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Joseph MacLeod's articles in People's Journal 1935

Edited by Joseph's great-grandson, Peter Lawrie, ©2019
Few men living today have had a more intimate association with the outstanding events of Highland history during the past half-century than ex-Bailie Joseph MacLeod, Inverness. As a boy in his teens he took an active part in the Land League agitation in Sutherland and Caithness, and he can recall the stirring incidents which marked the crofters' risings, and the notable personalities who led them. In the political affairs of the North he has also taken a prominent part, and later his association with the municipal life of Inverness has given him a close acquaintance with many folk and things of note. From all these experiences he draws in this series of articles, which will be read with keen interest by all who know the Highlands.

March 23 1935
Headlined - "A Splendid New Series for Northern Readers". In this article ex-bailie Joseph MacLeod discusses catechising and Communion; the Kildonan goldrush of 1880 in which he participated; busy Helmsdale harbour; and the mailcoach. ..................... Memorable Days in the Highlands

March 30 1935
In this article ex-Bailie MacLeod touches on the incidents that marked the rise and development of the land reform movement in Caithness and Sutherland. With these he was personally associated, and it was his task to organise the Sutherland crofters. He was also one of the witnesses who gave evidence later before the special commission. From such experiences he draws these informative recollections, which have been written exclusively for the "People's Journal". His knowledge of the social and political history of the Highlands during the past 50 years is probably unrivalled, and few have had wider acquaintance with the outstanding personalities of his day. ................... My Share on Land Reform Battle

April 6 1935
Ex-Bailie MacLeod continues his articles this week with some recollections of the leaders of the land reform movement in Caithness. He came into personal touch with most of the prominent men of the time, and was himself an enthusiastic worker in the crofters' cause. His close association with them, and with the social and political history of the North, enables him to write with an authority possessed by few in the Highlands today. For that reason his articles are a unique and valuable contribution to the history of the Northern counties, and one of deep interest to all who know the Highlands ................... The Crofters' Champions in Caithness

April 13 1935
Closely associated with the land reform movement in his younger days, and with most of the political and social events that have occured in the Northern Highlands since, ex-Bailie MacLeod draws on a wide and unique experience in writing these articles. He continues this week with reminiscences of the leading personalities of the land movement in Ross-shire and in Argyllshire, as well as in his native county of Sutherlandshire. Survivors of those early days are getting fewer, and there are not many who can now write with the authority and the persoanl knowledge which makes this series so interesting and so valuable an addition to the intimate history of the Highlands. ................... Reform Leaders in Ross-shire and Argyllshire

April 20 1935
In this article ex-Baillie MacLeod deals with the attempt to arrest the famous land league "rebel" of Sutherlandshire, Hugh Kerr.
It was one of the most sensational events of the movement, and marked a period when the police activity was greatest and the feelings of the crofters most keen.
With this incident, as with the others on which he touches, ex-Baillie MacLeod's association was a personal one. He speaks, therefore, as an actual observer, and there are now few who can make that claim. .................. Hugh Kerr - The Man-Hunt that caused a sensation in Sutherlandshire

April 27 1935
Ex-Bailie MacLeod's association with political affairs in the North dates back for almost half a century. He was a leading figure in several memorable elections in the days when politics stirred men's blood to a greater degree than they do now, and when party feeling made itself apparent in many a keen and bitter struggle. Of these things he writes here, with the knowledge and intimacy of an eye-witness. This article will awake many memories, and will recall events and personalities that made history in their day. .................. Stirring Election Times in Inverness-shire

May 4 1935
Ex-Bailie MacLeod's final feature in the People's Journal of May 4th 1935 described famous figures whom he knew in Inverness ................... Famous Figures of Social and Civic Life