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Amelia Volume 2 chapter 13

The Revolution and Killiecrankie

[page 178]
FROM "Chartulary":-

"1685. February 26th.

"Campbell of Lawers to give an account of the state of the highlands." -Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"March 6th, Stirling.

“Alexander Drumond de Balhadies, haeres Duncani Drumond de Balhadies patris, in quarta parte villae et terrarum de Sherdaill vocata Craighead, cum dimidio molendini granarii de Dollorshyre vulgo vocati Rackmilne, in parochia de Dollar, et regalitate de Dunfermling."~Retours.

"March 12th.

"Commission granted to the Marquis of Atholl for securing the peace of the Highlands, Garntullie, Weyme, Fascallie, Assintullie, Struan, McFarlanc & Leanie to assist him."-Record of Secret Council, Acta

March 24th.

"Obligation-John McGregor Portioner of Brackley and James Campbell in Tarbat, to John MacGregor Indweller in Buchanan for 570 merks Scots~Recorded 17th November 1692."-Register of Deeds.

"March 26th.

"Adjudication Henderson against Patrick McGregor alias McVicean Dowie in Downans."-Decrees of the Court of Session.

May 1st.

"Adjudication, Robertson against John McGregor of Bracklay & John his eldest son.

"May 4th.

"John MacGregor in Mines; to William Anderson in Glencarrie-Obligation for 185 merks Scots."-Register of Deeds.

"May 7th.

"Anent a petition presented by Alexander Gordon of Abergeldie James McGregor and others."-Record of Secret Council, Decreta.

"August 13th.

"Escheat, liferent of Alexr Gordon of Aberzeldie; James Mcgregar in Glencallater, James Mcgreigar yr, Alexr Mcgregar yr, James Mcgrigar yr, to Charles Earl of Marr …. fferquhansone of Innercald & …. Mcntosh Lady Innercald his mother." -Register of Privy Seal.

“August 13th.

"Eschait Liferent of Alexander Gordon of Aberzeldie, James Mcgregar in Glencallater, [page 179] James Mcgreigar ther, Alexander Mcgrigar ther, James Mcgrigar ther, given to Charles Earl of Marr,- ..... fferquharsone of Innercald & …. Mcintosh Lady Innercald his mother."-Record of Privy Seal. [1]  

“August 15th.

"Obligation-Donald and Patrick McGregors in Ardrostan to Robert Stewart of Ardworach [2]   for 40 merks Scots. Recorded 15th August 1688."-Register of Deeds.

"September 3rd.

"Kings orders to Commission for the Highlands."~Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"September 30th.

"Obligation-John McGregor eldest lawful son to Lieutenant Colonel Donald McGregor in Glengyle, and Duncan McGregor in Monachalbeg to Archd Edmiston Merchant in Doune, who had arrested John McGregor in Bonrannoch for a debt of £82. 10/- Scots that they will present the said John to the said Archd Edmiston at and against the term of Martinmas 1685, and failing thereof to be liable each in a penalty of £100 Scots, over and above payment of the debt. Recorded 25th April 1686."-Register of Deeds.

"November 9th.

"Gregor McGregor Mercht in Aberdeen a Juryman."-Record of Justiciary.

"November 10th.

"Gregot McGregor in Kilmahug and Gregor McGregor younger mentioned."-Regality Books of Menteith in General Register House Edinburgh.

"November 10th.

"The Judge decernis Gregour McGregour in Kilmahuig to pay to Gregour McGregour £16 Scots, price of ane lyard horse received be him fra the persewer in harvest last."-ibid. “1686. August 19th.

"Obligation-Alexander McGregor in Coyndochan of Glenalmond to Tho' Low of Newtoun of Baldenie for £50 Scots. Recorded 25th November 1686."-Register of Deeds.

"October 15th.

"Sasine dated 25 August 1686. John McGregor eldest lawful son to Patrick McGregor of Braicklie upon Disposition by his father dated 27th January 1683 of [page 180] ‘All and Haill the Lands of Braicklie extending to ane (two) merkland of old extent with the pertinents."-General Register of Sasines.

“1686. October 21st.

