1645 where the Clan Gregor severely suffered. They were commanded by Patrick of that Ilk, called "caothaich" from his eccentric valour, who added considerably to the success of the day. [30]  

[page 238]
“Donald married a daughter of …. Robertson of Bohespic, niece to his stepmother and had issue six sons.
1 Duncan his heir.
2 John.
3 Hugh.
4 Alexander.
5 Gregor born 1712. died unmarried.
6 Donald born 1714.

VII. Duncan MacGregor succeeded his father. He like most of his ancestors was a man of military genius and served under the command of Lord Viscount Dundee in the Army of King James, and fought at the Battle of Killie¬crankie. He gave every assistance in his power to the Royal Cause. Duncan accompanied the MacGregors of Dunan and Ardlarich with a few of their followers from Rannoch to join Rob Roy MacGregor in the year 1715, but soon after the Battle of Sherriffmuir they returned to their home. Duncan married Janet MacGregor his own paternal cousin, by whom he had three sons and three daughters,
1 John his heir.
2 Donald born 1733.
3 Alexander born 1739.

VIII. John MacGregor born in 1730. At the time of the Rising in 1745, he put himself under the direction of Captain Robert McGregor of Ard¬laraich, a man of great abilities and much respected, who commanded the MacGregors from Rannoch on that occasion. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Prestonpans Sep. 21, 1745, and at the Battle of Falkirk Jan. 17, 1746, where Lord George Murray thanked him on the field of battle for his personal courage, and for the gallant conduct of his men. The MacGregors of Rannoch were always loyal to their King and true to their Chief. John married in 1757 Janet MacLean from Glenerrochy and died at Achtarsin in Rannoch in 1802, leaving four sons
Duncan his heir, Alexander, Gregor and Donald.

IX. Duncan MacGregor succeeded his father. He married in 1791 Marjory daughter of the late Alexander McGregor Representative of the House of Ardlaraich and resided at Innerhaddon having 5 sons
1 Alexander born 1792.
2 Archibald born 1794.
3 Gregor born 1796.
4 Donald born 1798.
5 John born 1802.

[page 239]

Malcolm II or Callum Glas had three younger sons.

2. Gregor Gar. He is mentioned as brother of "John Bane Macgilchallum Glas in Rannoch" in the proscriptive List 1598-90 together with "John McNeill his brother also and Gregor Bane thir brother's son." In 1621 James Master of Maddertie is charged to exhibit before the Council Gregor Ger McGregor together with others who had adopted the name of Drummond.

Patrick McGregour Ger is mentioned December 1621 as having been denounced rebel the previous September; he was probably son of Gregor Gar.

3. Patrick Gar, His name appears in a Decreet of Alexander Menzies of that Ilk against Alexander MacGregor of Glenstray and his sub-tenants in Rannoch May 24, 1595, when mention is made of Patrick and John Garris the plural evidently of Gar. The directions to flit do not seem to have been carried into execution. Patrick Gair was tried and exe¬cuted after Glenfruin March 1604.

"Johnne Mcphatrik Gar in Laren and Duncane Mcphatrik Gar his son thair" were fined for wild fowl shooting at the instance of the Marquis of Huntly March 26 1622. [31]  

"Gregour McCondochie VcEan in Lerrane" was fined for shooting wild fowl, July 1619. There it no clue to the identity of this last.

John Mcphatrik Gar, called John dhu gearr, was father of Patrick, two named Para Gearr, who in 1633 was sent by Roro as Captain of a party to assist John Grant Younger of Ballindalloch against James Grant of Carron, when a skirmish took place in which Para Gearr [32]   received a wound in both his thighs of which he died; in August 1633, John dubh Gearr father of Para Gearr took arms against the Forbeses, and in an action at Yarmouth, Speyside, in the month of November [33]   following, was shot by Alexander Anderson, when only twenty-four of his followers escaped.

John Gearr junior, [34]   son of the deceased John, accompanied by a number of his friends from Speyside, made his appearance in Morayshire and oppressed the Forbeses, he took their Cattle and destroyed their effects in revenge for the injury done to his family.
[page 240]
John III had by his second wife two sons Gregor and Malcolm.

Gregor known by the name of Griogair-ruadh na Luraich, Red Gregor of the Coat of mail from his frequently wearing this armour. He was remarkable for his corporeal strength and martial exploits and was killed at Inver na h-aun in Badenoch defending the Marquis of Huntly against the King's troops. He had three sons.
1. Alexander who married a Miss Stewart from Bunrannoch and had five sons viz, Patrick, Duncan, John, Gregor and Donald; their descendants are known in the country, by the name of Clann Alastair Ruaidh.
2. John, married Miss Robertson of Strowan, issue a son who died young and two daughters one of whom married John McGregor, i.e. lain mhic Dhonachai mhic-gheal-Challum.
3 Malcolm, married Marjory McGregor from Glenlyon. Of him are descended the M'Gregors of Dunkeld known by the name of Clann Challum Ruaidh.

The following is from a MS. memoir in possession of R. W. D. Cameron, Esq"~ M.D., Sanitary M.O. for Wigtonshire.

"Malcolm Mac lain mhic Challum ghlais-third son of John III., was known as John Menzies, he is mentioned as 'Malcolm ban in Lerigan' in a list of persons charged with carrying weapons 30th Nov 1619 [35]   "He married first a MacDonald from Glencoe by whom he had no family, secondly a daughter of Robertson of Calvine by whom he had a son
"Duncan Riach, designed frequently in Record, Duncan MacChallum Bain in Aulich, and known as Duncan MacGregor of Kinnairdochie, and subsequently of Kilichonan; he married Grizel, daughter of Stewart of Coinachan; he and his wife acquired in 1649 from Niel Stewart of Graniche, a wadset of the 40 'sgillin,' being part of the 4 merk land of Kinnairdochie in the Parish of Foss, and shire of Perth, in security of £1000 Scots. The contract of Wadset is dated April 30th of that year. By disposition dated May 4th 1659, Duncan with consent of his spouse, disponed these lands to Alexander Robertson, Merchant, in Carnusfornan; who by his disposition 11th November following, disponed them to Duncan's sons Gregor & John. On May 10th 1673 a renunciation of the wadset of Kinnairdochie was granted to John Stewart of Foss by Duncan MacGregor, sometime in Aulich, now in Lassintullich, Grizel Stewart his Spouse and his two sons. Duncan MacGregor alias McIllechalum Bain, 1st Feb' 1675, entered into a contract of wadset with Sir Alex' Menzies of that Ilk, Baronet, in virtue of which he acquired the lands of Kilchonan, amounting to two merk land in the Barony of Rannoch, under reversion of £1000 Scots.

[page 241]
"Duncan Riach had two sons, Gregor and John, whose descendants were known in the country as Clann Donnachaidh Mhic gheal Challum [36]  

1. Gregor, he married a Macpherson from Badenoch and resided at Kilichonan. Issue one son
Donald who married Eliza daughter of..... Stewart of Foss by whom he had one son Malcolm, and several daughters.
Malcolm married his Cousin Miss Stewart of Foss. Issue two sons Duncan and John and several daughters.

i. Duncan born 1739 or 1742 married in 1770 or 1771 Miss Margaret Stewart of Crossmount He died at Polrossie in 1818 without any surviving son but left four daughters 1 Susan born 1782 who married Murdoch McKenzie Esq 2 Margaret born 1778, who married, Dec.26 1818, Lieut. John McGregor 24th Reg.
ii John 2nd son of Malcolm married in London and had three sons, John, James and Robert.