"'Resig: ad Remanentiam dated 28th August 1686. John McGregur of Brackley and Patrick M'Gregor alias Grahame his father to John Earle of Braidalbane of the Lands of Brackley and Pertinents extending to ane two merk¬land of old extent Instrument of Resignation subscribed in the said noble Earl his house of Castle Kilchurne and in the Northmost chamber of the said House.' The Disposition upon which the Resignation proceeds is dated 25th August 1686." -General Register of Sasines.

"November 30th.

"Gregor McGregor in Lany mentioned in Regality Books of Menteith in General Register House Edinburgh. " 1687. February 15th. "Gregor roy McGregor in Calzechrs, Gregor Dow McGregor in Kilmahug."-Regality Books of Menteith in General Register House, Edinburgh.

"February 21st

"Obligation-Alexr Lindsay of the East mill of Glenisla to John McGregor eldest lawful son to Allaster McGregor in Belnocroft for 500 merks Scots. Re¬corded 9th June, 1693."-Register of Deeds.

"February 22nd.

"Obligation-Dougal M'Gregor in Gartherachine as Principal and Mr James Buchanan Minister of Balfron as Cautioner to John Buchanan of Garnstarrie for 200 merks Scots. Recorded 25th January 1695."-Register of Deeds.

"March 26th.

"Obligation-John McGregor fiar of Brackly to John Bryce Notary Public for £82. 50/ Scots. Recorded 15 September 1697."-Register of Deeds.

"July 9th.

“Adjudication - McGregor agt McGregor, "Anent the summonds of Adjudication raised snd pursued before the Lords of Council and Session At the instance of Alexander roy McGregor Against John McGregor as only son Lawful aire and representative of umqle Alexr Roy McGregor of Balnacoull And also against James Earle of Perth Lord Drummond &c. Superior of the lands and others underwritten The which summonds makes mention That where upon the 10th March 1686 The pursuer obtained a Decrcct at his instance before the Commissioners of Justiciary appointed by his Majesty for securing the peace of the highlands within Balquhidder Against John McGregor, above designed, Decerning and ordaining the said John McGregor lawful son to the said Alexander roy McGregor his father as only representative and heir at least apparent heir to him to make payment and satisfaction to the said pursuer for his relief of the sum [page 181] of £400 merks Scots money of principal 100 merks of expenses and two years a rent of the said principal sum preceding the term of Martinmas 1685 and yearly and termly in time coming &c, &c as the said Decreet bears, whereupon the said pursuer raised letters of special charge to enter heir at his instance and by virtue thereof caused duly and lawfully command and discharge the said Defender to enter heir in special to his said umqle father in All and Sundry the Lands and others underwritten and to obtain himself infeft therein to the effect &c mentioned in the Letters of special charge &c. Nevertheless neither will the said Defender give security or make payment to him of the said sums without further diligence being used against him Necessary it is therefore that the said pursuer ought and should have the Lands and others aftermentioned pertaining or belonging to the said John McGregor heritably or in any other manner of way vizt all and haill the 20 shilling land of the fourth part of Dalmaglen alias Balnacoull with house biggings &c. lying within the Parish of Comrie, Stewartry of Stratherne and Sherriffdom of Perth &c. &c., &c., And anent the charge given to the said Defender and also the said pursuer for his interest being lawfully summoned and not compearing Therefore &c Decreet of Adjudication of the said Lands in common form "-Decrees of the Court of Session.

"1688. January 9th.

"Tack-whereby William Earl of Menteith for the yearly rent of £34 Scots, lets for 11 years to Robert McGregor in Dalderine All and Haill the Roume and Lands of Dalevie. Recorded 23rd December 1691."-Register of Deeds.

"February 8th.

"Obligation-John McGregor in Innervar as Principal and Lient Colonel James Menzies of Culdares as Cautioner to Grissel Cameron in Clarish for £100 Scots. Recorded 31st January 1695."-Register of Deeds.

"March 15th.

"Tack between Archibald McNab of Mulion and Callum McGregor in Douglas toun whereby the former sets to the latter, his Lands of Burmiston lying within the parish of Rogertoun-for 5 years and crops from Whitsunday and Martinmas 1688. Rent 25 merks Scots and six poultry yearly. Recorded 13th December 1688. -Record of Deeds.