2. John "lain mhic Dhonachai mhic gheal Challum" 2nd son of Duncan Riach by Miss Stewart from Coinachan, he resided at Liaran [37]   in Rannoch and married as noticed on previous page a daughter of 'Iain MacGhrigair ruadh na Luaraich issue two sons Gregor and Donald.
1 Gregor with his Father and 11 other sureties of the name gave to Sir Alex'. Menzies, 24. Nov. 1683, a Bond of relief from responsibility for the said Gregor and subtenant, in the roume of Learan and particularly from any Sum that might be decerned against the said Sir Alex'. as Landlord, at the instance of the Marquis of Atholl or Tenants, for an offence alleged to have been committed by the said Gregor or Tenants. He succeeded his father in Learan and married Ann Robertson from Clachan Strowan or Blairfettie. He died in 1717, leaving one son Malcolm and a daughter.
2. Malcolm born 1723, a man of great respectability in the country. He was appointed Lieut. in the McGregor, Company from Rannoch in 1745. He afterwards served for some time in the 42d Reg. He married Margaret Menzies from Cambusfearnan or Camusurny. He died in 1798 at Learan, leaving four sons and six daughters. His sons were
1. John born 1748 bred to the Law and died in America.
2. Duncan born 1754 killed at the siege of Charleston North America serving as an ensign in the 71st Regiment.
[page 242]
3. Robert born 1756 who died in Gibraltar, Captain in the 10th Reg., leaving an illegitimate son Gregor who married …. Fraser from Drumachine by whom he had a son Dougal.
4. Malcolm Og born 1761 married 1797 Mary daughter of Dr Drummond Physician in Cordhunan and afterwards resided at Killichonan having one son, Robert born 1798 who went to Trinidad in 1825, and several daughters.
2. Donald 2d son of John "Iain mhic Dhonachai mhic Gheal Challum" was born in 1672, [38]   he resided at Learan [39]   where he died in 1770 at the advanced age of 98. He married Elisabeth Dow from Atholl, issue three sons and five daughters. His two younger sons died without descendants. His eldest son
Duncan was born 1733, known as "Donach-maol a chronain," he resided at Killichonan and married Susan McGregor from Fernan and died in 1778 in Sleaghach at the back of Beinn Chualach. He had three sons and five daughters.
1st John,
2d Gregor who died young,
3d Malcolm born 1777 afterwards Captain in the 78th Reg. His career to be given later.

The eldest son, John, born 1765, was a Captain in the Royal Clan Alpin Fencibles, and afterwards Cashier in the Commercial Bank, Edinburgh. Hc married in 1786, Mary the only daughter of Duncan McGregor Esq. of Glencarnoch and Widow of …. Paul Esq. The details as to John's career and his children, to follow later, but it may be mentioned that he was Father of the late General Sir Duncan MacGregor, K.C.B.

Younger sons of Donnacha-du na-Gealaiche V.

2. John MacDhonacha dhu eldest son by the second wife. resided in Torrachruidh and married a daughter of Robertson of Clachan, Strowan, issue five sons and several daughters.

1. Duncan born 1705. He married 1st, 1744, Grace Menzies by whom he had one son John and 2dly Janet Cumming in 1752 by whom he had Donald, Alexander and Hugh and one daughter.
[page 243]
1. John born 1746, name of wife not recorded. He died at Newburgh in 1820 leaving three sons and one daughter.
2. Donald born 1752 died unmarried in 1793.
3. Alexander born 1754 married Janet Robertson from Glenerichty and had 2 sons. John born 1790, 2d Duncan born 1802, and several daughters.

2. Malcolm 2d son of lain MacDhonacha dui born 1708, married 1743 a daughter of Stewart of Tulloch and died in 1789. He had five sons, John, Alexander, Donald, Duncan, Hugh and two daughter,.
1. John born 1746 married but left no issue.
2. Alexander born 1748. No issue.
3. Donald born 1749, married in 1781 May Robertson, issue John, Alexander and three daughters.
4. Duncan born 1752, married Jean Lovick. One son and 3 Daughters.
5. Hugh born 1754, married in 1792 Janet Sinclair and died at Perth in 1821 leaving one son John and three daughters.

3. Alexander third son of lain mhic Dhonacha dui born 1711, married in 1747 and died without issue. He was a Lieutenant in the MacGregor's company from Rannoch in 1745, and resigned in favour of his Brother John after the Siege of Blair Castle.
4. Hugh born 1718, fourth son of lain Mhic Dhonacha dui, succeeded his Father in Torrachruidh and married in 1748 Eliza Stewart from Drum¬vurlagan, issue three sons.
1. Duncan born 1748, married in 1783 Marjory Robertson of the family of Strowan and resided at Aulich having five sons and six daughters.
John born 1796 who married in 1821 Christian McDonald.
Hugh born 1799.
Donald born 1802.
Alexander born 1804.
James born 1806.

2. John born 1754 died unmarried 1778.
3. Alexander born 1763 died unmarried.
5. John youngest son of lain MacDonacha duibh, born 1720. He was liberally educated and was always true and zealous in the interests of Prince Charles. He joined the MacGregor company from Rannoch as a Lieutenant in the year 1746, in which capacity he was extremely serviceable. This Company was commanded by Captain Robert McGregor in Ardlaraich and under the direction of Archibald Menzies of Shian who commanded all the men from Sir Robert Menzies's Estate. They were attached to Lord George Murray's regiment which suffered considerably at Culloden [page 244] on the 16th April 1746. When the Regiment was on its march to lay siege to the Castle of Blair on the 16 March previous Captain McGregor found his men very dissatisfied. They stated that they were not accustomed to fight but under their own banners and that they would be most happy to give him proof of their courage and loyalty, at the same time express¬ing a strong wish to join their proper leader Glencarnock who was then in the field with three hundred men of his Clan under his command. They remained in this dissatisfied state for twenty-four hours when they were at last prevailed upon to join the Regiment. John married in 1761 Eliza the only daughter of Hugh Roy Stewart in Tempar, Bunrannoch, and resided in Badenoch till Mrs McGregor’s death, after which he returned to Aulich in Rannoch where be died on June 15. 1804, leaving three sons Alexander Donald, Hugh, and two daughters Janet and Barbara.
1. Alexander born 10. Dec. 1761 became a merchant in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.
2. Donald born 13 June 1767, a man of great courage and bravery, who distinguished himself repeatedly in India where he died Jan. 1811, then a Major in the 11th Regiment Native Infantry Madras establish¬ment, much and justly regretted by his friends and acquaintances. He had three sons and one daughter.
1. James born 1799 who was an officer in the 1st Regiment of Foot and married Miss Ann Stevens at Madras May 1821.
2. John born 1801 was in the Chief Engineers Office Madras.
3. Hugh born 1805.

3. Hugh born Oct. 3 1777 received his first commission in the Royal Clan Alpin Fencibles. Hugh entered the regular service in 1804, was promoted to a company in the 79th Regiment in 1806, served in Portugal and Spain and France with the Army under the command of his Grace the Duke of Wellington, and was on August 12 appointed Major in the 63 Regiment. of whom hereafter, vol. iii.