"March 22nd.

“Alexander McGregor, Chaposan in Aberfeldie, to John McColloch, late Provost of Stirling. Obligation for £157 Scots. Recorded 6th September, 1692." -Register of Deeds.

"June 19th.

"Compeared Gregour McGregour in Ardmackmuyean; and, being solemnly sworn & interrogat, Depones negative to the libell, killing of Deer & Roe in Glenfinglas, Quhairfour assoilzied Dougall McGregour there."- Books of Stewartrie of Menteith in General Register House.

[page 182]
"1688. June 26th.

“Gregor McGregor in Ardmakmunean and Dougall McGregor there."-Regality Books of Monteith in General Register House, Edinburgh.

“October 7th.

"Sasine in favour of Donald McGregor, sometyme in Glenclunie, now in Auchallater, on Charter by Earl of Mar, on Resignation by Angus Grewar, Portioner of Achallater, in an oxgate of the lands of Auchalatter. Witness George McGregor Portioner of Achalletter. Recorded 22 November 1688."

-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

"October 24th.

"Sasine to Robert Willock Merchant, Fraserbrougb, & Janet Grig, his Spouse, in a tenement, on Charter by William Master of Sa1ton."~Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

December 12th. King James VII. fled from Great Britain and was considered by his opponents to have thereby abdicated.

1688. June 10. James Prince of Wales was born. A great joy and satisfaction to King James VII. and the Royalist party, and great dis¬appointment to Prince William of Orange and Princess Mary, but the Prince of Orange was determined to invade England, on the invitation of a large protestant party who were alarmed at certain arbitrary measures on the part of the King.
In Scotland there was much dread of the contemplated foreign invasion, and the Privy Council in obedience to the King's command, dispatched an army to England early in October. It consisted of two divisions, one of Foot under General Douglas, and the second of Horse under Graham of Claverhouse, as Major-General; the latter was created Viscount Dundee on November 12. Both divisions joined the English army under the com¬mand of Lord Feversham.
After some weeks of struggle, many oficers having deserted to the Prince of Orange who had landed in Devonshire in November, King James VII. fled from Great Britain and joined his wife and child at the Castle of St Germain, December 28, 1688.

1689. March A convention of the Estates was held in Edinburgh. The King's friends, finding their efforts in his favour were quite unavailing, decided to repair to Stirling for a separate convention, but this intention was not carried out. Viscount Dundee, having received warning [page 183] of an attempt to murder him, left the Convention suddenly and rode off from Edinburgh with forty or fifty troopers on March 18, proceeding to his residence, Dudhope, near Dundee. The Edinburgh Convention thereafter declared the throne vacant, and appointed a committee to draw up an Act to settle the crown on William and Mary, which was accordingly carried out in May 1689.

General Hugh MacKay, an officer who had served chiefly abroad, was appointed commander of the Revolution army in Scotland, which consisted of the Scottish brigade from Holland, some dragoons from England, and a levy of militia raised by proclamation. Dundee, who possessed the confidence of the Highland Clans, resolved to make a vigorous attempt to restore the exiled monarch, and went to the Duke of Gordon's country where he was joined by many followers.

1689. May. The Edinburgh authorities made an attempt to apprehend Dundee, but he repaired to the Gordon country; for some weeks he continued in the Highlands, sometimes at Inverness, sometimes in Atholl, puzzling and outwitting MacKay, who in June returned, but in July went north to Stirling and Perth, whilst Dundee had in the meanwhile, been strengthening himself in Atholl and other parts of the Highlands.

July 26. MacKay resolved to march from Perth into Atholl at the head of 4500 men; he encamped opposite Dunkeld and next morning marched onwards through the Pass, at the head of which the Highland army was waiting for him, and the Battle of Killiecrankie was fought in which MacKay was signally defeated by Dundee and the Highlanders. But unhappily Dundee himself, the gallant leader, was killed, the victory therefore led to no permanent success.

General MacKay returned to Stirling, but learning the death of his antagonist he proceeded again to Perth. Cannon, who succeeded to the command of the Highland forces, was ill fitted for the duties which devolved upon him, and notwithstanding some vigorous efforts on his part, the cause of King James became desperate, especially after the defeat of the King at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland, July 1, 1690.