3 Malcolm third son of Donnacha Dubh resided at Aulich and married …. Mcintosh from Kinloch Rannoch, issue seven sons and two daughters.
1. John who was born 1706 married Elizabeth McGregor by whom he had two sons and four daughters.
1 Duncan born 1761 who married 1793 and had one son John.
2. Malcolm who married Sarah Harvey from England, issue a son John and three daughters.
2.Duncan born 1709 married a daughter of Stewart of Killicrankie but left no children.
[page 245]
3. Alexander died young.
4. Donald born 1717 and served his Majesty for many years, latterly re¬sided in Perth where he died without issue.
5. Hugh died young.
6. Malcolm died young.
7. Patrick born 1719 married 1758 Margaret McGregor, issue four sons and one daughter.
1. Malcolm who served in the Army and died on a voyage to the East Indies.
2. Alexander born 1762 died at London 1810 serving in his Majesty's Life Guards.
3. Duncan died young.
4. Donald born 1770 married 1799 Susanna Mcpherson from Strathbran, and resided at Perth, having five sons and two daughters.
1. Donald born 1800.
2 William born 1806.
3 James born 1809.
4 Peter born 1811.
5 Mungo born 1814.
4 Alexander fourth son of Donnacha dubh married ….Stewart, issue two sons and two daughters.
1. Duncan who married … McGregor nic Ghriogair mhic Eobhain by whom he had one son Alexander who went abroad and was never heard of again.
2. Hugh born 1734 and married first in 1758 Christian McGregor of the House of Ardlaraich, by whom he had three sons
1. Alexander born 1759 and married 1796 Margaret McFarlan, issue one son Hugh born 1806 and three daughters.
2. Donald born 1761, married in Nova Scotia, and left children.
3. Duncan born 1764 married 1801 Jean Stewart from Innerhaddon and died at the Braes of Foss in 1822
Hugh married secondly in 1785 Christian MacGregor his own paternal cousin by whom he had two sons
4. John born 1786 married 1818 Catherine Menzies and resided at Inner¬haddon, issue one son Hugh horn 1819 and one daughter.
5. Malcolm born 1790 married 1818 Margaret Cumming from Carie, issue two sons,
1 Hugh born 1818.
2 Duncan born 1819 and one daughter.
5. Hugh the fifth son of Donnach dubh married …. Campbell and died in 1743. He had three sons and six daughters
[page 246]
1. Duncan born 1719. married Eliza McGregor nic lain mhic Dhonacha duibh. no issue.
2. Donald born 1721 died young.
3. Alexander born 1735 married 1759 Janet McGregor and died 1817 in America, leaving three sons and one daughter.
1.Duncan born in 1760. He accompanied his father to America and carried with him "Clach brataich tigh Learagain" which was believed in former days to be possessed of the virtue of preserving from wounds the person who carried it and those of the House of Learagan under his command. The charm was conveyed by sprinkling the water in which the stone had been immersed upon the whole of the party before going to battle. Duncan married in 1792 Margaret Kennedy by whom he had
1. Alexander born 1795 who married Mary Cumming from Rannoch and resided in America.
2. Hugh born 1797, with other 3 sons and 5 daughters.
2. Donald born 1766 who married 1800 Catherine Cameron and resided at Edinburgh. He had several children.
3. Hugh born 1769 who married 1802 Grace Dunwoodie and resided at Gartincaple having three sons and one daughter.
1. Charles born 1809.
2. Hugh born 1811.
3. Alexander born 1813.

“Returning to Donald VI of Learagan, his second son John was born 1704 married in 1733 Janet Campbell, issue five sons.
1. Duncan born 1734, died unmarried~
2. Donald born 1736 married 1769 Catherine daughter of Alexander McGregor representative of the House of Ardlaraich, and died at Killiechonan in 1808, leaving one son and three daughters.
John born in 1778 married 1818 daughter of Duncan McGregor formerly at Polrossie. He was a Captain in the Royal Veteran Battalion.
3. Gregor born 1742 married Ann McGregor sister of John McGregor, Cashier of the Commercial Bank, Edinburgh, and died at Crieff leav¬ing two sons and three daughters.
1. John, Edinburgh, married and had several children.
2. Duncan unmarried.
4. Hugh born 1749, married Christian Campbell, lived at Achtarsin, had six sons and a daughter.
1. John born 1785 married Ann Forbes, Achtarsin, issue one daughter.
2. Duncan born 1787.
[page 247]
3. Donald born 1789 married 1817 Margaret McCallum and resided in Badenoch having three sons Hugh, Donald and John.
4 Gregor born 1793.
5 Alexander born 1795.
6 Hugh born 1798.
5 John born 1753 married in 1799 Janet McGregor his own Cousin and resided at Innerhaddon having one son Donald born 1793 and four daughters.