1691. August. King James allowed his officers and Chiefs of Clans to submit to the Government of William of Orange and make the best terms they could.

[page 184]
The Clan Gregor appear to have joined Dundee early in his campaign and it is therefore probable that they fought at Killiecrankie, but actual proof of this has not been found. The account of their joining Dundee occurs in the "Grameid," "an heroic poem descriptive of the campaign of Viscount Dundee in 1689, by James Philip of Almerieclose, 1691. Trans¬lation from the Latin verse and notes" by Canon Murdoch of Edinburgh. [3]  

"After this, stalwart Glendessary, Cameron, with his company advances over the plain and with applauding shouts he unfurls mid his Clansmen his ruddy banner, with ancestral rite. Him the tribes of Lonach [4]   and the widely spread Clan of MacGregor accompanied as their leader. Then followed Macnabs, Cowals and Gibbons." [5]  

Unfortunately the Latin poem ends abruptly before the Battle of Killiecrankie. [6]  

From the "Chartulary"

“1689. February 8th.

"Sasine to Allaster McGrigor Sometime in Balnacroft now in Tornawarran, on heritable bond by Alexander Gordon of Aberzeldie under reversion of 1,000 merks, in the lands of Toronawarran- Witnesses, Gregor McGregor in Belno, Robert & John McGregors, sons to John McGregor. Portioner of Wester Micrae. Recorded 16 February 1689."-Particular Register of Sasines Aberdeen XIII, 259.

"February 18th.

"Sasine to John McGregor, eldest son to Allaster McGregor sometime in Balnacroft now in Tornawarran, as assignee of his father, in the lands of Tornawarran. Recorded 22 March 1689." -Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen, XIII, 271.

"March 19th.

"To our trusty and well beloved the Laird of McGregor. James R.
"Trusty and well beloved we greet you well Wheras the wickedness of our Enemys [page 185] hes reduced our affairs to the necessitie of requiring the assistance of our good subjects These are to will and require you with all your freinds and followers to be readie upon a call to come to our assistance at such tyme & place as you shall be appoynted And we heirby assure you that what Expenses you may be at, shall stand to our former declarations in favours of the protestant Religion, The Liberty and Property of our subjects, all which we will fully secure to them and that we will reward aboundantly such as serve us faithfully and such as do not this duety as becometh good subjects, we will punish so as shall terrify others in after tymes from the like wicked attempts.
"We expect your ready obedience and therefore shall send you our Commis-sions with power to you to name your other officers. In the mean time for what you shall doe in obedience to thes our royall commands for raising arming and training of Men for serving us and opposing our Enemys with your utmost force, These shall be to you and all others a sufficient warrand And so expecting from your Loyalty and Fidelity all the assistance you can give us, We bid you heartily farewell. Given at our Court at Dublin Castle the Twentyninth day of March One thousand six hundred and eightynine years, and in the fifth year of our Reign.
By his Majesty's Command. MELFORT."
-Transumpt in the Collections of MacGregor of Balhaldies.

"May 17th.

“Commission by James VII of Colonel to the Laird of MacGregor. [7]  

James R.
"James the Seventh by the Grace of God King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland Defender of the Faith, to our trusty and well beloved the Laird of McGregor We reposing especiall trust and confidence in your Loyalty Courage and Conduct doe by these presents Constitute and appoint you to be Colonell of a Regiment of Foot of our ancient kingdom of Scotland Hereby giving you power to name and appoint your Lieut Colonell, Major, Captains, Lieutenants and Ensigns in your said Regiment. You are therefore to take the said Regiment as Colonell into your care and charge and duely to exercise as well the officers as the soldiers thereof, and to your utmost endeavours to keep them in good order and discipline and we heirby comand them to be obedient to you as their Colonell and you to obey such orders and directions as you shall from tym to tym receive from us, according to the Rules and Discipline of War and in pursuance of the Trust we have hereby reposed in you.
"Given at our Court at Dublin Castle the seventeenth day of May One thousand six hundred and eighty nine years in the fifth year of our Reign.
By his Majesty's comand. MELFORT."
-Transumpt in the Collection of MacGregor of Balhaldie.