3 Hugh 3d son of Donald VI was born in 1708, married in 1744 Anne Mac¬Gregor his own paternal cousin and died at Learagan in 1760 leaving four sons and one daughter.
1 Donald born 1745 married 1783 Janet Cumming by whom he had two sons and one daughter.
1 Donald born 1788, a Teacher in Fifeshire.
2 Hugh born 1780 who died young.
2 Duncan born 1751, married in 1789 Christian Stewart and died at Kinloch Rannoch leaving three sons and one daughter.
1. Hugh born 1795.
2 Alexander born 1798.
3 Gregor born 1803.
3 John born 1753 married in 1787 Catherine Thomson from Monteith. He died at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1817, leaving a son Hugh and nine other children.
4 Gregor born 1755 died unmarried in 1800.

"4 Alexander fourth son of Donald VI was born 1710, married Christian Menzies, issue two daughters, Elisa who married Donald Dewar, Glengowlaudy and died at Dull 1819, and Mary who married John Robertson, Schoolmaster of Weem.

"5 Gregor fifth son of Donald VI born 1712 and died unmarried

“6 Donald youngest son of Donald VI, born 1714, married Eliza Mcintosh by whom he had two sons and one daughter.
1 Gregor who died unmarried.
2 Duncan who married and lived in Edinburgh.

"2 Donald second son of Duncan VII was born 1733, married 1759 Margaret MacGregor nic Eobhan Mhic Donacha Duibh and died at Achtarsin in Rannoch in 1802, leaving two sons and two daughters.
1 Duncan born 1760 married 1789 Ann Campbell by whom he had ten children all of whom died young except Duncan, born 1801 and a daughter Janet.
[page 248]
2 Alexander born 1775 married 1817 Christian Dewar from Tempar Bunrannoch, issue one daughter Margaret.

“3 Alexander youngest son of Duncan VII was born in 1739, married in 1773 Margaret MaGregor his paternal Cousin and died at Learagan in 1782, leaving three sons and one daughter.
1 Hugh born 1774
2 Duncan born 1777.
3 John born 1780.

"2 Alexander second son of John VIII was born 1762, married 1794 Margaret McDonald and resided at Bohespic having one son John, born 1794, and four daughters.
“3 Gregor third son of John VIII was born 1762 died unmarried in the West Indies serving His Majesty.
"4 Donald fourth son of John VIII born 1774 joined his namesake in the Royal Clan Alpin Fencibles in 1798, where he was much esteemed and respected by the Commanding officer who never lost sight of a deserving soldier, and on all occasions proved a friend and acted as a Father to his Regiment. Donald married in 1802 Miss McGregor in Cohain in Ireland, where he resided on his own property, and had three sons and six daughters.
William born 1803 afterwards a carpenter in America.
John Duncan born 1810.
Gregor born in 1810.


I George [40]   MacGregor son of Gregor MacGregor of Roro by his second wife Janet daughter of McMartin alias Cameron of Letterinlay, obit 1642. He was succeeded by his son
II Robert MacGregor who was one of the Bailies of Fraserburgh where he settled. He married a daughter of Hay of Dalgathie by whom he had a son. He died in 1673.
III Robert MacGregor alias Willcox succeeded his father as Bailie of Fraserburgh where he had considerable property; he married Janet daughter of Bailie Greig of Fraserburgh and died 1704.
[page 249]
IV John MacGregor of Raigmore married Helen daughter of Captain John Gordon, Ardoch. He died 1735.
V. John MacGregor of Raigmore who married Elizabeth daughter of John Grant of Dalbrachnie, Strathspey and died 1760.
VI James MacGregor, an officer of the army; he recorded the genealogy of his family Dec; 11 1782. He married Marjory daughter of Grant of Tullochgorum by whom he had a family of whom the eldest Son was Patrick afterwards surgeon to King George IV as will be related at a subsequent date.

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[39] The other MS says Killichonan

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