[page 186]
“1689. June 3rd.

“Robert Campbell of Glenlyon; to Alexander McGregour in Balantyr-Obligation for £107 Scots”'-Register of Deeds.

"June 8th.

"Duncan Campbell in Dundurne Surety for Gregor McGrigor in Artrostane that he shall carie himself peaceablie & deutifullie to King William & Queen Mary under a penalty of 500 merks Scots, & that he sall appeir before the Council when callit &c. Signed Grigor McGrigor &c. Bond."-Original in General Register House, Edinburgh.


"Keeping of the Peace.
"Gregor McGregor principall & Colin Campbell in Dundurne Cautioner, Penaltie 500 merkes. Bond to the Privy Council in Register House Edinburgh. The Council 11th August 1690 ordered it to be recorded, and the party to be charged as not having renewed his Bail."-Inventory in General Register Ilouse, Edin'.

"Keeping of the Peace.
"Patrik McGregor principall, and Colin Campbell Cautioner. Penaltie 100 lb. Stirling. Do., do. same order by Council at the same date.


"Keeping of the Peace.
"Bond by Duncan McGregor principall, and Campbell of Clatheck Cautioner, 1000 merkis. Original in Register, and ordered by the Privy Council 11th August 1690 to be recorded."-Inventory in General Register House, Edin'.

"August 2nd.

"Order for liberation of Duncan McGregor from Edinburgh tolbooth, he swear¬ing the oath alledgiance and to appear when called under penalty 1000 merks."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"August 10th.

"Duncan McGregour in Dunnira. John Campbell of Clathek, his Surety-Bond."-Original in Genl Regr Ho. Edinburgh.

"December 21st.

"John McGregor in Dalvorer, Principal, & Gregour McGregor of Drumacharie, his eldest lawful son, Surety; to William Farquharson of Invercauld. Obligation for 135 merks Scots."~Register of Deeds.


"Keeping of the Peace.
Bond by Lt Coll, Midletowne principall & Robert Milne Massone and Adolphus Durham Cautioners Penalty 200 lib. Sterling. Council, 11th August 1690, orders it to be recorded and the party to be charged as not having renewed his baiL " -Inventory in Genrl Regr Ho. Edin.
[page 187]
“1690. January 3rd.

"Act for sequestrating the Rebells Rents-among their names 'Coll Donald M'Gregor •.•••• McGrigor of Braikley."' - Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"January 4th.

"Sasine, to Elizabeth McGrigor, eldest lawful daughter to John McGregor in Recarthrie, & Spouse to Duncan Keir at the Mylne of Straneaten, by her husband, in implement of marriage contract, in the toun & lands of Straneaten, in Parish of Glengairdine-Witnesses Malcolm & John McGrigors in Recharchrie. Recorded 22 January 1690."-Particular Register of Sasines, Aberdeen.

“February 13th.

"The Lords of his Majesties Privy Council having heard a petition given in to them by Lieut Col Donald McGrigor, they do hereby grant warrant to the Magistrates of Edinburgh and keeper of their tolbooth to give the petitioner open prison They being always answerable for his safe custody."-Record of Secret Council, Acta.

"March 14th.

"John MacGregor of Easter Corerklet by Disposition dated 14th March 1690 was infeft 2nd April 1690 in the 20 shilling land of Easter Corerklet. Recorded 15th April 1690."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"March 14th.

"John MacGregor of Corerklet, as he was subsequently designated, by Dis-position dated 14th March 1690 was infeft 25th April 1690 in the I merk land of Stronachlacher in the parish of Inchcalleoch. Recorded 25 April 1690."-Particular Register of Sasines, Stirlingshire.

"March 14th.

"Alexander McGregor, by Disposition of this date, was enfeoffed 3rd April 1690, in the Lands of Coriheichan. Sasine recorded 25th April 1690.

In the times of insurrection and Civil War the chief proprietors in different districts had to call out the vassals and men dependent on them, to provide protection for the country and be ready for all emergencies whichever side they eventually took up. The following orders were issued by Lord Murray, eldest son of the 1st Marquis of Atholl, and after¬wards 1st Duke of the same.

"1689. June 29. Lord Murray issued the following orders for Glen Almond. [8]  
'These are ordering you John Roy in Milne Rodgie to be one of our Captains in [page 188] Glen Almond and William Roy in Downie his Levetenant for the east end of the Cuntrie.
“’And John Roy McGregor in Dalmore to be Captain for ye west end of the Glen.
“'and John Dow McGregor Yr your Levetenant.
“’You are to convene the cuntrie and make choice of fourtie of the ablest men in the Cuntrie, every captain and his Levetenant is to command 20 for preserving of our cuntrie from Roberie, theift and depredations, and to obey whatever orders ye receive from us.
"'Every man to have 48 hours provisions with their arms to be always ready when required by their Captains under the pain of fourtie shillings for ilk time they are absent, and we ordain the officer to go upon the Captain's order to poynd therefore and ordains those that are not listed by the Captains to goe out, that they pay in their proportione of the fourtie eight hours provisions at ye rate of 2 pecks of meal in the week for ye fourtie men.'

"Bond of Association dated the Castle of Blair 24th August 1689.
"'Wee Lord James Murray, Patrick Stewart of Ballechan, Sr John McLean, Sr Donald McDonald, Sr Ewan Cameron, Glengarie, Benbecula, Sr Alexr McLean, Appin, Enneray, Keppoch, Glencoe, Strowan, Calochele, Lt. Coll M'Gregor, Bara, Large, McNaughton doe hereby bind and oblige ourselves for his Maties Service and our own safeties to meitt all ….. the day of Sep. next and to bring along with us of fencible men, that is to say"
the number of men which every subscriber was to bring follows. and Lt Coll McGregorers quota was 100 men. The paper continues,
"Bot in case of any of the rebells shall assault or attaque any of the above named persons betwixt the date hereof and the aforesaid day of rendevouze, wee doe all solemnlie promise to assist one another to the utmost of our power, as witness these presents signed by us at the Castle of Blair the 24th day of August 1689 years.'

Amongst the signatures is that of "Do; McGregor,~ i.e. Donald McGregor in Glengyle.

13th june 1690 [9]  

"Produced by his Maties Advocate."
"Bond of Association dated Tamentoul 15th Jan. 1690.

"Wee under Subscribers In testimonie of our Loyaltie to our Sacred and dread Soveran [page 189] & for securite of our friends and good neighbours vows and protests befor the Almightie God and on our salvation at the great day, to goe on secreitlye and with all the power & strenth wee have, to strike and bide by one anothe; and when any of us heir underscribers shall be stressed or anywayes molested by anie partie or enime whatsomever, wee shall repair to their aid with all our strenth and pour and that upon the first call without any further moor or delay & that we shall never be byesed or broken of this association without the Consent of his Majes¬ties General, and the major part of ourselves, so helpe us God. Wee have subscribed thir presents the 15th day of January 90 at Tamentoul, [now Tomintoul.]

Amongst the names of the subscribers is that of "Johne McGregor.” As Glengyle’s son and successor was John it is probable that this was the John who signed.

[1] Entered in two different departments.

[2] Ardvorlich

[3] Edited from the original manusript with translation, introduction and notes by the Rev. Alexander D. Murdoch, F.S.A. Scot. Printed for the Scottish History Society, 1888.

[4] C"The Lonach tribe I take to be the Lennox tribe, chiefly the scattered tribe of the McGregors between whom and the Camerons there was great friendship, owing to the kindly attitude of old Alan McConnel at the time of their greatest calamity. Old Alan's son, another Alan, married in 1666 Jean McGregor, sister of the Laird of McGregor." Ibid

[5] Quem Lonochaes tribus, lateque effuss Gregori Progenies stipata Ducem, tun deinde secuti Nabide prognati, Cowloque et Gibbone." Ibid,

[7] Gregor MacGregor who died in 1693

[8] From "chronicles of the Atholl and Tullibardine Families," compiled by John, Duke of Atholl, K.T., printed for private circulation, 1897. All quotations from this work are by permission.

[9] The Acts of Parliament of Scotland printed by command of his Majesty King George the Third, vol. ix., appendix. Quoted in Browne's Highlanders, vol. ii., p.183.